Top Football Helmet Manufacturers

Football Helmet Manufacturers

High energy games like football can sometimes cause injury, and hence it is important to wear protective gear while playing. There are several football helmet brands out there. They aim to give professional players comfort and keep their heads safe from traumatic brain injury. This article discusses the best football helmet manufacturers that are known to make quality helmets that offer maximum comfort.  

Why should football players wear helmets?

Football is a demanding and thrilling sport. The scene of football players running across the field in a swish is common. In case of a hit, the damage that two players can cause each other during a match is scary. So, we need helmets for the football players to keep them safe from such accidental injuries. 

In simple words, football is a fast-paced, rigorous game, wherein players often bump into each other with great force and injure themselves. Sometimes it may result in head injuries. For example, there can be cases of blood clotting, nerve bursting, or pressured nerves after colliding with other players. 

Expensive helmets by the top helmet manufacturers are specifically designed to prevent brain or head injury, allowing players to focus on their game and give their best. 

So non-professional as well as professional players must wear helmets that are made as per the safety standards to reduce the impact of injuries if any. Choosing the right size helmet is paramount. Merely investing in expensive football helmets won’t help. Read ahead to know more about this. 

What is the best helmet for football players in 2022?

There are tons of expensive football helmets out there provided by football helmet manufacturers. How are you going to get the best helmet for football? Every manufacturer has certain unique aspects. Some are popular for providing perfect safety, while others are known for both style and functionality.

Are you looking for a helmet that has great looks, or are you searching for a lightweight model?

Do you want a varsity or youth helmet? Here is a list of five top football equipment manufacturers who specialize in football helmets. So let’s get started!

Schutt Sports

Schutt Sports brand logo

Schutt Sports is a renowned sports gear manufacturing company. They make protective gear for ball games like soccer, football, and lacrosse. Schutt is known for innovation, advanced technologies, and high-performance products. Schutt Sports not only brings out some iconic football helmet models but also has a reconditioning facility. Since 1918, the company has been working in the manufacturing of these types of equipment.

The company proudly claims to make the best quality helmets, and most of its helmets have five-star ratings in the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings in 2018. The company uses high-quality polycarbonate to make its helmets, which gives them additional strength. In addition, it also adds TPU, which ensures maximum shock absorption, thus giving complete comfort to the user. Schutt Sports Varsity range is a masterpiece with standard measures of safety. 

Riddell Sports Group

Riddell Sports Group brand logo

Starting its journey in 1929, the company has expanded its horizons from Illinois to other parts of the world. The company was started by John Tate Riddell, and so we have the same Riddell Sports. It is one of the leading football equipment manufacturing brands. This brand has a variety of varsity and youth helmets for football. They started as a removable cleat manufacturer for football shoes but now offer everything till the reconditioning program for the helmet. 

Some of the best helmets from this brand are Riddell NFL Atlanta Falcons Speedflex Authentic Football Helmet and Riddell Speedflex Adult Football Helmet with Facemask. The latter model is one of the safest football helmets ever. At the same time, the first one is more for a show with the logo and original NFL colors.

The helmet designs of this brand are sleek and have no buckle. Instead of buckles, they have zip-tie straps. Besides everything, they are well-reputed for their sturdy and high-quality products in the industry too. 


Vicis brand logo

If you are looking for the best helmet for a football manufacturer, then Vicis is the name that is synonymous with quality and high standards. It is one of the top-rated brands by NFL and NFLPA. Vicis is known for its light-weighted football helmets. It is a Seattle-based football helmet manufacturer. They offer services like recertifying and reconditioning. They involve third-party vendors for the same. 

Vicis Zero 1 is a futuristic and soft-shelled helmet from Vicis in trend these days. It stands out from others, and people are drooling over this model right now. It has a shining silver-colored outer shell. You will also see that this piece has a face mask. 


Xenith brand logo

Xenith is the one-stop solution for all the protective gear like shoulder pads and helmets that we use while playing football. It is based in Detroit and has been working in the field since 2006. The brand was founded by Vin Ferrara.

Their helmets are the best to protect from head injuries. They also have enough airflow area for the players so that they don’t suffocate. So, what else are you waiting for? If you want to grab the best out of all the helmets, Xenith is worth considering. 

Xenith has two ranges of products, the varsity helmet, and the youth helmet. In its youth product range, the Xenith Youth X2E+Football Helmet with the mask is not a heavy-weight helmet like another Xenith. It is designed for young players and cannot be used for those who wear big helmets. Besides, it also has chin caps for extra safety along with a face mask. 

Light Helmets

Light Helmets brand logo

The next on the list of the best helmet manufacturers are Light Helmets. The brand is the brainchild of California-based executives, i.e. Nicholas Esayian, Joseph Hegener, and Justin Ber. They worked on creating the best quality helmets, and today their company makes one of the best-rated products. In fact, Bakosports has given the best overall rating to the Light Helmets.

Its helmet has armor foam on the inside, thus guaranteeing complete safety to the player. As the name says, Light Helmets are very light in weight; the average weight of a light helmet ranges between 2.5 pounds to 3 pounds, thus making these helmets the best choice. 

What makes this brand so unique is the quality of its helmets. The company uses materials from auto racing and military protective equipment to design its helmets and headgear. Thus, its helmets are of the best quality, guaranteeing maximum protection and comfort to the players.  

Wrapping it up !!!

Even when the sport is highly dangerous, one can avoid any significant loss with proper protection. Now the rules of the game have also changed to reduce accidents. However, there are still some cases where things go downhill, and players get injured.

All the brands listed above produce the best quality football helmets. The bodies of some helmets are made of stainless steel too. You will also find a range of sizes, so don’t worry because you will get your fit. 

One useful tip for helmet and other football equipment care is to replace the equipment after ten years or earlier. So, take note of your helmet’s age. When the helmet becomes uncomfortable, you will easily feel that things are not right, and it needs replacement. So buy the right helmet and enjoy a safe game!

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