Christian Clothing Brands You Should Know

Christian Clothing Brands

Christmas is around the corner and many of you must be looking to buy stylish clothes that will make you look a class apart! Clothes shopping is a challenging task, especially when you have holiday season sale banners popping up everywhere. If you want to express your love for Christ, you can do so by choosing clothes from the best Christian clothing brand.

Popular Christian clothing brands focus on designs, logos, and motifs inspired by Jesus and Christian principles. So, if you want to flaunt your faith in Christ, there is no better way than wearing clothes from the best Christian apparel brands. To simplify your buying process, we have curated a list of some bestselling Christian clothing brands. 


Scarize brand logo

It is one of the popular Christian clothing brands that commenced its journey in 2018. It is popularly known for its modern style and Christian beliefs. It is a one-stop destination for buying all male and female Christian clothing. Christian beliefs inspire the entire product line, and you can find different types of clothing items like sweatshirts, joggers, t-shirts, pants, hoodies, and more. In addition, Scarize also gives you the option of customization to get clothes tailored to suit your requirements.

Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You brand logo

Started by Trenton Jackson, this clothing brand makes an uber-cool clothing line enriched with Jesus Love, and hence finds its name in our list of popular Christian clothing brands. Everything is done in harmony with the Christian belief, from the logos to the design. Their idea is to inspire the people and promotes the teachings of Jesus. What adds to the popularity of this clothing brand is the quality of clothes. Some of the popular options that you can pick from here are hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, and hats, etc. 

Beacon Threads

Beacon Threads brand logo

It’s one shop from where you can buy stylish clothing for your entire family, especially kids. This Christian clothing brand is also on the list of the top 10 Christian clothing brands for children. So, if you are searching for the best Christian clothing brand, then you must surely check this one out. It is purely a faith-based brand. The brand is run by husband and wife- Brandon and Anita DeLoach, who aim at knowing God and making Him known to everyone. This is the inspiration behind this brand. You can explore their clothing range consisting of hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts, face masks, and mugs. Its clothes have quotes inspired by the Bible or Jesus. You can make a style statement with the beliefs of Christianity exhibited on your clothes from this one of the best Christian apparel brands.

God the Father

God the Father brand logo

The next brand on our list is God The Father. You can buy a range of men’s and women’s clothing options from them. This Christian clothing brand is popularly known for its streetwear apparel. It provides a subtle way of presenting a strong faith in God. God The Father Christian clothing brand was started with an intent to propagate God’s message, and the company itself abides by all the beliefs by imbibing the Christian ideology of helping the people. God The Father contributes 10% of the proceeds to World Vision to support children’s education. So, if you are looking for the trustworthy and best Christian apparel brand, you can choose God The Father. 

Raised Brand Co.

Raised brand Logo

Promoting itself as a brand for the community, Raised Brand Co. has a unique product line known for its quality clothing line. The clothing lines are inspired by hip-hop culture, graffiti, punk, rock, and skate scenes. While this design and style of clothes are uber cool, what lies at the core of each product line is the Christian belief. The brand wants to create an impact on young minds and inspire them with some catchy quotes, and so it makes it our list of top 10 Christian clothing brands.

Dope Faith Apparel

Dope Faith Apparel brand logo

It is a lifestyle apparel brand that offers a range of products like shirts, t-shirts, caps, and more. If you are looking for trendy and best Christian clothing brands, you must explore the Dope Faith Apparel. The style statement is bold and loud. Each of its product lines is created to reflect the user’s style and personality. 

All Glory Apparel

All Glory Apparel brand logo

The brand glorifies the teaching of Jesus and imbibes the essence and belief of Christianity in its product line. It includes a range of products for both men and women. It is an active-wear apparel brand. The brand’s mission is to spread the belief and teachings of God to the masses. God has created everyone to be special, and All Glory Apparel designs its clothes with the same belief. No one was created to be average, everyone is special, and All Glory Apparel makes everyone feel special. So, if you are looking forward to wearing the top Christian clothing brands, you must choose All Glory Apparel. 

Shields of Strength

Shields of Strength brand logo

Shields of Strength started its journey in 1998 by Kenny Vaughan. They began by making dog tags that had biblical verses on them. Among clothes, they sell T-shirts, tank tops, leggings, hoodies, sweatshirts, and even shoelaces. They also make accessories like keychains, knives, watch bands, backpacks, and more. Their gold Christ lockets, anklets, clip-on, and stylish bracelets are quite a rage. Their fitness accessories are also bestsellers.

God is Dope

god is dope brand logo

Followers of Christ, simply love this brand. They make hats, hoodies, tees, footwear, bundles, and gift cards as well. The company is based in Atlanta and prints unique slogans on each of its product lines.  

Temple NY 

temple NY brand logo

This brand is for “all inspired by the one true living God and his word.” They want to spread light by promoting a “culture of GOD”. It is a faith-based streetwear brand that aims at bringing a positive change in society by offering a unique product line. The brand promotes Jesus Loves. You will fall in love with this high-quality clothing line, and that’s what makes this brand rank in our list of top Christian apparel brands.  

Final Words 

These are some of the best and renowned top Christian apparel brands; however, there are many other brands as well that you can check out. So, if you want to display your love for Christ through your clothes, why don’t you start shopping.

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