Girl Scout Cookies Brands

Girl Scout Cookies Brands

Girl Scout cookies are delicious and thus quite popular for more than a whopping 100 years. It is interesting to know that it started as something which moms used to teach their daughters, and it turned out to be amongst the most popular educational enrichment and fundraising programs across the US. Today, there are several varieties of cookie flavors that have become quite well-known throughout the country. Girl Scout cookies satisfy the taste buds of numerous Americans, who love to eat them daily. Girl Scout Cookie brands sell approximately 200 million cookie boxes every year. Read this article to know about the popularity and varieties of Girl Scout cookies along with interesting facts. 

What Makes Girl Scout Cookies So Popular These Days?

People simply love boxes of cookies by Girls Scout. This is because of their taste, varieties, and because of nostalgia. These boxes of cookies will certainly remind you of your childhood days, how much you relished those cookies. Being the basic and original shortbread cookie, these are quite rich. Their buttery flavor and crumbly texture taste divine. These cookies are simply mouthwatering, and one can consume them any time. Moreover, these American cookies are manufactured by two different bakeries, namely, Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers. Both use their personal cookie recipes, thus users get to eat a larger number of cookie flavor options. 

Some Interesting Facts About Girl Scout Cookies 

  • Humble beginnings: Initially when they started, Girl Scout Cookies were home-baked by girls with moms acting as advisers.
  • Commercial cookie-baking: Professionally baked cookies were first sold in 1934 by the Girl Scouts of Greater Philadelphia.
  • Licensed bakers: Each Girl Scout regional council chooses the licensed baking company for cookie sales in that area.
  • Sale of cookies used for funding: In 1917, troop activities were funded by cookie sales. It also supports Girl Scout Councils.  
  • Girls scout logo: In 1979, the Girl Scouts logo was first featured on cookie boxes that promoted Girl Scouting.
  • Girl Scout Cookie Season: The Girl Scout cookies are sold only for six to eight weeks between January and April each year. It is surprising but true that this cookie brand beats other highly popular brands like Oreo and Milano during its season. 

What Are the Girl Scout Cookie Varieties? 

As per Wikipedia, there are around 28 Girl Scouts cookie varieties. The same cookie may be sold under different names by different bakeries, with the choice of bakery determining the name.

S’mores Cookies

smores cookies

Despite having the identical name, the 2 smores flavors of these cookies are quite different when it comes to appearance and taste. While ABC Bakers have introduced chocolate coating plus a marshmallow flavoring layer, Little Brownie Bakers have produced smores which appear more traditional and sandwich cookies.

Thin Mints

thin mint cookies

There is no doubt that this particular variety happens to be the most well-known member of the Girl Scout Cookies brands mentioned here. They present a perfect combination of texture and flavor that gives a refreshing flavor of mint chocolate. The texture of this variety becomes quite crisp after staying in the freezer for a short while.


Samoas cookies

These are probably just after the Thin Mints when it comes to popularity. Instead of being light and refreshing, these cookies happen to be pleasantly decadent. This variety uses a heavy caramel layer as well as a dark chocolate coating with more toasted coconut that enhances the taste.


Do-si-dos cookies

Relish this divine delicacy of peanut butter sandwiches plus oatmeal cookies. While the oatmeal cookies happen to be sweeter and less rustic, the delicate peanut butter interior helps to make the cookie quite crispy.


Trefoils cookies

These are the foundation of most of the other varieties of cookies of this brand. The shortbread happens to be mildly buttery and crunchy, much to the delight of the cookie buffs out there. 


This variety comes with a thin chocolate shell covering a crunchy shortbread base and a soft peanut butter layer. 

Savannah Smiles

Savannah Smiles cookies

Savannah Smiles are crisp and lemon-flavored cookies that have been covered with powdered sugar, and these are also half-moon-shaped. 


Lemonades cookies

These are Trefoil cookies that include a thin lemon icing layer which is stamped in a flower lemon shape. These shortbread cookies happen to be the brand’s de facto lemon cookie right now. 


Thanks A Lot cookies

In this case, Shortbread has been used for creating these cookies. It comes with a bit of fudge flavor, which helps to make them quite interesting and flavorful. 


These are chocolate chip peanut buttery cookies that are free from gluten.  

Things One Didn’t Know About Girl Scout Cookies 

1. Girl Scout cookies are older than your grandmother

It was in 1917 when the tradition of selling these cookies started when the Mistletoe Troop started marketing sugar cookies as a service project in the cafeteria of their high school. 

2. You can easily try to make them at home

In case you want to go back in time and spend some leisure time baking, then it will be a good idea to try the original Girl Scout recipe at your home. Make sure to get dressed up as a Girl scout while doing so. 

3. Honey Boo Boo is not allowed to sell these cookies

The Girl Scouts of the US have banned Honey Boo Boo from marketing Girl Scout cookies. She had been selling signed boxes online via Facebook. Another reason is that Honey Boo Boo is not an actual Scout.  


It is a fact that Girl Scout Cookies have been in demand since they were first introduced on the market. If you haven’t tried all its varieties yet, you have certainly missed out on something delightful. So, buy a box of cookies, you haven’t tried whenever it’s their cookie season!

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