The 5 Top-Rated Education Services in Australia

Best Education Services in Australia

The Australian education system has a great reputation globally based on key aspects such as access, quality, and educational experts.

A notable aspect of Australian education that is often overlooked is the education service providers who have helped the country become a popular destination for international students.

From globally recognized universities that provide knowledge in a range of disciplines to online school learning portals that provide learners with essential learning tools or maths and English worksheets, this article presents the top five educational services in Australia.

1. Group of 8 Universities

Group of 8 Universities - Education Service in Australia

The prestigious Group of 8 Universities, often referred to as Go8, is considered to be the best universities in Australia.  

These universities are the pioneers in education and research and also the largest and oldest educational institutions in the country. Other factors that make these universities a lineage of laureates include high global rankings, quality education, ample research opportunities, and strong industry networks.

If you’re considering going to Australia for your higher education, then these Go8 universities should be at the top of your list.

  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of Sydney
  • The Australian National University, Canberra
  • UNSW Australia, Sydney
  • The University of Western Australia, Perth
  • The University of Adelaide
  • The University of Queensland, Brisbane
  • Monash University, Melbourne

2. Schoolbox

Schoolbox - Education Service in Australia

Schoolbox is a global leading Learning Management System (LMS) headquartered in Victoria, Australia.

The LMS is a powerful tool that connects parents, students, and teachers for the holistic support of student academic learning and wellbeing.  

Besides, Schoolbox connects multiple learning tools, enabling learning to continue beyond the four walls of the physical classroom. The platform also simplifies collaboration and communication among students, teachers, and parents while also enhancing learning outcomes among students.

Designed for K-12 schools, the portal is designed with the modern learner in mind and can be accessed both as an on-premises or cloud-based software. The portal is flexible and secure such that it integrates seamlessly with other school software.

Further, Schoolbox has a development team that continuously improves the LMS to respond to the needs of schools. The LMS also has a supportive customer service team made of online educators and teachers with lots of experience troubleshooting and managing online projects.

3. CrookED Science

CrookED Science - Education Service in Australia

CrookED Science is an award-winning STEM education consultancy that works with both primary and secondary school educators and students.

Dr. Crook, the developer of the platform, seeks to connect primary school learners with high schools to allow the younger learners access science facilities. CrookED Science also mentors gifted students, enabling them to develop award-winning STEM projects that address real-world issues.

Further, CrookED Science has provided many teachers with professional training to help them improve their capacity to use technology and hands-on teaching methods in the classroom.

The founder of CrookED Science, Dr. Simon Crook, emphasizes that there is a need to leverage technology in the classroom while also offering more support to schools when it comes to science subjects.

4. Edval part of Tes

Edval part of Tes - Education Service in Australia

Edval part of Tes is a timetabling software that reduces teachers’ workload when it comes to preparing quality timetables that meet learners’ needs. The Australian-based company uses advanced algorithms and intuitive processes to improve timetabling for K-12 schools worldwide.

Most schools describe the timetable as a difficult puzzle, as generating it is no mean task. Fortunately, with the help of the Edval part of Tes timetabling software, it’s now easier to generate customized and highly detailed timetables for schools.

The software also makes the complex task of scheduling lessons easy for both educators and students.

5. Mathspace

Mathspace - Education Service in Australia

Mathspace is a learning resource that makes learning maths easy. The platform enables students to be self-directed learners as it brings different learning tools into one platform.

This adaptive math platform has something for everyone, as it has math problems that challenge high achievers and others that empower struggling students.

The learning technology provides highly individualized learning, interactive textbooks, and step-by-step feedback to guide kids as they work out math problems. The step-by-step support provided by the platform allows learners to make mistakes without fear of being reprimanded, and also to develop a growth mindset.

Mathspace can also be used by teachers to monitor students’ performance, assign learners tasks, and grade the learners’ work. Undoubtedly, Mathspace is revolutionizing learning by making maths more engaging and fun.

In closing, the education system in Australia is known for providing high-quality learning at all levels of education including primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. The above educational services are making a positive impact in Australian education which is why they feature as the top five best educational services in the country.

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