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KFC survey

Customer satisfaction is important for the success of every business, and KFC knows this well. Over the years, the company continues to rule the tastebuds of the people and has managed to beat the competition. So, what makes KFC stay on top even after almost seven decades in the fast-food industry. Well, it’s the MyKFCexperience survey. Yes, the company focuses on taking feedback from its customers through its KFC experience survey to improve its service continuously.

KFC survey

 The company started the survey to seek feedback from the actual KFC goer, i.e. first-person account. The answer from the KFC experience survey helps the company in recognizing what the customer wants and providing the same. 

KFC survey has been an effective tool for open communication with customers. With their honest feedback, the company has incorporated the changes that have helped the business grow. Like every company, KFC has always focussed on enhancing the customer experiences, and the My KFC experience survey is one of the ways to achieve this. 

The official KFC survey is known as the MyKFCexperience survey. It is just a 2-minute survey.

My KFC Experience Survey Rewards

MyKFCexperience.com Survey

KFC has emphasized rewarding its customers. After the successful completion of the survey, a verification code is generated. The customer is required to take to the same to the outlet where they enjoyed KFC food and show the verification code to avail rewards. 

KFC offers KFC Go Cups to the person who has successfully competed for the survey. But this code is only valid for 30 days from the day you took the survey. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and participate in the My KFC experience survey. 

MyKFCexperience.com Survey Rules

When you decide to submit your feedback by completing the KFC survey; make sure you fulfill the My KFC Experience Survey Rules.

  • You should have a KFC receipt with a unique survey code or ticket number on it. The receipt should not be older than 30 days from the date of conducting the KFC survey.  
  • You should be at least 18 years and older to participate in the poll.
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • The participant must know English or Spanish as the survey is conducted in both these languages. 
  • A PC, laptop, or smartphone is required for participation.
  • Make sure that you allow all the pop-ups. In case you have a pop-up blocker you may not be able to get the unique code at the end of the survey.

Follow the above survey rules to take the KFC survey and win great prizes.

KFCexperience Survey Instructions

The KFC survey instructions and procedure is easy. Take a look.

  • First of all, and most importantly, you need to either dine in at a KFC outlet or order online. You must keep your receipt from KFC handy. It has an invitation code or the survey code. You will need to fill in the code when you take on the MyKFCexperience.com survey. 
  • You will see the first screen/page of the survey. Here you need to enter the survey code and the time is given on your KFC receipt. 
  • Next, select the start button to begin your KFC customer satisfaction survey. This survey will include some basic questions related to your visit to the store, your experience of ordering the food, the quality of the product, the service of the staff members, the professionalism, etc. you will also be asked to answer some questions by providing star ratings.
  • There is no limit to answering the questions, but make sure you do not take a lot of time as the chances are the page may get expired, and you may have to begin the process all over again. Once you complete the KFC survey, you will be asked to enter your contact details; make sure to enter the correct details.
  • As soon you submit your contact number, there will be a pop-up on your screen with a code. Make sure to make a note of this code on your receipt. You can use this code to redeem your rewards like free chicken Go Cups at the same store which you visited. 
  • Please note that the unique code is valid only once; once redeemed, it cannot be used again.

About KFC Company

With over 20,000 franchises worldwide, KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is one of the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chains. KFC is a fast-food restaurant that got popular because of the special chicken fried recipe. Aside from pressure-fried chicken, KFC also offers Chicken Fillet Sandwiches, wraps, side dishes, salads, and a variety of other items.

The company was started by Harland Sanders in 1952 and is the second-largest fast-food chain in the world. You can see the image of Colonel Sanders, the company’s founder, in the brand’s logo. The parent company is based in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a subsidiary of Yum, which also owns two popular brands Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. 

To live up to the expectation of the customer, KFC has created a survey program named My KFC Experience. This KFC survey has been designed to collect the data about KFC Customers and their happiness quotient with regards to KFC services and the overall experience. The MyKFCexperience survey is a comprehensive one. 

This survey allows the customers to candidly share their views on KFC, its menu, and services. The company runs through the customer’s views and improves the quality of its services to match the customer’s expectations. The KFC survey has been meticulously designed to seek useful answers from the customer and eventually help the company frame its future strategies.

KFC Survey Contact Information

Click KFC, to contact the KFC survey team.

To participate in the survey, you can visit the KFC Survey Official Site i.e.  www.mykfcexperience.com. It will take just 2 minutes!

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