Remove juice stains

Removing fruit juice stains Freshly squeezed orange juice is a real treat for the palate – and after that, insanely healthy. If only it didn’t leave such terribly stubborn stains… But with the right home remedy, you can successfully remove both orange juice stains and other fruit juice stains. TheseContinue Reading

Removing chewing gum

Mishaps happen again and again. So it also happens that the chewing gum lands on the clothes or in the hair. Removing chewing gum, however, is quite simple. We show how! Generally, chewing gum is much easier to remove when it has hardened. However, before you try in vain toContinue Reading

model business

The model business is a hotbed of activity. Strong international competition and tough selection criteria – this reputation precedes the industry. Unfortunately, model beginners underestimate these aspects time and again. Every year, many boys and girls set out to become successful models. If you remain persistent, the dream can certainlyContinue Reading