How to remove chili burn from hands from “cutting chili”

how to remove chili burn from hands

Don’t know how long does chili burn on hands last and you need an answer: What to do?

Chilies contain capsaicin, and capsaicin stimulates nociceptors, sensory-sensitive receptors on fine nerve endings. In people with delicate, sensitive skin, these nociceptors are also very sensitive, which is why contact with capsaicin then causes unpleasant pain. However, this is not an inevitable fate, but you can do a few things to defuse the chili burn forever. 

Gloves protect skin from chili burning

The simplest solution is, of course, “put on gloves.” For people who are passionate about cooking, just not the best solution: these people want to feel, smell and taste their “raw materials” because it stimulates their creativity. But there are other remedies for burning chili hands.

Gloves and chili not burn on hands

Prevent by hand care helps with burning on skin

Hand care against burning chilies, surely can’t be serious? Yes, even very serious, because you should realize that “sensitive skin” is not an annoying hereditary trait, but mostly made sensitive by yourself. Because even the delicate skin of a young girl does not react with pain to capsaicin contact if she has a healthy, strong skin barrier. Sensitive skin is usually irritated skin, and the irritants can come from outside or inside: Aggressive detergents, washing lotions, creams, cosmetics with irritating ingredients, too much sugar, convenience foods, foods you don’t tolerate well, etc. Educate yourself about the substances your hands come into contact with on a regular basis and pay a little more attention to your diet, reducing chemicals and irritants. Then, if you apply a good, gentle organic cream to your hands from time to time, they will probably survive chili contact without burning very soon.

Spreads hands with cream and chili burn on hands less

Tip: Even healthy skin with a strong skin barrier will appreciate a little care when coming into contact with chilies. If possible, handle the fruit by the smooth, outer skin and not by the cuts or inside (you’ll get used to this quickly). Also, be careful never to rub your eyes with your chili fingers and also keep them away from your mouth and lips, other mucous membranes, small skin wounds.

Oil or cream removes burning from skin

Capsaicin is fat soluble, you can use this property to relieve burning sensation. You can cream or oil your hands, but please don’t do it before cutting chili, as is often recommended. If you do, you won’t be able to grip the chilies tightly, which usually results in your hands getting more capsaicin. This capsaicin is now dissolved on the skin and penetrates with the nutrients from cream and oil mach und nach in the skin … Not a good idea, so better to cream or oil only after the chili processing. Then wait a few seconds so that the capsaicin molecules can combine with the fat molecules.

how long does chili burn on hands last after oils

After that, you can wet the fat-capsaicin layer on your hands as evenly as possible with a gentle cleanser like organic dishwashing liquid or shower gel – without water, because neither fat nor capsaicin are water-soluble and you want to create an emulsion with the cleanser on your hands to rinse the whole mixture off your hands without leaving any residue. To do this, you can rub your hands a little – without any pressure – and then rinse the whole surfactant-fat-capsaicin emulsion off quickly with warm water. Repeat if necessary. When the burning sensation is defeated, you can relax and pamper your hands with a thick cream or cream curd pack.

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