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Staying well-groomed is a must these days for both men and women. Shaving is an important part of the daily routine for men, but women use razors for shaving their legs and arms these days too. This article explores why you need to shave and discusses some leading razor brands.

Benefits of Using Razors

We all know that men follow a shaving routine. It removes excessive facial hair, protects skin, and also scrubs dead skin. To wear fashionable outfits like short dresses or halter-neck tops, women also need to ensure smooth, silky skin. Body hair or unshaven legs can spoil their entire look. Therefore, before you plan for summer outings, pick a suitable razor from one of the best brands that can offer you soft and smooth skin within your budget. 

Moreover, these personal care products meant for men and women are designed in such a way that the blades bend in angles for convenient shaving. To get the best shave, it is important to pick your razor wisely. There are electric razors, safety razors, cartridge razors, and straight razors too. To select the appropriate razor for you,  ask the experts.

Talking about women’s razors, they are also efficient in exfoliating your skin and removing dead skin cells. Some razors are designed to stimulate the production of collagen, thereby making the skin appear smooth and radiant. There is a wide range of shaving products or hair removal products available in the market. However, for economic pick, most men and women choose disposable razors over electric shavers or hair removal wax strips, creams, etc. 

Leading Razor Brands for Men and Women

With so many brands available in the market, it can be confusing to pick one at the store, until you are aware of the best razor makers in the market. Here is a list of the top razor brands buzzing the market. 


Gillette razor brand

Gillette is a world-famous American company that manufactures safety razors and other men’s grooming products. Currently, the company is owned by Procter & Gamble and is marketed with its tagline “The best men can be.”. Originally, the company was founded by King C. Gillette in 1901 as a safety razor manufacturer and was named The Gillette Company. Its popular products are Gillette Sensor, Blue 2, Mach3, Gillette Fusion, SkinGuard, and more. 

It also makes Venus razors for women. They have Gillette Venus Women’s Sensitive Razors with a firm grip and cushioning and a maximum of eight uses. Venus Snap Razor with Embrace is another razor for women that offers a smooth, close shave. Gillette is one of the best picks amongst razor brands lists. 


Billie razor brand

Billie was founded in 2015 but was finally launched in 2017. Their founders are Georgina Gooley and Jason Bravman. The company was founded on the idea that women are sidelined by most razor companies. They also propagated that women pay more for razors as compared to men. They believed that razor companies are mainly male-dominated.

When it comes to close and smooth effective shaving, Billie the Razor Starter Kit stands out for its performance. The razor comes with an innovative design including a firm rubbery grip to avoid slips, integrated charcoal soap for easy lubrication, curved handle for easy shaving. Durable, easy to use, handy, and affordable, this razor is a hit on the top of the list. 

Billie also makes Whipped Shave Cream, Dry-Bye Body Lotion, Wonder Wipes, Razor Travel Case, Refill Blades, and more. Edgewell, the company behind Schick razors now owns this woman’s razor brand Billie Inc.


Merkur razor brand

Merkur Solingen or DOVO Solingen is a German manufacturer of shaving products. Merkur is a popular razor brand as they provide amazing corrosion protection and durability thanks to its zinc die casting process. The Merkur is a German razor brand more than a century old. 

It is known for high-quality safety razors featuring double blades. Its classic razor model is Merkur 23C which has spacious blade gaps and a long handle. It also has shaving sets. Merkur Futur 700 promises a perfect shave.


Harry’s razor brand

Harry’s is yet another American company that is known for making men’s grooming products that it markets both online and through retail stores. Harry also has a subscription service wherein the company delivers products at doorsteps.  The company is not a very old name and was founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider in 2012. The brand has shaving sets like Truman set, Winston set, shave travel kits, and more. They also offer individual razors, shaving gels, shaving balm, face care products, body care products, hair care products, gift sets, and more.

Société Bic S.A.

Société Bic S.A. razor brand

Société Bic S.A. was founded in 1945 by Marcel Bich and is also known as BIC. This is a French company that makes disposable lighters, razors, and pens. A great pick over traditional razors, Soleil Bella Razor is truly affordable with three disposable razors in a pack priced at $10. Coconut milk extract-infused moisturizing strips offer a soothing shave without razor burns. Designed with a flexible four-layer-blade pivot head, this brand understands woman’s skin. Rubber grip handle offers comfortable shaving with multi-blades, providing ultra-smooth shave. 

BIC Premium Shaving Razor Set features vibrant disposable razors designed especially with multiple blades for women for ultimate smooth shaving. The razor is crafted with lubricating strips with essential extracts of aloe vera and hydrating vitamin E for sensitive skin. With an amazing rating on Amazon, you can pick this razor set for a hassle-free shave. 


Schick razor brand

Next on our list of razor brands is Schick. This American brand is known for personal care products and safety razors apart from shaving gels. The company commenced in 1926 by Jacob Schick and is owned by Edgewell Personal Care currently.

It is next to Gillette in terms of sales and is quite popular in Japan, North America, Australia, etc.

Some popular products by this brand are Schick Hydro razor systems like Schick Hydro 5 which is a five-blade razor system with skin guards. Their Schick Hydro Silk and Schick Intuition are women’s razor systems. More products are Schick Quattro, Schick Tracer, Schick Xtreme3, Schick Slim Twin, etc.

Comfortable and a great choice for removing ingrown hairs, the Hydro Silk 5 razor offers long-lasting smoothness and quick shaving. Whether facial hair or armpit hair, it is ideal for anything and ensures fast shaving. 

Concluding Thoughts

Speaking about razors, you have a variety of razor brands for both men and women. When you buy a branded razor, you can forget about razor bumps, burns, skin irritation, or ingrown hair. Most razors (unless disposable) can be used multiple times, which makes them an economical and convenient choice. Also, it is difficult to run to a salon for a clean look or glowing, smooth skin every time. The market is full of elegant designs and stylish razors for women and men. However, not every product offers a close and smooth, efficient shave. Besides, every person has a different skin type i.e. dry, sensitive, oily, etc. This list above offers you a peep into the top razors in the market for sensitive skin, razors with ultra-hydrating moisture strips, razors with replacement blades, and multi-layer blades for a premium class shave. So, the next time you go shopping, you know the toppers and pick a reliable and trusted brand from the razor brands list.

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