Top 8 Office Chair Brands

Office Chair Brands

The life of professionals is quite hectic today, whether they work from home or office. On average, Americans spend a minimum of 6 hours working. If you or your team get uncomfortable or have frequent backaches after long hours of working, it is time to have a good look at your office furniture. According to experts, it is worth investing in expensive office chair brands that are ergonomic and comfortable, as they help increase productivity. Not just professionals, even gamers and students need comfortable chairs with adjustable features.

With comfortable chairs featuring adjustable armrests, seat depth, seat angle, seat cushion, and suitable seat height, you or your staff would no longer face any issues as they would help to work in an upright position. As a result, you have workers who will feel comfortable and happy at work and are willing to put in productive hours for your business. 

When you start browsing for the top office chair brands, you are sure to come up with many manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers within this segment. It can be overwhelming to know which are truly the most ergonomic office chairs and if they deliver what they promise. This article discusses the best office chair brands that are a cut above the rest. 

The Top 8 Office Chair Brands

Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson is a reliable and trustworthy name when it comes to ergonomic chairs for office use. Its chairs are well known for great style, top-built quality, and complete comfort. You will find a wide range of materials and colors in comfortable office chairs by Laura Davidson. Top interior designers and decorators prefer Laura Davidson when looking for expensive office chairs. The modern silhouette of these chairs can blend in seamlessly within any interior and space. The designs are great, and the chairs are easy to assemble and look comfortable and sleek.

Key Features

  • Chairs feature comfortable seats.
  • They come in different materials and style options.
  • The brand offers a 2-3 year warranty on all the standard products.
  • Customers can enjoy 60-day trials when they shop from Laura Davidson.


humanscale brand logo

Those looking for high-quality, weight-sensitive chairs that come with a headrest and boast beautiful ergonomics should go with one of the top office chair brands, Humanscale. It is a true design icon that creates the perfect office chairs designed for manual controls as the Freedom chair. Its Freedo, and Liberty product lines are designed by Niels Diffrient. One of the key features it boasts of is its self-locking recline mechanism that adjusts to every user automatically and eliminates the need for manual controls. The headrest features dynamic support that works for most of the office population, no matter what size or weight. The high-quality chair with a perfect backrest angle carries a timeless aesthetic and is suitable for different body types and body weights. 

Key features

  • They have high-end designs to suit functional and aesthetic requirements.
  • The company ships assembled products.
  • The brand also offers a warranty on its products. 


steelcase brand logo

One of the most wanted office furniture comes from Steelcase, considered among the top office chair brands. The brand enjoys a long list of happy customers and positive reviews. Office chairs from Steelcase have redefined the concept of cheap office chairs and are truly the most ergonomic adjustable chair you are looking for! The space-savvy chairs come with a comfortable seat cushion and a wide range of colors, designs, and features. They make the chair’s back flex to support the shape of the back and will support every back movement, thus reducing the stress on the spine.  

Key Features

  • Some chair designs boast signature LiveBack technology.
  • It offers lumbar support.
  • Chairs come in unique designs and are comfortable.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller brand logo

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs are based on never-before-seen technology and use a human-centered design that supports people of different sizes, shapes, and weights. The latest Aeron chairs have been remastered practically every way and will soon be available in an ocean-bound plastic made of mineral, carbon, and graphite. Thanks to the ergonomic adjustments, the black mesh, and individually adjustable pads provide lumbar support for the more powerful seated posture. Now you can keep your movements smooth and balanced and remain in a comfortable position because of the natural forward tilt of the pelvis and adjustable arm height and seat angle.

Key features

  • They have 100 years of expertise in manufacturing great quality chairs.
  • They are made of 8Z Pellicle Mesh material that is better than foam padding.
  •  The BackFit alignment contours with your spine.


Modway brand logo

Modway brand has been in furniture and design for many years now and caters to every major furniture category, including the best office chairs with advanced features. These office chairs with height adjustment and tilt mechanisms are meant for everyday use and designed with productivity in mind. The ergonomic office chairs come with a breathable mesh back, a thick mesh seat cushion, and are generously padded for complete lumbar support. You can ask for various colors in these office chairs with 360-degree swivel, armrest comfort, adjustable armrest height, and one-touch chair height adjustment.

Key features

  • They are available in different designs and style options.
  • They feature an ergonomic design to make your posture comfortable.
  • They offer complete lumbar support.


Titova furniture enjoys good ratting with hundreds of customers who are highly satisfied with their purchases from the brand that sells office and home furniture items. If you are looking for a truly ergonomic office chair, this is the one. Titova office chairs come with adjustable seat height, armrests, lumbar support, and armrest and are highly rated and affordable. One can spend extended periods working on these office chairs and maintaining a healthy posture when sitting. As the chairs come with fully adjustable features, it is time to discover the benefits of working from a great chair at an affordable price.

Key features

  • The mesh backrests prevent heating. 
  • They have thick seat pads and padded armrests for enhanced comfort.
  • Adjustable lumbar support offers better comfort, especially when you need to sit for long.


branch brand logo

Designed in Italy, Branch ergonomic chairs provide an exceptional range of ergonomic support for different body types. The direct-to-consumer brand specializes in office chairs that come with seat depth adjustments and built-in lumbar support. The tilt tension, seat depth, built-in lumbar support, seat tilt provides the much-needed ergonomic position. The backrest is made of double-layered mesh and breathable, and the high-density cushion suits any human body size and type. These chairs are comfortable and completely customizable as per the body size and type, and boast a padded seat with an adjustable backrest and other basic adjustments.  

Key features

  • They feature a premium Ergonomic design.
  • They come with an aluminum base.
  • They are available in different colors.

Alera Elusion 

alera brand logo

Alera Elusion series office chairs promise all-day comfort and are listed among the top office chair brands in the market, and for a good reason. The Elusion Series chairs come with a comfortable seat cushion and a depth suitable for most users. As the chair allows many height adjustments, one can look forward to some long-term comfort for the back, shoulder, and lower body. Considering its number of adjustments and adjustable features, you will generally not mind spending hundreds of dollars as these chairs will keep your office employees comfortable during long working hours.

Key features

  • Comfortable and adjustable seats and armrests.
  • They use breathable fabric and mesh back.
  • Chairs offer adequate lumbar support with a high back for perfect posture. 


Update your home office or workspace with the most ergonomic office chairs from the leading brands that are functional and fashionable. Take advantage of the wide selection of office chairs with advanced adjustable features, ergonomic designs, a variety of color options, and reasonable prices. Go ahead and make your office space more comfortable and productive today!

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