Popular Hand Tool Brands You Must Check Out

Popular Hand Tool Brands

Man has always used hand tools since early civilization. Today, these tools are a must-have in every home for DIY projects. A few examples of hand tools are hammers, saws, wrenches, and screwdrivers. Using them one can easily do both heavy and light jobs related to plumbing, electricity, and woodwork without hiring a professional. 

Even though power tools have transformed the manufacturing sector significantly, yet the importance of hand tools can never be undermined. These tools help to work with perfect precision, especially work that requires detailing. Also, they are cost-effective and don’t require any power or fuel. Moreover, they are compact and easy to carry. 

Several tooling manufacturers in the market offer a host of hand tools, and when you are adding the ones to your toolkit, always stick to the ones which are of the best quality. Choosing the best one from a host of options can be tricky. To assist you, we have got the best hand tool brands enlisted here. 

Stanley Black & Decker

stanley black&decker brand logo

When we are talking about the best tool brands, Stanley Black & Decker is a name that is synonymous with the best quality and durability. The legacy of this brand is unparalleled, and its origin tales us to 1843 when Frederick Trent Stanley laid the foundation of Stanley’s Bolt Manufactory. In 1920, it merged with Stanley Rule and Level Company and experienced huge success. In 2010, the merger of Stanley Works and Black & Decker resulted in the formidable brand name Stanley Black & Decker Inc, a Fortune 500 company and a leading manufacturer of industrial tools, household hardware, and security products.

Stanley Black & Decker is known for some best power tools. It is one of the leading tooling manufacturers and has many accolades to its name. The brand is known as the world’s largest tool and storage company and the second-largest commercial security company. It offers a host of power tools that include automotive tools, compressors, demolition tools, power tools, saws, paint applicators, and more. The brand guarantees the durability and performance of its products. So, if you are looking for the best power tool brand, this is the name to trust.  


dewalt brand logo

DeWalt Industrial Tool Company is an American manufacturer of hand tools and power tools for the construction, manufacturing, and woodwork industries. It was originally started in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt, inventor of the Radial Arm Saw. It is now a registered trademark of Black & Decker (US), a Stanley Black & Decker subsidiary. The company manufactures a wide range of axes, hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers, tape measures, etc. The TOUGHSERIESTM hand tools are their latest innovation designed to stand up to the most extreme conditions. Everyone at home can also use its handy hand tools.

DeWalt will be the official tool and storage supplier for McLaren Formula One team. DeWalt will have its name imprinted on the race suits and the endplates of the McLaren Formula 1 cars.


Channellock Brand Logo

The next name in our list of top 10 tool brands is Channellock Inc. It has been making superior quality hand tools since 1886. 133 years later, they are still going strong as one of the leading manufacturers of pliers, with more than 75 different sizes and types in the market. This has served them well over the years and helped them stay strong in this highly-competitive business. They believe that people are more important than machines, and dedication to excellence is the surest way to surmount adversity and prosper. The brand has more than 4,000 U.S. wholesale and retail customers, and it also exports its products to 45 countries.  


snapon brand logo

The next best tool brand on our list is Snap-on. It was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1920 by engineer Joseph Johnson. At that time, there was a rise in the popularity of automobiles, creating a need for the automotive repair industry. Snap-on tools are adored by McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, US Ari, and Navy Force

Johnson started this company with the idea that would later revolutionize auto repair and make work easier for mechanics. Today, the company is a leading manufacturer of high-end tools used in the transportation Industry.

Snap-on hand tools guarantee quality, performance, reliability, and durability. Their tools last longer and generate greater productivity. Some of their landmark products are cushion throat pliers, ratchets, wrenches, flex sockets, and flank drive sockets.


Klein Brand Logo

Klein Tools is a trusted and popular tool manufacturer in America. Their pliers have been in use in the telecommunications and electrical industries since 1857. Today, Klein Tools Inc. is much more than just Klein pliers. Their array of products now includes almost every major type of hand tool used in construction, electronics, mining, and other industries and the telecommunications and electrical fields. They aim to make products to professional-quality standards, as they believe that the professionals must be equipped with nothing but the best.

Although Klein is known for manufacturing hand tools, it also offers a range of power tools that are fuelled by DeWalt. It manufactures impact wrench, cordless impact drivers. They come with brushless motors. So, if you are looking for the best tool brand for pliers, then Klein is the name to trust. 


irwin brand logo

Two separate tool manufacturing units with a long history of manufacturing, IRWIN Augur Bit Co. and Peterson Manufacturing, later became American Tool Companies, joined forces in 1993 to create one giant in the tooling industry. IRWIN Tools manufactures professional hand tools and power tool accessories for trade professionals. Its best-known hand tools are quick-grip bar clamp and vise-grip locking pliers.

Those who are looking for the best quality hand tools or power tools can certainly explore the power tool options by IRWIN. The brand manufactures tools as per industry standards, and hence it finds a spot in our list of top 10 tool brands. 

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee brand logo

Since 1924, Milwaukee Tool has carved its niche in the professional automotive industry for its award-winning tools. The philosophy of excellent quality, price, and service has remained unchanged over the years. The company spirit is the same as in 1924, making Milwaukee Tool a leader in the tool and equipment business today. Their manufacturing process and production details guarantee superior quality tools. It is a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries. Some of the tools that are recognized globally for durability and superior performance are digital meters, temperature meters, instruments for cutting, clipping, and drilling, and more. 


Knipex brand logo

Knipex is a German company founded in 1882 by C. Gustav Putsch. Today, it has become a popular plier manufacturing brand. They constantly bring innovations to the tools. It is a family-owned business for four generations. They make 100+ types of pliers including combination pliers, side cutters, and more. They also make pliers, cutters, crimping tools, wire strippers, and insulated tools. Also, its pliers come with 3 hand grips, providing more maneuverability to the user. It makes it easier and quicker to get the job done right. They follow automated processes and focus on product innovation. The company is headquartered in Wuppertal-Cronenberg.


bosch brand logo

Bosch was founded in 1886. It offers mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and building technology. As a part of their consumer goods division, they make home appliances and power tools.

Bosch has been designing and manufacturing high-quality tools. Their engineers continue to innovate and create the most revolutionary and long-lasting tools for today and tomorrow. The company was the first to introduce the first hammer drill in 1932. It follows high manufacturing standards, which makes it one of the most trusted and reliable brands. 


craftsman brand logo

Craftsman started in 1927 when Sears decided to create a superior brand of tools that would meet the most rigorous standards to be part of the Craftsman product line. They manufacture hand tools, power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and workwear. They offer a complete set of essential tools for your toolbox, workbench, or tool belt. Besides hand tools, they are also a leading manufacturer of power tools like brushless motors in cordless drill/driver kits that operate on battery powers. 


In today’s age of power tools, the importance of hand tools will never be any less. They will always be found in toolboxes in most homes for DIY Projects and small repair jobs that can be done without professional help. Hence, we have got this list of top 10 tools brands that also offer a range of hand and power tools. So, you can refer to this list when you are on a hunt to buy the best hand tools. By using the best hand tools, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

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