Top 5 Free Android Apps For Fashion Enthusiasts

Free Android Apps For Fashion Enthusiasts

Everyone keeps in touch with fashion in one way or another. It could be their choice of clothes, hairstyle, or accessories. However, people may find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends and style inspirations that pique their interest due to the ever-changing nature of fashion. Well, there’s good news for fashion enthusiasts, you can now access the world of fashion from anywhere on the globe using your android device.

These apps are available for download on Google Playstore and are free. Apps like Pinterest also make life a lot less complicated for fashionistas by helping them stay updated on fashion news and replicate trending styles that they can include on their profile right on their smart device. And if users desire to grow their audience base and become influencers, they can get Pinterest followers using Pingrowth and increase engagement on their content. 

That said, there remains one challenge; finding the perfect app for you. Luckily, we have picked five of the best android apps that fashion enthusiasts will find fascinating, regardless of their gender.



Trendstop logo

Trendstop is the ideal app for fashion enthusiasts who need a source for all the latest fashion trends and updates. It is the mobile app for the international fashion and lifestyle trend forecasting agency established in 2002 by Jaana Jätyri. 

With this app, you can gain access to fashion news, catwalk show looks,  fashion trend ideas, and photo galleries of over 500 fashion designer catwalk show from all over the world right on your android device. Trendstop gives you a daily dose of global fashion, keeping you posted on new releases of menswear, womenswear, shoes, accessories, vintage, hair, and other beauty trend categories.

To give users the best experience, the Trendstop app offers over 80 high-resolution video highlights of the latest fashion shows, which include backstage clips from the biggest fashion week runways like London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. 

Trendstop also features a city store guide and location-based store finder that allows you to track some of the best fashion stores that have the most exciting fashion trends around you. 



Pinterest logo

Pinterest is a social media app where creatives come up with amazing and appropriately curated photos, videos, and extra information about their products. It is a platform for innovative ideas for people with varying interests. You can explore articles and visual content on several topics like fashion & lifestyle, DIY projects, and recipes. 

On Pinterest, you’ll also find some of the trendiest fashion inspirations, styles, pictures, and videos that’ll keep you entertained. With Pinterest, you can collate some of your most favorite content and get topic recommendations to expand your scope of interest. You can even have several accounts, and if you’re new to Pinterest, read this guide on how to manage multiple Pinterest accounts.



Lookbook logo

The Lookbook app is a collection of photographs of some of the most creative fashion ideas. It is used to promote the masterminds behind each masterpiece including the stylists, models, photographers, clothing line, and other creative contributors. On Lookbook, you can also find some of your favorite vloggers and bloggers modeling some admirable looks.

To make it easier for users to purchase interesting clothing styles, Lookbook provides info on where each item can be bought. So, you don’t have to spend hours in online stores looking for the exact outfit or similar ones if you wish to replicate a style.



ZAFUL logo

ZAFUL is a clothing and fashion story app that’ll give you access to style inspiration at any time of the day. This app is highly recommended to the younger generation of fashion enthusiasts and adults alike. It has an intuitive user interface that offers users a seamless experience while seeking the next style to add to their collection. 

With ZARFUL, you can always get access to daily fashion updates and style ideas. It is also integrated with a buying option that allows you to purchase interesting clothing items at discounted and affordable prices.




For fashionistas who need to get their purchase faster than usual, FASTAF is your best bet yet. FASTAF has partnered with some of the biggest companies and upcoming brands in the beauty, fashion, health, and tech industries. Some of these brands include Nike, Oribe, Copper Cow Coffee, Aesop, Sonos, Billie. These brands work hand-in-hand with FASTAF to ensure that users get their purchases as quickly as possible, especially customers in New York and Los Angeles.


Keeping up with fashion updates and trends isn’t the easiest thing to do. But technology has once again come through for many, and the fashion enthusiasts aren’t left out this time. 

The above-reviewed apps are resourceful and help you get in touch with the fashion world – even on the go. You can make your pick and have it downloaded on your device from the Google playstore. 

Have a nice time exploring the world of fashion!

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