Top Standing Desk Brands

Top Standing Desk Brands

Most of us indeed spend most of our time working all day long, hunched on our desks. According to experts, sitting for long hours raises the risk of several chronic diseases like cancer and heart problems. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get up from those office chairs, straighten up your back, keep your muscles moving, and blood pumping. 

This is where top standing desk brands step in. They offer you the best of both worlds. It is a much healthier and convenient way of getting your work done as you work on a sit-stand desk with adequate desk space or desk converters. It is time to invest in the best standing desk brand with a sophisticated look and feel and shift towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Growing Popularity of Standing Desks

So, what makes those standing desks so popular? The truth is that standing desks are much in demand now and for good reasons. These desks allow you to work while standing, they tend to keep you active and increase your health benefits. When looking at the best standing desk brands, one must look for the right height range, especially for taller users.  Some electric standing desks come with keyboard trays, desk mats, monitor arms, and desk lamps. Invest in good quality standing desks to improve your physical and mental health as well as boost productivity. 

Reasons Why One Needs a Standing Desk

There are plenty of good reasons as to why one should invest in one of the top standing desk brands. When you remain in a standing position, you tend to lower your blood pressure, improve energy levels, and reduce the risk of backache. Sitting still on a chair for a longer time slows down the brain functions and can make the body inactive and raise the risk of cardiovascular disease. There is adequate scientific evidence about the harmful effects of sitting too much, such as the risk of gaining weight. 

Thus, look for the right piece of furniture for your workplace, and it is just to buy standing desks with suitable frame colors and functionality. These desks also need to be suitably wide and tall for maximum comfort. Thus, the standing desks promote productivity, team-building, and good health for all. 

Next, let’s see what are the best standing desk brands available? 

The Top 8 Standing Desk Brands  

When you start searching for the best standing desk brands, you are sure to come across several options. Nonetheless, a few are above the rest, and those are as follows. 


FlexiSpot brand logo

FlexiSpot is one of the leading names when it comes to standing desks, and the prime focus of the company is to create a healthier working environment. The brand is reputed as an ergonomic furniture store that focuses on improving the health and wellness of the users. One finds affordable options, great designs, and styles with FlexiSpot standing desks that do not take ample space. All one needs to do is ensure that the max height or the minimum height of the desk works for them.


vari brand logo

Vari is counted among the top standing desk brands and remains dedicated to unlocking the potential of the working space and its people. The electric standing desks of the company are known to enhance the working speed and boost the productivity of the whole team. The adjustable standing desks from Vari can be adjusted for different heights, and what makes them a winner is their direct-to-consumer business model. You can look for different finishes, such as dark wood, black or white, and even butcher block traditional desks from the brand.


UpliftDesk brand logo

Uplift is another brand one should look at if thinking of buying a stable standing desk. The company creates customized desk frames in a wide range and with ergonomic keyboards for maximum comfort and productivity. One can expect only commercial-grade pieces of furniture from Uplift and enjoy attractive discounts on purchase. With an affordable price range and professional customer support, take advantage of some unique features and benefits that the brand has to offer for your office space. Get help from their reliable team of experts and get standing desks as per your unique needs and style.


ApexDesk brand logo

Next, is a reputed brand known for adjustable desks, i.e. ApexDesk. Their desks encourage you to become most productive and improve workflow. You will find everything satisfactory with the desks you purchase from the brand, whether it is the price range, the desk surface, or the average height. All furniture pieces created by the brand are based on advanced technology, but their bestseller is the standing desks with ergonomic monitor arms and other accessories. ApexDesk is here on the list because of its quality, durability, and affordability, along with a superb finishing look.


Sevilleclassicsa brand logo

Re-invent your workspace with a wide range of desks from Sevilleclassicsa. Their adjustable-height standing desks are available in different color combinations and boast cutting-edge features and technologies. Choose from different products and accessories such as dual motors, memory positions, or cable management to meet your needs and as per the requirement. Their desks are made from the best materials and engineered carefully for optimum performance and durability.


branch brand logo

Branch is an e-commerce brand that is known for making high-end office furniture with proper ergonomics. The leading desk makers specialize in making standing desks that are precise inches deep and available in exact heights. Giants such as Tumblr, Google, and Shopify rely on Branch for their office furniture needs, and if you are looking for a unique desk for your specific needs, you should certainly consider Branch.


Kiwidesk brand logo

Kiwidesk specializes in making ergonomic desks with customizable height presets and is undoubtedly among the best standing desk brands in the desk market. Today, leading offices and workspaces rely on the brand for their needs of a standing desk. A major advantage of shopping with Kiwidesk is its worldwide customer network covering Europe, Australia, China, and Asia. You can finally look for a functional desk size that has been created after years of research by a professional design team. A suitable desk height certainly makes one healthier and more productive.


ergotron brand logo

Ergotron is an award-winning company that is famous for its professional-grade designs when it comes to office and healthcare furniture. Offering a wide range of height adjustments in these standing desks, you can go ahead and order desks for both shorter and taller people in your office. They know how to create healthy products and environments that promote productivity and efficiency. Thus, you can be sure to get a quality standing desk that will last and is backed by great customer care. 


Take your office to the next level with the right selection of standing desks from the top brands. Now that you are aware of the best standing desk brands out there, go ahead and make the right purchases to boost your health and productivity. When you shop from these top brands, you not only get the best quality products that have passed a rigorous testing process, and also provide affordable prices and quality customer support. Go ahead and get the best hot deals available now with these brands, and before you select any brand, it’s always essential to look at its pros and cons and analyze your requirements for a standing desk.

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