Top 3 Bioresonance Scanners Manufacturers

Bioresonance Scanners Brands

As the awareness of the benefits of bioresonance therapy (BRT) increases, the market for bioresonance scanners and other BRT devices is significantly growing.

Unfortunately, finding the best bioresonance scanner online may prove to be an uphill task for the average consumer. The reason being, very few bioresonance scanner manufacturers give detailed information about their devices like what is provided by  Sensitiv Imago on their page.

But do not fret if you’re looking to buy a BRT machine or scanner, as we are here to help.

In this article, we review the top three bioresonance scanners manufacturers globally and give you information on the features of the scanners they sell.

Sensitiv Imago

Sensitiv Imago

Sensitiv Imago Brand Logo

On top of our list is Sensitiv Imago, a company known for producing high-quality and reliable bioresonance devices. This company’s BRT devices are non-invasive, following the bioresonance principle of painless analysis of electromagnetic vibrations in the human body.

Headquartered at Kiev Ukraine, this company has more than 23 years of experience in the bioresonance field. The company also distributes its equipment in the USA with the help of Computel Inc., its sole representative in the USA.

The Sensitiv Imago bioresonance scanner has the required certification from the European Union, and it’s also FDA-registered. The highly reliable equipment with a 2-year warranty uses unique detectors to analyze electromagnetic frequency patterns in the human body. When used with other integrated software, the device provides a painless and non-invasive examination of the human body to detect any pathological organisms that may cause disease. The equipment further provides a treatment plan which can be commenced immediately after the scan.

Besides the design, manufacture, and distribution of bioresonance equipment, Sensitiv Imago also provides advisory services. The firm further identifies potential business partners and assists them in opening up bioresonance diagnostic centers that use Sensitiv Imago products.



MEDICOMAT brand logo

MEDICOMAT is the registered trademark for NSystems LLC, which is headquartered in Delaware, USA. The firm is a global healthcare solutions provider with regional offices in China, the USA, and Europe. MEDICOMAT is famous for producing highly effective healthcare devices that are manufactured based on traditional Chinese medicine.

The firm’s fully automatic and self-diagnostic MEDICOMAT quantum bioresonance system is designed to successfully scan and detect any malfunctions in the human body.

The machine has special bio conductors that are attached to the body. The bio conductors provide an analysis of the electromagnetic fields in the human body. This helps detect pathogens that may cause malfunctions in the human body.  The equipment is reliable, painless, and provides fast results.

Biostar Technology International LLC

Biostar Technology International LLC

Biostar Technology Brand Logo

Biostar Technology is a global leader in the manufacture of nonlinear scanning (NLS) technology. The company that has its headquarters in the Czech Republic also has offices in California and Los Angeles in the USA. Biostar Technology has been serving the healthcare industry for over ten years, providing innovative bioresonance products such as Biostar Veritas and Vector Expert.

The company’s Biostar-NLS bioresonance scanning device uses special sensors shaped as headphones to scan the human body in real-time. The scanner further decodes the electromagnetic frequencies in the body cells. It also provides a detailed medical report and a recommended treatment plan to help rebalance the body in case of any disturbances.

In closing, buying a bioresonance scanner for your business or home use is a good investment. Hopefully, now you know where to source for the best bioresonance scanner or any other BRT device that you may be interested in.

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