most expensive cuts of steak

Welcome to the culinary world of opulence where the tantalizing smell of sizzling, butter-bathed meat prompts salivation and the mere sight of beautifully seared, ruby-red centers bring forth cravings. This is a world where each mouthful of tender, juicy steak is savored with delight. But today, we’re not just talkingContinue Reading

Chili varieties

Chili varieties differ in terms of heat level and aftertaste. We’ll give you a brief overview of three of the most popular varieties of chili peppers. There are numerous well-known chili varieties that you can use for different dishes. Besides their fiery taste, chilies are also very healthy: they containContinue Reading

benefits of chili peppers

Chilies not only heat up your food, they also fire up the immune system. We reveal which benefits chilies have for your health and which chili pepper is the hottest in the world. What’s in the chili? Humans can distinguish five tastes, spiciness is not one of them. In fact,Continue Reading

peppers by scoville rating

A list of the hottest chili varieties in the world based on Scoville units. The chili bell pepper (short: chili) is the fruit of plants from the genus Capsicum, member of the nightshade family Solanaceae (which also includes the bell bell pepper). The substances that give chili peppers their pungencyContinue Reading

how long is chili good in fridge

Chili con carne is probably one of the most popular dishes in Tex-Mex cuisine. Its origin lies in the south of the United States of America and not, as many assume, in Mexico. Classic ingredients of a chili con carne are minced meat, kidney beans, onions, chili peppers strained, orContinue Reading