The top 5 Natural Deodorant Companies

Natural Deodorant

High-quality deodorants that are made with natural ingredients and serve their purpose are key to feeling fresh and fragrant all day long. This is something we cannot compromise on! But who has got enough time to test out all available deodorants one after the other? Well, none of us! Therefore, after extensive research and evidence collected, we have listed out the top 5 natural deodorant companies for you to head towards in order to get yourself the best deodorants that are highly effective.

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AKT London

AKT London brand logo

AKT London is among the list of top natural deodorant companies. It has won an award for its natural deodorant balm. The deodorants manufactured by AKT London are all made with organic ingredients and ensure the high quality as well as the effectiveness of the products. The deodorants by AKT London have been approved by London’s West End performers for their effectiveness.

The packaging of AKT London products is also worth appreciation. All the products are poured by hand into the aluminum containers having aluminum caps. Such packaging of the products ensures durability, quality, and transportability of the products. It is also eco-friendly since no plastic is used in the packaging but recyclable material.    

Wild Refillable

Wild Refillable brand logo

Wild Refillable is another name on the list of top natural deodorant companies. Just like AKT London, they also work on recycling products and promote sustainability. The products manufactured by Wild Refillable contain organic ingredients only and zero plastic, making it a compostable product. Being a natural product, Wild Refillable deodorants are also skin-friendly and eco-friendly.     

Not only this, but Wild Refillable has won the hearts of people by donating a certain amount of money from their sales to “On A Mission”, a charity that works on reforestation. So they are not only providing their customers with effective deodorants that work on eliminating both sweat and bad smell but also contributing to their community.  


MALIN + GOETZ brand logo

MALIN + GOETZ is another company that manufactures deodorants containing natural products. As the name implies, the company was formed by Mathew Malin and Andrew Goetz while the availability of the products in the stores started in 2004. They are not only known for their deodorants but also for cleansers and moisturizers that are fully organic and not tested on animals ever. All the products, especially the deodorants, are skin-friendly and suitable for all skin types, regardless of any gender difference. The products are manufactured in New York and are all sustainable.

MALIN + GOETZ has skyrocketed by expanding their company from New York to San Francisco, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and London. Their products are not only limited to stores but are also distributed to hotels, gyms, luxury retailers, and airlines in order to make their mark all around the globe.  


Weleda brand logo

Weleda came into being in Switzerland in 1921 with a faith that is a part of nature. The company believes that people need to have products made with a certain formula of natural ingredients that is consistent with the rhythms of the body, so the natural functions of the skin can be activated.

Weleda works in collaboration with NATRUE and manufactures a wide range of products for face, hair, oral care, body, and hair, with all of them being certified by NATRUE. Each product manufactured by Weleda is sustainable, made with organic ingredients, and eco-friendly. They neither contain any harmful chemicals nor any synthetic compound. All the natural ingredients – including fruits, minerals, flowers, root extracts, and essential oils – are sleeted with extensive care and combined in a certain formula in order to ensure the high quality of the products.   


Native brand logo

Native is a USA-based company founded by Moiz Ali with the aim of providing people with pure, natural, and synthetic personal care products. That’s right, the products of Native are not only limited to deodorants but also body care, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and sunscreen, all made with naturally-driven ingredients.

All the products are made with extensive care and not tested on animals ever! Yes, Native manufactures cruelty-free products.

Deodorants cannot be eliminated from our daily routine. They are our basic necessity, thus we cannot compromise on them. We hope that knowledge about these top 5 deodorant companies would help you find the best quality, effective, and natural deodorant easily, the next time you visit the market!

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