Top Paint Brands For Your Interior Painting Projects

Top Paint Brands

Home interiors are important as you spend a large portion of your life at home. Here, the paint you use plays a key role apart from other elements like flooring and furniture. Just by changing the paint, you can give your home a new, fresh look. The paint finish that you get when you use a good paint brand is unmatched. So, never settle for inferior or cheap paints when it is about your home.

In other words, when it comes to painting the interiors, there should be no room for compromise. Even though the price is sometimes the key deciding factor, the desire to have the most spectacular interiors sometimes leads to ignoring it. As a result, most of the time, people end up paying more than their budget just to get what they envisioned for their abode. 

As per paint industry statistics on, the global volume of the paint and coating market in 2019 was about ten billion gallons. Owing to high demand, several paint brands have been launched in the market. Not only do these brands have a wide assortment of paints, but their popularity and product quality play a key role in making them successful. These paints provide numerous benefits like low maintenance, mold resistance, easy application, smooth appearance, better stickiness, and superior results. They don’t affect the indoor air quality by releasing any harmful chemicals.

Moreover, since so many brands are available in the market, picking one becomes difficult. Take a look at the top paint brands and decide suitably.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore brand logo

If you are looking for paint for walls, no other brand will be as satisfying as Benjamin Moore. It was founded in 1883 by Robert Moore. Since then, the brand has offered a wide range of paints like the Historical colors perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces, the Affinity collection for adding contrast, and the Aura collection with 240 shades for an accent look. Some of its best wall colors that are pretty popular in the market are Marsala red, blush pink, pearl blue, subtle lavender, tanned beige, hunter green, and more. 

In addition to its wide range of color pallets, Benjamin Moore has been recognized by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Allergy Standards Limited to be an environment-friendly paint. The brand has many accolades to its name like the JD Power award in 2011& 2012, Green’s Top 35 Green Companies in the US, 2009, and more.

Sherwin Williams

sherwin williams brand logo

Established in 1866 in Cleveland by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, this is one of the best paint brands in the world. Their paint supply channel operates worldwide as they are manufactured without sacrificing the quality and sheen. Sherwin Williams has a wide range of products like the Living Well collection, famous for the warm interior shades and the Color Forecasts created specifically to meet everyone’s needs. The brand has even launched a special application using which customers can check which paint shade will be ideal for the interiors. 

In 2015, Sherwin Williams was declared the most-used brand. It also won in the brand familiarity and Paints quality rating by the Builder magazine. The brand hails from Cleveland, but now it has emerged as a global paint brand. Sherwin Williams is operating in 120 countries (2020).


kilz brand logo

Founded by Kelvin Caldwell in 1974, this paint brand has introduced a wide range of popular colors. Unlike other brands, Kilz has added a collection of stain-resistant primers for both floors and walls. They have added special collections of red, white, and chalk spray paints that can suit a wide range of interior decors. However, its high-quality paint belongs to the Magnolia collection having quality paints with different finishes like matte, satin, and eggshell. 

Valspar Signature

valspar brand logo

When it comes to some of the oldest paint brands, mentioning Valspar is essential. The brand started its journey in 1806 and is now owned by Sherwin Williams. The brand is known for long-lasting and highly-durable paints. It has released a new catalog for expensive paints for 2022, that feature the blanched thyme, mountain river, subtle peach, rustic oak, faint maple, light amber, etc.   With its assorted collection of oil and water-based paints, you can give your home interiors a divine look. You can even find a collection of natural and neutral colors. It has a wide portfolio of exterior paints, interior paints, wood stains, concrete paints, and primer.

Farrow & Ball

farrow and ball long brand logo

If you are looking for timeless paints, then Farrow & Ball is one of the top paint brands in the world. It is a British company established in 1946 by Richard Maurice Ball and John Farrow. Its interior paint collection is certainly iconic and splendid, especially the shades like the neutral matte white shade Ammonite, a darker contemporary Pavilion gray, a dramatic Down Pipe gray shade, a rich Hague blue, a country-styled Dix blue shade, and a warm India yellow. Apart from these, you can get satin finish paints also for bedrooms that will impart a luxurious look to the entire arena. 


Glidden brand logo

Glidden is another brand offering the best interior paint, established by PPG Industries in 1875. They offer consultations for people who want to add a punch to their paint collections’ interiors. For instance, the Diamond paint primer needs only one coat for casting a rich and dramatic finish. The Premium interior paint is best for kids’ rooms since it is washable and offers excellent coverage. The Glidden Fundamentals is organic and has low VOC content that will improve the air quality in the room. The brand had initially started as a varnish paint, but it expanded its portfolio to interior and exterior paints. It is known for 100 percent acrylic paint that is fade-resistant.


rust oleum brand logo

If you want to go for durable and long-lasting paints, Rust-Oleum will be one of the good paint brands in the world. The brand is known as preventive rust paint and was founded by Robert Fergusson in 1921. Its interior wall paint has ten shades and offers contemporary and trending palettes to ensure that the brand can easily meet all your requirements.

Each product is a mix of primer and paint, and therefore, you won’t have to spend excess for having a separate wall primer. From light beige to dark blue, you can choose from a wide range of colors that will help you to create a magnificent effect inside your home. Also, if you want to create an antique look in your space, the Rust-Oleum paint will provide you with the right color pallet.


Behr brand Logo

No other product can ever surpass the excellence and grandeur of the Behr Dynasty paint made to repel insects and stains. It is one of the largest and best paint brands in the US, Mexico, and Canada. The brand was founded in 1947, and most products come with an added primer that makes them more durable and long-lasting. Moreover, there won’t be any odor, and therefore, the air quality won’t be compromised. You can try out the Ultra Scuff Defense for a glossy finish, while the Marquee collection from Behr will be best for a rich, luxurious matte finish. Apart from these, you can even get oil-based paints, cabinet and trim enamels, and more. 


Clare brand logo

Although Clare is the recent entrant in the world of paint, Clare has been able to become one of the best paint brands in the world.  Clare offers an amazing range of colors suitable for any type of interior. You can get the bright, warm chalky colors for a countryside or Mediterranean look. It also offers an excellent collection of nude and bold shades like the Headspace, Fresh Kicks, Penthouse, and Wing It. In addition, their paints come with a high sheen and need to be applied in a single coat only. You can even pair a dark and light shade to create a perfect tone in the living room or bedroom. The company also provides peel-and-stick color swatches, which makes it easier for the customer to make the right pick of color.

PPG or Pennsylvania Plate Glass Company

ppg paints brand logo

Established in 1883 by John Pitcairn Jr. and John Baptiste Ford, the PPG company is said to be a tycoon amongst all the best paint brands present in the world. It is a global supplier of paints.  In the interior paint collection, you will get many products like the Copper Armor that will kill bacteria and viruses for five long years. The timeless paint and primer will need only one coat, and it will do its magic to the interior with ease. If you want to paint for both interior and exterior, you can try out their Breakthrough paint or the Manor Hall paint. The Pure Performance from PPG is an organic paint having natural latex material and zero VOC (volatile organic compound) content. 


Over the years, several paint brands have been launched into the market, but some brands have created a legacy. We have listed the best paint brands for your paint project. These companies feature a huge product range consisting of different collections. For example, normal interior wall paint, enamel coating, waterproof and no VOC coatings, etc. You can even have options for finishes like matte, glossy, sheer, satin, and silkiness. Using the paints from the above-mentioned brands will change the looks of your home’s interior. 

You can even use contrasting colors to create a dramatic effect in the rooms. However, make sure that your choice of color matches the existing interior decor.

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