Top Organic Raw Honey Brands

Organic Raw Honey


Nature has given us many types of gold in its resources, and honey is the edible gold that nature has endowed mankind. But when you want to buy some good quality honey, you must consider the real raw honey brands. The raw and real honey will be unprocessed and will have no extra added ingredients or additives in it. Ultimately, it turns out to be the best natural sweetener that you could have.

What to consider when choosing raw honey

A natural sweetener very popularly consumed by many people should be pure for you to take the whole goodness of nature. But how do you know that the bottle that you have just picked from the supermarket shelf is pure and unprocessed honey? Well, you must consider the following factors:

  • Buy unpasteurized honey to absorb its natural nutritiousness
  • Check to see whether it is unfiltered
  • Check out to see whether your honey is creamy and smooth in texture
  • Always opt for the raw honey brands that come in glass jars
  • Check for the word “HFCS” on the label of your honey
  • Always try getting your honey from local sources instead of the supermarkets

Top Raw Honey Brands

Now that you know what you must look out for when buying raw honey, you should go one step further by knowing the companies that provide the real raw honey. Now have a peek into the best raw honey brands below:

  • Nature’s Nate 100% Pure Raw and Unfiltered Honey – The Best Overall Honey
  • Desert Creek Raw and Unfiltered Texas Honey – The Best Low Glycemic Choice
  • Kiva Raw Manuka Honey – The Best Manuka Honey
  • Thrive Market Non-GMO Raw Avocado Honey – The Best Avocado Honey
  • Ziyad Raw All-Natural Pure Bee Honeycomb – The Best Honeycomb
  • Bee Harmony Honey Variety Pack (5-Pack) – The Best Variety
  • Prince And Spring Organic Unfiltered Raw Honey – The Best Value Honey
  • Steens Raw, Cold-Pressed Manuka Honey – The Best Medicinal Honey
  • Wedderspoon Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey – New Zealand Pick
  • HoneyTree’s Raw Organic Wildflower Honey – The Best Wildflower Honey

Raw and unfiltered honey is not only a natural sweetener, but it also has health benefits because of its antibacterial properties and medicinal properties that could be one more reason why you should try out raw honey. It helps in managing weight problems in obese people and helps to take care of seasonal allergies from pollen grains. Raw honey is time-tested and guaranteed to relieve you of pains from wounds and also heal them. And when you are down with a sore throat, well, raw honey is your savior.

Nature’s Nate 100% Pure Raw and Unfiltered Honey

Nature Nate’s

Nature’s Nate 100% Pure Raw and Unfiltered Honey Brand

Nature’s Nate Honey Co. was the brainchild of Nathan Sheets. He started the honey company as a way of helping out people by providing jobs and making an impact on the lives of the people that his company had touched. He wanted to create the opportunity for people to earn money by selling their honey.

Nature’s Nate produces pure and organic honey that is unfiltered and raw. The only ingredients that they use in their manufacturing process are the natural honey that they acquire from natural sources. And all that they do in their unit is to fill the bottles taking all hygiene conditions into consideration.

The honey is reliable and can be trusted because it is USDA Certified and OU Kosher Certified as well; both these certifications are for purity and goodness they contain. So, if you are one for natural foodstuff, then you can jolly well try out Nature’s Nate Honey. And believe it or not, the honey is actually sourced from the rainforests of Brazil in South America, which makes it all the more authentic. It is then packed into bottles that weigh approximately 32 oz. 

And if you want to know further how this honey is eaten, then it actually goes well with yogurt, tea, coffee, and granola. You could even try out generous drizzles of it on your food in which you want to add a bit of sweetness. This gluten-free honey is absolutely the thing that you need to start your day with.

The reason why they have remained a favorite with many people till today is because the hives that give the honey are found in zones that are totally organic in nature. The bees have absolutely no chance of interacting with anything that is inorganic, which makes it all the surer that the honey is pure.

Desert Creek Raw and Unfiltered Texas Honey


Desert Creek Raw and Unfiltered Texas Honey Brand

The company started when Blake Shook, its founder, found his calling in bees. He grew up in rural Texas, where he spent his childhood very close to the bees. He got a scholarship to start a trip to beekeeping and that is how things fell into place for him. Suddenly, one day a local store wanted to sell his honey and that was actually the starting point of his career as a honey seller.

Very soon, he started getting orders from all over the country while he was still a student in school. Today, it is one of the biggest companies in America selling natural raw honey.

The Desert Creek Raw and Unfiltered Texas Honey company supply honey that is totally raw and very close to nature. It is sourced from wildflowers and has no artificial color or flavor added. In fact, it has no additives either.

You know your honey is raw and pure when you know that it is not pasteurized, and Desert Creek honey is totally pure in that sense. Another yardstick for judging your raw honey is when it has a very creamy and smooth texture, which the company provides in packs of 32oz. And rest is assured because your Desert Creek honey is Kosher Certified. So you can lap up the goodness of the honey without any doubt in mind.

And now you may ask where it is sourced from? And Desert Creek honey is sourced from the bees of Texas. You can actually be assured that it has no chemicals, antibiotics, additives, herbicides, pollutants, and pesticides in it.

Kiva Raw Manuka Honey

Kiva Raw Manuka Honey

Kiva Raw Manuka Honey Brand

The Kiva Raw Manuka Honey is one of the best types of honey that have numerous health benefits. It helps in sore throat and other types of ailments as well. This honey has wound healing properties and is good for health. If you are having a bad tooth, then be sure to reach out for a bottle of Manuka honey.

When you have genuine Kiva Honey, you know it will not be runny but will be very thick in its consistency. And while buying Kiva Honey, you must be sure of UMF rating. It actually guards you against buying honey that is very low grade and fake in reality. And if your bottle of honey has the UMF stamp, then it definitely has come from the authorized sellers and producers of the Manuka honey that is limited to 100+ producers of the product. While buying Manuka honey, try buying one that has a score of at least 10, and if it is 15, then you can be sure that you have a good quality of honey in hand. Any Manuka honey that is UMF 20+ is proven safe to be consumed after studies have revealed that.

The Manuka honey is absolutely raw and unpasteurized and is loaded with antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation. A thing unique about the Kiva honey is that every batch of the honey is tested and verified for its purity before it is released into the market. The honey is packed into convenient jars that are ideal for storing.

Your bottle of Manuka honey has traveled all the way from New Zealand. In fact, they come from the spotless and untouched hills, forests, and coastal areas of the country.


Raw honey is simply strained and bottled, which means no additives or any other artificial ingredients are added to it. The regular honey that you find in the market is artificially produced, which means it has traces of artificial sweeteners which are not at all desirable. So, while looking at honey from the angle of health benefits, it is always considered safe to consume honey from high-quality honey brands.

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