Check Out the Most Popular Scented Candle Brands of US Market

A candlelight dinner, prayers, decorations, aromatherapy, and so on are possible with candles. They are something that plays a vital and irreplaceable place in your life, even when you have electricity to fulfill needs for lighting up a place. They have become ubiquitous, you can find them in spas, fancy hotels, boutiques, and there are luxury candles that can be used for gifting purposes. The human approach towards candles has changed over time. Today people are more enthusiastic about designer candles, eco-friendly candles, and natural wax instead of petroleum. So, a line of alternatives has surfaced, like the best soy candle brands, which are completely natural and vegan friendly. The market is filled with options where you can also get blends of beeswax, paraffin wax, coconut wax, etc.

The Popularity of Candle Brands

Nowadays, you can find candles in several decorative designs. They can be used in spas, salons, homes, hotels, and other such places. In 2020, the global scented candles market size was estimated to be worth USD 533.5 million. According to studies, it is expected to be by 3.3% CAGR between 2021 and 2028. The year 2020 somewhat changed the scenario and the demand for candles increased all the more. With people staying at home, the trend of a comfortable home with scented candles has come into demand. Sculptured, organic, and fragrant candles are the few latest trends among commercial and residential sectors. The business of best candle fragrance oil brands has also increased. Besides, candles are good for gifts on any festive occasion, which is why the demand for designer candles is always on top. We have gathered some of the best brands of candles in this article.

Top 8 Best Candle Brands

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio brand

Starting its journey in 2013, Brooklyn Candle Studio surfaced as a well-recognized candle brand in the US. Tamara Mayne explored exclusive, innovative, and captivating scents infused 100% soy wax derived from completely American grown soybeans with luxurious designs, which heightened its demand in the market. The company uses 100% soy wax, with lead-free cotton wicks, clean burn, eco-friendly, petroleum-free, phthalate-free, and 100% vegan candle.

Some of the most favorite Brooklyn Candle Studio representatives are Fern + Moss, Sunday Morning Minimalist Candle, September First, Friday Leaf, etc. You can also avail of tropical fruit-scented candles; fresh flower candles are some of the hot buys.

Harlem Candle Company

Harlem Candle Company brand

Obsessed with fragrance and the urge to explore new realms of scents and aroma, Teri Johnson, a travel and lifestyle expert, started the company in 2014. Harlem Candle Company is a well-known luxury best candle fragrance oil brand offering a plethora of products you can surf through scent, like Boudoir/Oriental, botanical, fruity, woody, citrus, floral scent, etc.

The company offers a wide variety of stunning products in terms of quality and an astounding blend of soy wax. You can check out 12 oz scented candles, reed diffusers, travel candles for regular uses. Harlem Gold Collection is worth gifting, featuring three enigmatic signature scents: Lady Day, Love, and Speakeasy. The vessels of these collections are also eye-catching, exclusive gold ceramic vessels, with decorative floral decor and the Harlem Candle Co. logo.

Diptyque Candles

Diptyque Candles brand

There is a reason that makes Diptyque candles so popular; these Persian candles are known for their enigmatic and enchanting smell. Starting its operation in 1961, today Diptyque is a signature name of a French-born candle brand. Unique and luxuriously designed and scented candles make Diptyque a passion among candle enthusiasts. However, in the 1990s, it’s stepped into the US; by 2005, the company underwent ownership changes and grew in business after that.

Today, Diptyque has shops in over 20 locations in the US. Some of its most popular scent picks include Lavender Leaf, Fig Tree, and Wood Fire. They also have mini versions of these scented items. What marks this brand different from any other is its hand-picked collection of classic pleasant scents and aromatic candles.

CaiCaiHandmade Candles

CaiCaiHandmade Candles brand

Inspired by the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, these candles are handcrafted, unique, geometrically designed items. CaiCaiHandmade Candles is a U.S.-based candle store in Katy, Texas. Ms. CaiCai, who was an architect, found artistic satisfaction in candle designing. Each of her designer products is a classified statement of hand craftsmanship. These candles are made from pure natural soy wax and organic beeswax. What makes these candles so unique is that they are eco-friendly; they don’t produce black smoke while burning.

Whether it is their polyhedron candles, unique Gold Rimmed Midnight candles, or marble pack, each collection is inspirational and captivating. Pick classic Roman candles for $17 or other elegant ones, and there you have a unique gift for Christmas for special ones.

Gold Hill Candle Co.

Gold Hill Candle Co.

This candle manufacturer is a California-based US company that has surfaced as one of the leading soy candle companies in the US market. Hand-made soy candles are directly handcrafted from Napa Valley. With a wide range of collections, with pure, eco-friendly soy-made candles, Gold Hill is a reputed candle-making enterprise today.

Its collections are inspired by fruity scents, tropical spices, and musky aromas. Apple Cedar, Cinnamon Honey, Vanilla bean, and Cedar are among the most common and popular candle variations. You can also try Pumpkin Apple Butter for its sweet and enchanting fragrance.


Aerangis candle brand

Tsai, the founder of the company Aerangis, started this scent and candle brand inspired by the scent of orchid. The purpose was to rekindle sweet memories and unlock the hidden senses with aroma. The company started, and soon after, it brought in innovative collections.

Today, it is counted among some of the most highly esteemed custom gifts, assorted candle collections of the US candle market. It masters in soft, sweet, and musky scents. Its top picks include The Beginning, candle with flower and musk scent, Aging spirits and Discover Journey, etc.

Birthdate Co.

Birthdate Co. candle brand

A unique and somewhat out-of-the-way initiative was taken by the founder of Birthdate Co. and meant that each candle was inspired by astrology. The company merges tarot card reading, astrology, and numerology to create a vast collection of 366 candles. As you order, your candle is designed and scented as per your personality and strength, according to astrological readings.  If you are looking for a perfect candle for gifting someone, then you can pick the one based on their zodiac sign.

The best part about Birthdate Candles is that these are crafted out of a 100% natural blend of soy, apricot wax, and coconut, with natural fragrance oil. Each candle of 13. ounces burns for 60 to 80 hours burn time. It is a perfect purchase for offices, homes, hotels, etc. The classic scents of candles that you can find here are floral, mystical, and woodsy. The glass jars are recyclable and hence the best choice.


Candles are a perfect addition to your home, restaurant, or wellness center to heal or uplift the mood. It is indeed considered amongst one of the most idealistic gifts to please one. Perhaps when you are thinking of investing in designer candles, why not take a step ahead with soy candles, vegan ones, and, of course, those with popular scents to add a pinch of coziness to your home.

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