Top 8 Scrubs Brands in the USA

Scrubs Brands

What are scrubs?

Scrubs are specialized clothing that protects healthcare professionals on the job. They are usually made with materials that are anti-microbial and can repel blood and other fluids.

Nurse scrubs are the most common type that we see in shops. As the other types, such as surgical scrubs, lab coats, and patient scrubs, are usually only purchased by hospitals and clinics.

Doctors and nurses wear scrubs as their medical uniform in the workplace. So, aside from their basic protective function, good scrubs also need to be practical while still looking professional.

Way back in history, scrubs were just plain white. It was very professional and looked sterile. However, the color was found to be very strenuous to the eyes. It was also difficult to keep clean when stained with blood and fluids. Hence, the introduction of color to scrubs became a welcome necessity.

 The Best Scrubs Brands in the USA

When choosing scrubs, you cannot just rely on what’s written on the website. The descriptions may sound awesome; however, when it comes down to the actual fit and performance of the clothing, it might not turn out to be so great. 

So, in the selection for the best scrub brands, we explored Amazon for the highest-rated ones. These contain the genuine opinions of the people who experienced wearing and caring for these scrubs.

Let’s dive into our list of the top scrub brands according to healthcare professionals.

Cherokee Scrubs

Cherokee Scrubs

Cherokee Scrubs Brand Logo

When talking about great value and affordable fashion, Cherokee apparel comes to mind. The company that started as a shoe repair shop in California back in 1971 has since become an iconic American lifestyle brand. With their comfortable and trendy designs, the brand continues to uphold the “American Cool.”

This dedication to bringing comfort and style also translates into their line of medical scrubs. Their Workwear Revolution line is the most loved scrub tops and pants on the site. They are made of a combination of polyester, rayon, and spandex. This provides comfort and flexibility at work. People all commented on how soft and comfortable they were, even while bending and squatting during their shift.

Users also noted how the fit was perfect and very flattering to any body shape. Even with large pockets adorning the tops and pants that offer ease of accessibility for any work gear and even big phones, the design still looks smart and professional. 

The company offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. No more boring days of just greens and blues. They also have a line of cool cartoon designs sure to please the pediatric patients.

The brand guarantees the durability of its clothing. The scrubs are machine washable and do not wrinkle much. A lot of users confirm this in the reviews. They say that the seams are secure with no signs of fraying. The color stays fast even after numerous washes.

It’s a scrub that works as hard as you do, the brand claims.

For the users, it’s their favorite scrub that’s a definite bang for their buck. 



Dagacci Brand Logo

This company based in California has been providing quality medical uniforms for 15 years. They aim for maximum customer satisfaction, which they constantly achieve by producing excellent clothing at very low prices. They also provide excellent customer service according to reviews. This great accomplishment proudly reflects in their Amazon status as the # 1 Best Seller in men’s medical scrub sets.

The brand uses polyester, rayon, and spandex mix that create a strong yet soft fabric – perfect for a wide range of movement in the medical field. The users say that even with the low price tags, the scrubs’ cloth is substantial compared to other cheap brands. Shrinkage is also not a problem.

Their most loved pair of scrubs is the unisex medical uniform. For just a little over $23, you already get a quality set of scrubs. Both top and the cargo pants sport three pockets each, offering so much space for all the essentials. You can also choose from a huge selection of colors and cuts. Even with the cheap price they all look and fit great according to users.

A point to consider when ordering your pair of Dagacci scrubs, go down one size than your actual size to get a better fit.  

BARCO Uniforms

BARCO Uniforms

BARCO Uniforms Brand Logo

This company was established back in 1929. Since the beginning, they have been dedicated to enhancing the lives of those who wear their uniforms. They have spearheaded numerous innovations in the medical clothing industry. 

Their Grey’s Anatomy line of scrubs is well-loved by the medical community. Made with durable polyester and rayon, these scrubs are super soft and stay dry and fresh all day due to their moisture-wicking characteristic. Comfort partnered with their incredibly professional cut provides a polished look that nurses adore. 

Their tops fit great, they are not snug around the shoulders and bust like other scrubs. Users love the modern low-rise cut of their scrub pant. The tops and pants have an adequate number of pockets for the essentials. The brand certainly combines fashion, flexibility, and utility in its design. 

They also offer a wider range of colors to choose from than other brands. The colors don’t fade and the material doesn’t need ironing. This keeps your clothes looking new for longer.

Their price point is a bit on the higher end. Nevertheless, you get high-quality scrubs that will garner you compliments for years to come. 

Dickies Medical

Dickies Medical

Dickies Medical Brand Logo

The company’s roots date back to 1922 in Texas. They are committed to creating quality workwear for the people who labor for the country. They extend this pledge to the medical field by crafting uniforms that are cheap but durable. 

Their line of medical scrubs is well-received as seen on Amazon. Their mix of cotton, polyester, and spandex provides comfort and softness that everybody loves. Their tops are cut longer which keeps your back covered even while bending or reaching. They also sport large pockets for all your work needs. The reinforced stitching ensures that your scrubs will last.

They also offer scrubs in the usual colors plus printed ones that are perfect for work in the pediatrics department. The white variant is a bit see-through, though. So, if you don’t want your underwear to be seen, choose a different color. 

Adar Medical Uniforms

Adar Medical Uniforms

Adar Medical Uniforms Brand Logo

This company based in New York has been in the medical workwear industry since 1971. They continue to bring comfort, quality, and style to their customers’ everyday lives.

Their products are made of polyester, rayon, and spandex which give a super soft stretch to their clothing. The fabric is durable, complemented with a triple stitched design to ensure maximum toughness. The brand guarantees that the scrubs are odor and wrinkle resistant.

Their tops have two and the pants have four pockets that securely carry your work gear and belongings. There are a lot of colors to choose from.

The common concern of customers is that the pants are a bit tight in the calf. They suggest going a size up for more room for movement. 

Overall, users like the fit and look of these scrubs. 

Wonderwink scrubs

Wonderwink scrubs

Wonderwink scrubs Brand Logo

Wonderwink belongs to the Superior Group of Companies based in Florida. The company is enthusiastic about providing fun and comfortable clothing to health workers.

Their mix of cotton, polyester, and spandex offers super soft and breathable clothing. They have a signature triple pocket that nurses love so much. Their pants line has four up to six pockets that are sure to handle all your stuff without looking baggy.

The flattering fit is perfect, even for plus-size women according to users. The great cut also provides freedom of movement without revealing parts of your body.

They also offer a wide variety of colors and prints to choose from. Their exceptional designs and unique attention to detail have made them a household name in the medical industry.



KOI Designing Happiness Brand Logo

A company founded in a small apartment in Los Angles back in 2006, has since then grown big in the medical garment industry. With the mission to create scrubs that people love to wear, they made sure that their designs are very unique and desirable.

Made of polyester, their clothes are lightweight and breathable. The material keeps dry and wrinkle-free all day. They’re fade and shrink resistant as well.

Aside from the fun solid hues, the tops come in several ombre styles of color that are so fashionable you look like you can go down the catwalk. The side entry pockets also lend a sleeker more professional look.

For the more fashion-conscious, this is the brand that will brighten your day. The extra cost is definitely worth the positivity it brings to your life. 

Just Love Women’s Scrub Set

Just Love Women’s Scrub Set

Just Love Women's Scrub Set Brand Logo

This New York-based company has been designing stylish clothing since 2000. They aim to offer affordable fashion to everyone.

True to their mission, the brand offers the cheapest scrub set in the industry. For less than $22, you already have a pair of good-quality tops and pants.

These scrubs are made from cotton and polyester that are 100% synthetic. They are soft and very comfortable. The colors stay fast and the fabric doesn’t shrink. They also include many pockets for the work essentials.

The brand offers a huge array of colors of matching sets to choose from.

Just Love scrubs may not be as durable as the pricier scrubs brands, but they do deliver when it comes to comfort.

Users love the overall value of these scrubs.


Good scrub brands address the demanding requirements of the medical field by designing clothes that fit every need of a medical professional. Popular scrub brands offer soft, lightweight materials that are breathable and slightly stretchy for maximum comfort and flexibility. They also include several pockets for utility without detracting from the look.

Another aspect that scrub brands have improved on is the style of the clothing. Designers have refined the look, from the traditional baggy scrubs to well-fitting, sleek scrubs that exude a professional aura. There are also more color choices to express yourself. Wearing scrubs has never been more fun.

A helpful tip from users to extend your scrubs’ life: wash them in cold water then hang them to dry. This prevents shrinkage and eliminates the need to iron them.

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