Top Pocket Knife Brands for Your Everyday Carry

Top Pocket Knife Brands

There are many types of knives, such as tactical knives, fixed blade daggers, combat knives, survival knives, and so on. A good pocket knife is a wonderful savior when one is out in the wilderness. There will be times when someone might need to open a box, cut a rope, or do any other work that requires a knife. Due to the numerous benefits of pocket knives and their high demand, many reputable knife makers have been in business for a long time. Reputable and good pocket knife brands ensure producing knives with sharp edges and ergonomic design constructed for action and long-term use. In this article, we’ll look at some top pocket knife brands on the market. 


okc brand logo

Even though it is known as the “Ontario Knife Company,” OKC is headquartered at the very top of New York state. The company has been in the work of making knives, cutlery, and kitchenware for the last 125 years. A large portion of their labor has been dedicated to producing blades for the United States military. 

Consequently, they are an all-American pocket knife manufacturer, save for their company name. Their RAT knife is a popular budget EDC option, but they have a much larger product line, including military knives, culinary cutlery, and more. 


Case brand logo

Each Case knife is the culmination of more than a hundred years of experience and expertise in the knife industry. They strive for beauty in their bone pocket knives for hunting, practical use, camping, and other outdoor activities. There are various elegant versions available from this well-respected pocket knife company, which meets the needs of both collectors and those who prefer practicality. These blades are both visually appealing and durable. 


Emerson brand Logo

Ernest Emerson, an American martial art specialist, is the man behind the Emerson Company. Before it was given a name, the company had already gained experience manufacturing military and police items for rescue and warfare. 

These are intended for heavy-duty use, hard labor, and lousy luck under the most adverse conditions imaginable. These knives are made for 154 CM steel, which adds to the durability of these knives. These knives are field-tested to make them suitable for military applications. If you’re heading into the eye of the storm, keep an Emerson in your pocket. 

Brous Blades

Brous Blades brand logo

Despite his youth, he quickly established himself as a prodigy in the knife industry. The year was 2010, and Jason Brous was barely out of his teens when he founded Brous Blades. This scrappy young pocket knife business creates designs that are both inventive and angular. The company takes pride in making customized knives using the best quality steel. Each Brous Blade knife is hand-made by Jason Brous.

The designs of Brous Blades are ultra-modern, and they assist in rejuvenating the stale pocket knife market by offering some exciting, striking pieces that don’t skimp on construction quality. Everything from camping to EDC is possible with this product. If the buyer is not satisfied with Brous Blade, the company offers a replacement or merchandise credit within 10 days of purchase of the knife. 


crkt brand logo

Columbia River Knife & Tool or CRKT has been in the business since 1994. Its blades are significantly superior in terms of quality. The variety in their catalog, many of which are developed by maestro Ken Onion, Ed Halligan, Brian Tighe, James Williams, Alan Folts, and other experts. The company has gained a popular reputation for making inexpensive knives without compromising quality. 

Benchmade Knife Company

Benchmade brand logo

A Benchmade is something altogether different from a classic piece of furniture. Benchmade was founded in 1988 with a single objective: to create the best knives in the world. These knives are known for quality and precision. 

Since then, they’ve been working tirelessly to bring that vision to fruition in every way. They are unquestionably one of the more expensive producers out there, but they strive to create items that will last a lifetime. As a result, if you can keep it safe, you will only need to purchase a Benchmade knife once. 


hogue brand logo

Hogue is an American company that made its debut in the firearms arena in 1968, manufacturing grips and stocks for firearms. After decades of success, they transferred their engineering expertise to the knife manufacturing industry. The company uses world-class technology to manufacture knives, which gives their knives durability and strength. Hogue knives have their patrons in firearm enthusiasts, law enforcement., etc  


opinel brand logo

The company is based in Savoie, France, and has been in the business of knife manufacturing since 1890. Opinel will certainly garner your attention if you are fond of knives. Its thin and powerful blade will certainly draw your attention. They use wooden handles that give you an easier grip. You can explore 10 different pocket knife sizes. They range from a small pocket knife with a 1.38″ blade to bold camping knives that comes with a blade size of 8.75″. If you are looking for a budget buy, and want the best knives, then Opinel is one of the best pocket knife brands.

James Brand

James brand logo

When it came to carrying a pocket knife in case of a fight, James Brand is considered a good best pocket knife brand.  It is one of the newest knife makers. This Portland-based company had started its operation in 2012. The company has expertise in designing minimalist knives without compromising on quality. A typical Jame Brand knife has Lockback, adonized aluminum scale, bail loop, and a scraper. 

Cold Steel

cold steel brand logo

It is an American company known for selling knives, swords, and blunt weapons. The company uses carbon steel to manufacture knives, which gives them durability and strength. Cold Steel knives have been used in Hollywood movies and games. It also has its emergency services personnel, law enforcement officers, and self-defense professionals as its patrons. 

Designed for action, their pocket knives are made of high-quality steel, durable design, and have an edge that isn’t content to lay down arms in any challenge. An excellent alternative for both recon and rescue missions is also reasonably priced. 


Gerber Legendary Blades brand logo

The next on our list of best pocket knife brands is Gerber. The brand is known for its low prices. But that doesn’t mean that the brand compromises the quality of the knife. It’s not the greatest in the industry, but it’s a cheap blade that’s excellent enough that you won’t want to lose it. 

Zero Tolerance

zero tolerance knives brand logo

Zero Tolerance has become a new ally for a serial killer who exclusively targeted Spyderco in his crimes. This brand specializes in flipper knives designed for swift deployment, stealth, and the ability to end combat with a few short slashes. These knives, created in the United States of America, are as durable as quickly. 

Buck Knives

Buck Knives brand logo

Buck knife should be included in everyone’s knife collection. Choose a classic folding knife with a timeless design, or pick up one of the more modern Buck designs for a fresh take on an old favorite that will last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how you look at it; the “Forever” warranty they offer isn’t simply for show. There’s a reason why Buck is considered one of the most dependable pocket knife brands. 

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives brand logo

Kershaw is known to use the best and the most advanced technology in knife making. It has been one of the oldest knife brands serving the industry since 1974. These knives are known for their sturdy structure and the solid sound of blade lockup. It uses the best materials, and even its inexpensive range is of the best quality.  


boker brand logo

If you are looking for a good pocket knife or even a fixed knife, Boker is a brand to trust. 

It’s a 150-year-old brand serving the industry with some of the best quality knives. They strongly emphasize employing the highest-quality materials under the strict supervision of industry experts. The result is a lineup that devoted fans must admire. 


Need to know who makes the best pocket knives on the market? Well, all the above-listed pocket knife brands manufacture knives that are excellent in performance and suited for specific activities. However, each manufacturer has its distinct style; and while they all make knives in the same general categories, all are not created equal. In terms of design and shape, they are diverse. With the above list of the best pocket knife brands on the market, you can easily buy one of your favorite knives. 

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