The 9 Yummiest Pickle Brands That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

Pickle Brands

There are so many types and brands of pickles available in the market. You will find dill pickles, garlic cloves, and chili peppers to spicy pickles, sweet pickles, sour pickles, and so much more. Without knowing the popular brands of pickles, we often end up buying them just by looking at the jar of pickles. Sometimes this trick works, and sometimes you are disappointed with the pickle flavor or the crunch factor. So, if you are a pickle lover, our list of the best pickle brands is surely worth checking out. 


Vlasic brand logo

The origin of Vlasic takes us back to 1912 when its founder Frank Vlasic came up with this brand. While the Americans know Vlasic for its pickle varieties, it was initially known for cheese making. Soon, Vlasic expanded its product line and incorporated Polish pickles spiced with garlic and dill. Soon the brand became one of the most popular dill pickle brands for those who looking for the best pickle brands. Vlasic adheres to providing great taste, amazing quality, and outstanding flavors to date. There are some new additions in its product line, and you can try their squeezable homestyle pickles. Pinnacle Foods now owns Vlasic.


Kroger brand Logo

It is one of the most popular pickle brands in the US, offering a wide range of pickles. It was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883. The company was started with a simple motto of providing the best quality product. The company abides by the ideology, “Never sell something they would not want for themselves.” The brand manufactures a host of products, and it is one of the best dill pickle brands. 

Van Holten’s

Van Holtens brand logo

When you are exploring the top pickle brands, then Val Holten is one of the oldest names in the business. The company has been in the business of making pickles since 1898. Jerry G. Van Holten started this company. Pickle-In-A-pouch was introduced by this company in 1939. Also, you can explore a host of pickle flavors that range from dill to tapatio. Some of its other varieties include kosher, chamoy, and sour pickles. The best part about Van Holten’s pickles is that they are fat and gluten-free, so you don’t have to worry about the calorie count when it comes to Van Holten pickles. Moreover, the company maintains complete hygiene standards when it comes to storage. You don’t need to refrigerate these pickles. They come with a long shelf-life. 


Kruegermann brand logo

If you are looking for pickle brands without vinegar, then you can explore Kruegermann pickles. The brand is known for making naturally fermented pickles, which adds to its unique taste and flavor. Started by Carl Kruegermann, this company hit the market in 1896. Although they initially started the business in Berlin, later they moved to Los Angeles and acquired business licenses to start their business in the U.S. Soon it became a popular choice amongst the people. You can try fermented dill pickles, fiesta mix, red beets, mixed salad pickles, sauerkraut, and many more. 


Kuhne brand logo

This is yet another top pickle brand from Germany that started in the 1700s in Berlin. Serving the people since 1722, Kunhe has evolved as a popular brand offering a range of pickles. Initially, the company was known for its red cabbage, but over the years, the company has added many new products to suit the palate of its patrons. Other than pickles, its product range includes gherkins, sauces, vinegar, dressings, vegetables, antipasti, etc. 

Best Maid Pickles

Best Maid pickles brand Logo

With a humble start in 1926, Best Maid Pickles started its journey in a rural area of Texas; and slowly it became one of the best pickle brands. Initially, they were known for making mayonnaise, but later they expanded their business and added pickles to their product line. They have pickles with natural flavors, such as baby dill, garlic dills, sweet pickles, sour pickles, and more. 

Grillos Pickles

Grillo's Pickles brand Logo

The next on our list is Grillos Pickles. With more than 100-year-old pickle recipes, Grillos has been manufacturing some of the greatest pickles flavors that leave a tingling sensation on your palate. The journey of this brand started in Boston. In the initial days, Travis, the man behind the brand, focused on creating a staple using his Grandpa’s recipe; however, later, the same emerged as one of the best pickle brands. In 2013, Grillo’s sold around 1 million jars, and by 2020, Grillo’s found a permanent space in 10,000 stores across the nation.

Ricks Picks

ricks picks brand logo

Owned by Rick Field, this brand started its journey in 2004, and soon it became a popular choice amongst pickle lovers. Some popular pickle variants that you can enjoy are classic sours, phat beets, smokra, the natural flavor of garlic dills, and more. It provides the best pickle flavors, and you must try their crunchiest pickles of classic sour

Mt. Olive

mt.olive brand logo

The company started its journey in 1926 from Mount Olive, North Carolina. In the initial days, all production was done by hand. Later, when the company gained popularity and the profits started to flow in, machines were introduced. The main focus of this brand is to provide the best quality pickles to its patrons. Mt. Olive is known for its innovative products, like no sugar sweet pickle. They have pickles with a no-calorie sweetener that comes under the category of SPLENDA®. It also introduced pickle PAK- pickle served in single-serve cups, and in 2019, it introduced re-sealable pouches of a pickle. No artificial flavors are added to their pickles.  

Final Words 

There are two types of pickle lovers, those who don’t like to try new varieties of pickles and stick to one or two brands only; and the other one loves to experiment and try different pickle brands they come across. No matter which category you belong to, discover, try, and relish new pickle flavors by some top pickle brands listed above. 

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