Top Ten Private Detective Agencies In The World

Top Ten Private Detective Agencies In The World

Private detective agencies assist individuals, corporations, and law enforcement authorities in fact-finding and gathering vital information they may require for legal or other purposes. Agencies like Truth private investigators are helpful in the following aspects;

  • Doing research
  • Interviewing crucial leads to gather information regarding the case
  • Surveillance

Since there are many detective agencies in New York, London, Sydney, and other parts of the world, knowing how they rank can help you identify the best. A few tips can help you choose the best detective agencies to suit your custom detective needs.

Top ten private detective agencies

1.  Foglight Investigations

Foglight Investigations has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. The detective agency founder Artur Tilis has a long experience in detective investigations. He worked in the police department for several years. The detective agency specializes in identity and employee theft, surveillance, and stalking issues. They also assist in performing background checks, cheating spouses, witness location, and missing person investigations.

2.  Detective international

Dil, as it is commonly known, is a member of various private investigation associations such as APDI, IAA, SIPDA, and others. The reputable detective agency has its offices in India. Its investigations range from verification of illegal affairs and marital issues, financial losses, and money issues in corporations to corporate matters relating to employees and management.

3.  Truth Investigations

They offer services throughout Australia in all major towns. The detective agency is reputable for excellent detective services in counter-surveillance, background checks, and locating missing persons. They are also good in online and fraud investigations.

4.  Pinkerton

Pinkerton is one of the oldest detective agencies offering services in the US, Europe, and Asia. It is a subsidiary of Securitas AB-Sweden and offers due diligence services, background checks, intellectual rights protection, and cyber-surveillance. Other detective services offered include IT security, social compliance, and executive protection services.

5.  Global Threat Solutions

They offer investigative services across the globe to individuals, government agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations. They mainly deal with matters relating to security and are based in the US.

6.  Private Detectives Hyderabad

They specialize in private organizations, corporations, and legal issues. With over twenty years in private investigations, they are some of the most reputable detectives in the industry.

7.  Private Detective London

Private Detective London is one of the leading private detective agencies in the UK. They have offices in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh and connections all around the world. They are proud of their staff, transparency, privacy, and personalized 24/7 services they offer.

8.  Haywood Hunt

Haywood Hunt is a full-service detective firm with offices located in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, and Ontario. Their professional and skilled private investigation services help individuals, families, government agencies, and corporate clients. Investigators use the latest technology and contemporary investigation methods, maintaining the highest level of privacy.

9. New York Intelligence Agency

New York Investigations is a private detective agency located in New York City, however it also provides services in other cities and states.

They offer criminal and biographical investigation services in New York City. Their staff members assist clients throughout the entire investigation process. providing them with highly relevant and confidential information.

10.   ABCIPI

The agency has been working in the field of investigations for 66 years and is one of the world leaders. They provide a wide range of investigations, both in the UK and abroad. Their services include background checks, vehicle history tracing, matrimonial cases, insurance claim investigations, and many others.  

The above ten private detective agencies have embraced technology, affiliations with industry associations, and have high-level investigation experience. That makes them some of the world leaders in offering detective agency services.

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