Four Legendary Brands in the History of Photography

Legendary Brands in the History of Photography

Back in the day, we all used to rely on the conventional photography methods which are kind of unfamiliar to the recent generation and we, for sure, don’t want to let go of our precious memories whether they are polaroids or photos in an album. Therefore, a photo scanning service like this can help you preserve your memories forever on your USB, cloud storage, or computer in premium quality.

However, there are a few legendary brands that have marked success not only in the history of photography but in this current era as well. From traditional cameras to the latest innovative digital cameras, they are well-known in the photography industry.

If you’re interested in knowing these four legendary photography brands, keep reading this article!

1. Kodak

Kodak brand logo

Kodak was founded in New York in the year 1888 by George Eastman and Henry A. Strong. The main purpose while incorporating this brand was to make photography as easy as possible for avid photographers or for those who have an interest in appreciating photography.

Kodak has helped to take the photography industry up a notch by producing digital cameras as well. While this brand may be most popular among photographers, it has also paved the way in other industries as well.

This brand helped in the making of the first-ever motion picture and allowed it to earn nine Oscar awards for promoting the movie industry. It also contributed to the printing and publishing industry by adding a touch of colors to all-black-and-white prints and helped in the revolution of printers with the release of the fastest inkjet print engine.

Moreover, Kodak has also made contributions towards health and space imaging, which has allowed it to stand out among the other photography brands.

2. Nikon

Nikon brand logo

Nikon was established in Japan in the year 1917 and it is one of the most popular brands for avid photographers as of now. It is well-known for its premium quality imaging products and lenses ranging from digital SLR cameras, mirrorless cameras to speedlights, laser rangefinders, field microscopes, and binoculars.

However, most people aren’t familiar with the other innovative products and solutions Nikon offers in different industries. For homeowners, it offers a super large flat panel for top-notch quality displays to enhance user experience.

In addition to this, Nikon has partnered up with various universities and corporations to optimize medical research. It also masters precision measurement, which helps it in the manufacturing of more reliable and safe automobiles and airplanes.

Nikon has been of use in outer space as well. Its cameras were helpful in recording the Apollo 15 mission in the year 1971 and it still is in collaboration with scientists for more outer space explorations.  

3. Polaroid

Polaroid brand logo

Polaroid brand, which was set up in the United States of America in 1937, is well-known for instant pictures. This brand’s main goal is to provide people with convenient yet innovative opportunities to help them capture the special moments of their lives in a click.

Polaroid offers vintage cameras to help you cherish the era of the 80s and 90s. Along with this, it also is the owner of instant single-lens reflex cameras, and the best part about this one is that it’s foldable and portable.

While many think Polaroid is all about cameras, it also offers instant printers, therefore, allowing you to convert the pictures on your smartphone into top-notch quality Polaroid photos.

4. Leica

Leica brand logo

Leica Camera AG was founded in Germany in the year 1914 and it specializes in the production of riflescopes, binoculars, cameras, optical lenses, photographic lenses, and microscopes. By the diverse range of products it offers, it’s easy to say that Leica Camera takes part in all the activities that relate to better vision and photography.  

It focuses on providing superior quality products to its customers as all the parts are manufactured in Germany and are super resistant to extreme temperatures or impact for added durability.

In addition to this, all lenses of the Leica Camera are precision crafted by experts to ensure they are compact, ergonomic, and practical to use. All the photos taken with their lenses are of premium quality with visible contrasts, details, and exceptional resolution.

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