Most Expensive Brands of Water

There are many brands worldwide that sell expensive water to consumers. While tap water is safe to drink in many places around the world, bottled water is a safer alternative. These bottled water companies not only utilize advanced technologies and processes to test the water condition before selling, but they also enrich their water with healthy nutrients. However, such conditions drive up the price of water bottles in most countries.

Not to mention, some brands sell distilled water at high prices intentionally. They include the cost of processing and production charges like purification, distillation, and sparkling methods. Also, many brands increase bottled water pricing with expensive elements like platinum and gold in their bespoke packaging. Supplying to other countries also raises the values due to licensing and transportation expenses. 

Now, if you wish to know what is the most expensive brands of water? Here is a list of best-bottled water for you.

Beverly Hills 90H20 Diamond Edition (Luxury Collection)

Beverly Hills Drink Company

Beverly Hills, situated in California, is a leading producer of some of the most expensive waters worldwide. Each of the bottles in this collection racks up to $100,000. The brand earned the World’s Best Water Award back in 2013 in Munich.

As for its water source, the brand centers on the mountain spring water present in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northern California. The spring water is full of potassium, minerals, and calcium. The cost, however, is high due to the packaging. A jeweler by the name of Mario Padilla created this design. The bottle has a cap made of 14-karat gold with 250 black diamonds and 600 white diamonds encrusted around the surface.

If you want a limited edition of best-bottled water, try one of these. These are also called ‘champagne of water’. While the design speaks for itself, the smooth and light taste feels like luxury in the mouth.

Kona Nigari Water

Kona Deep Corporation

Another one of the most expensive bottled water brands is Kona Nigari. The brand sells its products at $402 per 750 ml and produces the water at Kona, Hawaii. The brand, Kona Deep, intends to provide healthy water to users while maintaining the purity of earthy, natural water sources.

The water in these plastic bottles comes from the ocean waters and contains a high amount of deep ocean electrolytes. The liquid becomes dry quicker than most other branded water. In fact, it has a 250 mg/l dry residual value. To refine the water before selling, the manufacturers first use reverse osmosis techniques to strip the water of oceanic salt and smell.

There are many good qualities in Kona Nigari water. It increases energy levels, boosts skin health, and is an efficient choice during the weight loss process as well. Remarkably, a lot of fitness trainers and dermatologists recommend this to people.

Bling H20

Bling H2O

One of the leading brands of packaged water in the United States of America is Bling H2O. The layout idea came straight from the mind of Kevin G Boyd, a renowned Hollywood producer. He wanted to create a water fit for the glamorous and affluent people of Hollywood and gave life to the Bling water brand. To note, it retails at $219 per liter.

The source for this high-priced brand of bottled water is a deep spring available in Californian San Diego. This bottled liquid has a 120 mg/l TDS mineral level. The high cost is mainly due to the packaging. The bottle is encased with tons of Swarovski crystals that give it a frosty look.

The main draw of this expensive bottled water is the packaging, fit for the high-class personalities. People buy it for the status value it offers, and they enjoy its refreshing flavor afterward.

Fillico Jewelry Water


Originally from the Kobe region of Japan, this is one of the most expensive water brands available today. Founded back in 2005, the brand is a leading producer of mineral water in stunningly designed bottles globally. The bottles cost around $219 each.

One of the main winning features of this bottle is the design. The designer created the shapes of the bottles to imitate classical Japanese royalty with golden crown caps. Overall, Swarovski crystals surround the bottle surface, adding a touch of luxury. The water inside comes from the well in the Rokko Mountains, one of the best sources of clean, natural water. It is full of minerals due to the seasonal climate and rough soil in the region.

Japanese producers also use this to make sake and rice wines due to the rich taste and soft texture. Therefore, you can stay hydrated with its high oxygen content and enjoy the wonderfully refreshing taste. It is not only healthy for people, but the shiny crystal-stunned exterior also adds to the appeal.

Tasmanian Rain

Tasmanian Rain

Originally from the United States, this is one of the best water brands available. The company uses the ‘All-Natural Drinking Water’ and that is one reason for its high price of $60 per bottle. This ultra-premium brand of refined natural water was founded back in 2005.

The source of the water is from the isolated island of Tasmania. Pure water and air condition at this location ensure health-improving mineral content in this bottle. The water is distilled after collecting rainfall and then purifying the liquid further. As for the glass bottle, it is 100% recyclable and has a simplistic design. These are available in 375 ml/750 ml bottles that contain H2O with a neutral orientation and 6.5 pH balance. If you are looking for the best water to drink, this is the top-notch choice. The all-natural liquid has no carbon content and comes in both sparkling and still versions.


These are the most expensive bottled water brands available in the world, some known for their bottle designs, while others are known for their exquisite taste and manufacturing process. At a time when even a regular bottle of water costs high, these brands deliver naturally sourced mineral-rich water liquids that are worth the high price. Moreover, they come in different flavors and packaging as well, that further add to the attraction of these premium bottles of water.

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