Top Traffic Control Course Providers Worldwide

Traffic Control Course Providers

If you are looking forward to becoming a qualified work zone traffic controller, then it’s a great opportunity. The requirement of such qualified individuals is seen in different fields like the mining industry, event industry, building, and construction industries.  

Besides opening a new set of opportunities, working as a traffic controller is also a rewarding career opportunity; besides, you also get to travel to different places. If you love working outdoors, this is a chance that you must not miss. However, similar to other career options, one must have certain qualifications and certifications to gain employment. Here we have highlighted 5 popular traffic control course providers that you can consider for starting your journey as a traffic controller. Here we will be discussing certain key details of the work of a traffic control officer as well as the traffic control management courses including the traffic control tickets question. 

The work of a traffic control officer

As a traffic control officer, you need to fulfill a certain key set of tasks assigned to you; these are enlisted below:

  1. Direct the flow of the vehicles and road users on the road.
  2. Ensure the setting up of traffic control signs and traffic management plans.
  3. Direct the traffic flow.
  4. Inspecting and cleaning of traffic equipment and signs.

Best 5 traffic control course providers

NSW – Prepare to Work Zone Traffic Management Plans

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Workforce International Group provides this course. This course is perfect for individuals who are involved in deciding on new traffic management plans and TCGS/TCP’s for road works or inspect the traffic control plans on road construction sites. Remover, this course doesn’t provide qualifications to control traffic with stop/slow bat or set up work with traffic control plans. This course is perfect for experienced traffic control operators. RMS-approved trainers and assessors provide the training. The duration of this course is for 3 days, followed by the assessment.  

Traffic control training

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This program will upskill the knowledge of those who are part of temporary traffic management. If you are planning to establish yourself in the traffic control industry, then this is the right course for you. However, this course is not a qualification to work on traffic plans or set up traffic control plans. After completing this course, one gets expertise in directing the road users using the start/stop bat, monitoring traffic, maintaining traffic reports, and understanding TGS and more rules.

NSW – Traffic Control Combination Course

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If you see yourself achieving higher professional goals in the traffic control industry, then this combo course is the best for you. This course covers two integral aspects of traffic control: training the individual who controls the traffic using start and stops bat and also works with the Traffic Control Guidance Schemes/Traffic Control Plans at a work site. RMS-approved trainers provide this training. 

NSW – Implement Traffic Control Plans

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Individuals who are involved in the Traffic Control Guidance Schemes/Traffic Control Plans at a worksite can take this course. However, this course doesn’t qualify you to modify the traffic control plans. Experienced traffic controllers who want to upgrade their qualifications can take up this course. This is a 7-hours training course followed by an assessment. The RMS-approved trainers and assessors do the training and assessment.  

Traffic Control Work Training (TCWT) Courses

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This is an accredited, and SafeWork approved course that entails all the aspects of traffic control like control traffic with the stop-slow bat, implementing a traffic management plan. One of the key features of this course is that it is a Nationally Recognised Traffic Training course. These courses are conducted face-to-face and on your work site around the country. After completion of this training, you will be recognized by the State Regulators. Your qualification and certification will be as per WHS and OHS regulations and codes of practice standards. This competency-based qualification upgrades your skills, thus increasing your scope of growth as a traffic controller. 

Concluding notes

Before you enroll in a traffic control program, make sure that you check its key features and the inclusions program. You can opt for a traffic control ticket management course, or pick up a combo course, based on your expertise and qualifications. If you are planning to become a traffic controller and want to gain professional excellence, the above-mentioned courses will be of the right assistance for you.

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