Top Vegan Ice Cream Brands

Vegan Ice Cream

What Is Vegan Ice Cream?

Vegan ice cream is any ice cream made from plants or any other products except animal milk. This is possible by using plant extracts as the main ingredients.

The most common vegan ice cream extracts are from almond, coconuts, cashew nuts, soy, oat milk, banana, avocado, mug bean protein, faba bean protein, and many others.

How Can It Benefit Your Health? What Are The Main Advantages?

Professional experts consider vegan ice creams as a healthy snack because of the following benefits it gives;

  • It prevents allergic reactions caused by dairy products.
  • Vegan ice creams make your skin glow. They reduce hyperpigmentation that darkens the skin.
  • They improve the heart’s functionality. And soy milk, for instance, reduces heart complications.
  • Ice creams containing almonds promote hair growth.
  • These products boost one’s energy and productivity.

Top 10 Vegan Ice Cream Brands in the U.S.

The United States of America is a country with a high demand for ice creams, especially the vegan type. There are several brands in the market, and it can be a challenge picking the right one for you.

Below is a narrowed-down list of the top 10 vegan ice cream brands that you have to try.

1. Coolhaus Dairy-Free Ice Cream Brands

Coolhaus Dairy-Free Ice Cream BrandsOur first pick is the Coolhaus that is a vegan-based ice cream brand. It has a variety of flavors made from pea protein, organic cocoa powder, and brown rice.

You can choose one of the following flavors of the brand. They include chocolate sandwich cookie crunch, cookie dough lyfe, dirty mint chip, peanut butter fudge chip, and salted caramel crunch.

The Coolhaus ice cream brand is our top pick because customer reviews prove that it is dairy-free and egg-free. Another reason why the customers love it is because of the extra top cherry that makes it tastier.

2. Eclipse Vegan Ice Cream

Eclipse Ice CreamLet’s have a look at this fantastic frozen dessert that comes in different flavors, shapes, and sizes. The main components used to make these products are oats, cassavas, organic cane sugar, potatoes, corn, and non-GMO Canola oil.

Some of the flavors to expect from this brand are; chocolate, vanilla, cookie butter, mango, cocoa black sesame tahini, coconut sticky rice, and coffee halvah chocolate chunk.

Eclipse vegan ice creams are 100 percent natural and therefore bring no allergic reactions. They are also non-GMO and gluten-free.

3. Planet Day Non-Dairy Desserts

Just as the name suggests, this frozen dessert consists of natural non-dairy ingredients. There are a variety of available flavors. One advantage that these ice creams have is that they contain add-ins of peanut butter.

There are a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate to vanilla.

One thing that all these flavors have in common is they have low-calorie levels. They range between 220 and 280 calories per serving. Another reason people love them is that they have no artificial flavors and colors.

4. Arctic Zero

Arctic ZeroArctic zero ice creams have low-calorie amounts of between 160 and 320 calories per pint. What makes this brand special is that they use monk fruit and organic cane sugar as sweeteners. The ingredients are also non-GMO, the main component being faba bean protein.

When it comes to the available flavors, there is a variety to choose from. There are a total of 9 that are salted caramel, brownie blast, cookie shake, purely chocolate, hint of mint, chocolate peanut butter, cookie dough milk, cake butter, and cherry chocolate chunk.

One of the main reasons that people choose these ice creams is because they consist of organic ingredients. The monk fruit and organic cane sugar are a way to avoid using artificial sweeteners.

Other reasons are; Arctic Zero products do not contain sugar alcohols; they are creamy and have a thick texture. Their taste is also unbelievable.

5. Naturli’ Ice Cream

Naturli' Ice CreamNartuli’ ice creams are mainly products of oats, Danish oats, and coconuts.

Some of the flavors to expect from the brand are; cocoa orange, salty caramel with roasted almonds, liquorice sweet bites, hazelnut, raspberry chocolate, and strawberry swirls.

Apart from Naturli’ products being vegan, there are other benefits they have. They include:

All the flavors present are a product of healthy plant bases. A good example is the raspberry chocolate that has a fruity base.

The ice creams are creamy and tasty.

They are suitable for people of all ages as they are gluten-free and 100 percent vegan.

6. Cado

cado for veganWho knew that one day there would be ice creams made from avocados? This is one great invention that uses avocado extract to act as a base for its produce. Apart from avocados, they also use organic cocoa powder, sea salt cane sugar, and vanilla extracts.

Vegas can now enjoy a wide range of flavors that include vanilla bean, a simple lemon, java chip, salted caramel swirl, cherry amaretto chip, deep dark chocolate, and mint chocolate chip.

Many health experts recommend this product because it uses natural avocados as a source of healthy fats. You should try it because it is soy-free, contains low-calorie levels, and is gluten-free.

What this means is that it is a good choice for lactose intolerance individuals.

7. Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's Vegan Ice CreamBen & Jerry’s Vegan ice cream uses almond milk ad a substitute for dairy. This brand also uses eggs, honey, and other non-GMO ingredients to make its products.

This company has various flavors to give you many tasty options. Some of the flavors included are; cherry Garcia, coconut seven layer bar, chocolate chip cookie dough, caramel almond brittle, peanut butter half baked, chunky monkey, chocolate fudge brownie, and PB & cookies.

Ben & Jerry’s make all their ice cream flavors creamy and tasty. They use high-quality ingredients to ensure that they dominate the ice cream industry. This ice cream brand is also lactose-free ice cream.

8. Alden’s Organic Ice Cream

Alden's Organic Ice CreamFor this type of vegan ice cream, the main components are rice, oat flour, coconut oil, and pea proteins. They also consist of other ingredients that are non-GMO.

Alden’s organic ice creams come in various flavors that include freckled mint chip, caramel almond crunch, vanilla bean round sammie, double strawberry, and caramel drizzle round sammie.

All these flavors have low calories; they are creamy and mainly consist of natural ingredients. They are also gluten-free and egg-free.

9. Perry’s Ice Cream

Perry's Ice CreamThe main ingredient of Perry’s ice cream is oat milk. Previously, Perry’s ice cream company made ice cream from fresh cream and milk. The company then realized that their customers preferred tasty plant-based frozen desserts instead.

These frozen desserts result from milked oats transitioned to almonds, cashew milk, and other plant-based foods.

Due to this finding, they made seven flavors from the oat milk. The flavors in their line of products include the following:

  • Apple strudel
  • Blueberry pancake
  • Oat latte
  • Coconut milk caramel
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Peanut butter & cookies
  • Peanut butter coffee cake

People love Perry’s ice cream because it is dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and of course plant-based. Since these ice creams consist of oat milk, this means that they have high fiber levels.

Customer reviews prove that they are sweet and packed with flavor. They are suitable alternatives for those with dairy allergies.

10. So Delicious

So DeliciousThe final vegan ice cream brand for this review is So Delicious. The main bases for these frozen desserts are almond, coconut bliss, and soy. What all these components have in common is that they are non-GMO and non-dairy ice cream.

There are also different types of flavors available. They include: caramel apple crumble, peanut butter & raspberry, oatmeal cookies, creamy vanilla bean, chocolate hazelnut brownie, s’mores, and chocolate salted caramel.

Apart from serving frozen desserts, there are also ice cream sandwiches, bars, and pints. This gives you a choice of the type and size of ice cream you want. This makes them a more preferred brand by many.

Other benefits that they have are – they are rich in flavor and have great texture.


Many people are now opting for vegan products to ensure that they stay healthy. One way the ice cream industry could adapt to this change is by introducing vegan ice cream to retain their customers.

Above are the best vegan ice cream brands to try. These brands have a variety of flavors to satisfy your needs.

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