The Most Expensive Aquarium Fish in the World

most expensive aquarium fishes

The aquariums have become one of the best interior decoration items in today’s world. Be it a small glass bowl for your home or a large box for an office lobby; aquariums can enhance the beauty of any room. In addition, when you add beautiful fish, decorate the bottom with different pebbles, and use some living water plants, its charm gets enhanced further. Even though a lot of maintenance is required, most people believe the efforts are worthy enough to have a beautiful aquarium in their homes or office premises.

The best part is the variety of fish that one can include in their aquarium: starting with the smallest to the larger fish species suitable for the aquarium size. Imagine how fascinating it would be when different-sized fish with diverse appearances swim in the water together and please your eyes and senses. That’s why today, we have decided to introduce you to the most high-priced fish that you can breed or add to your aquarium.

Criteria like rarity, size, breed, species, and lifespan are the primary deciding factors for the prices of the most expensive aquarium fishes. So, we have shortlisted the best ten most incredible fish that you should add to your expensive aquarium.

Platinum Arowana

most expensive fish for an aquarium

The Platinum Arowana is among the most expensive fish ever sold in the world for aquariums. It is a freshwater fish and usually grows up to a size of almost 5 feet. It costs around $400k, and having it in your large aquarium with a minimum capacity of 250 gallons will be worth every dollar. Furthermore, it has a beautiful silver-colored body with fins shaped like a thin leaf. There is a slight sheen to its upper body, which makes it look more majestic. Since they can live up to 10 to 15 years, you won’t have to worry about anything. Its unique feature is the shape of its teeth and upward-facing scales that make them look aristocratic and more elegant.

Freshwater polka dot stingray

most expensive fish

The freshwater polka dot stingray is another fish species on the list of most expensive aquarium fishes. It requires a minimum of 500 gallons capacity aquarium. They are usually found in Brazil but are rare fish. Even though they cost $100k, the money will seem nothing in comparison to their beauty. Their external skin has a cream color with black and hollow polka dots that make them look quite different from other stingray species.

Moreover, since they usually grow up to 1 foot 6 inches, you can add two to three polka dot stingrays in one aquarium. Their average lifespan is about 5 to 10 years, depending on the variety and area from where they have been caught. They can sense other organisms in close vicinity owing to their electroreceptors.

Masked angelfish

most expensive fish

Growing up to a maximum length of 8”, this black mask angelfish is one of the most exquisite fish you can add to your aquarium. This is a deep-sea fish that you can find near the Hawaiian coast. For accommodating them in the aquariums, the minimum capacity should be 125 gallons of water. It has a flat body with a little bump at the center, whereas its tail and mouth are black. That’s why it is commonly known as the masked angelfish. Their body has a slight sheen appearance which can shimmer under the light. That’s what makes these fish look so exquisite and extraordinary despite their small size. The masked angelfish can live up to 15 years at the max.

Golden Basslet

most expensive fish

Costing around $8k, the Golden Basslet is a glorious-looking, one of the most expensive aquarium fishes that you should add to your aquarium. As it is a reef fish, finding and catching them is quite difficult for the divers, which is why they cost so much even when they have a size of around 2”. This species of Basslet is famous for its bright golden scales, which are so small that from a distance, the outer skin will almost look smooth and plain. In addition, the tips of their tail and dorsal fins are translucent. Hence, you can easily understand why these fish are so popular all over the world. Moreover, they can be found in most of the fish stores, which is why you won’t have to worry.

Red and white koi carp

most expensive fish

The koi carp fish is yet another most expensive fish for an aquarium. It is considered the bearer of fortune and good luck in Japanese culture. If you visit the Japanese homes, you will find that they all breed this fish species. Amongst all the koi carp varieties, the red and white species are the most bought fish. They cost around $3k and have a maximum life span of 20 years. In addition, these carps are quite big, as they can grow up to a length of 36 inches. These fish have rounded mouths with very small eyes that make them look elegant and magnificent. To accommodate this fish, you will need 250 gallons of water aquarium.

Wrought-iron butterflyfish

most expensive fish

The wrought iron butterflyfish is another notable species that should be present in your aquarium, especially if it’s a Waikiki aquarium type.  This is one of the most expensive aquarium fishes, and they cost around $2.7k, which is comparatively lesser than other fish species we have discussed so far. However, they can grow to a maximum size of 5.9″, and hence, you will need an aquarium with a capacity of 80 gallons of water.

Their scales have a black and gray finish with a wonderful silhouette which makes them look amazing. That’s why they are known as ‘wrought iron’ since their body almost looks as if it’s made from the same material. However, the narrow, yellow-colored strip lining their tail and dorsal fins set them apart from all other fish species discussed. They have a lifespan of 10 years maximum and can be added in multiple numbers due to their smaller size.

Clarion angelfish

most expensive fish

The Clarion Angelfish is one of the most amazing fish varieties you can have in your aquarium. They cost around $2.7k, which is somewhat within an affordable range for people who want to have different collections of fish in their aquariums. They can grow up to a maximum length of 10” and hence, you need to have an aquarium of a minimum 100 gallons capacity. These fish have a flat body, just like most of the angelfish species. But what makes them different is their orange-colored scales covering the entire body and the blue-colored trims, which add more texture and shine to their looks. The Clarion fish can live up to 4 years minimum. They are usually active during the daytime. But as night falls, they will start residing back to their habitats for rest. That’s why you won’t see them swimming around during the nighttime.

Australian flathead perch

most expensive fish

The Australian flathead perch is quite a colorful fish that you can get for just $5k. This fish can grow to a length of about 6 inches, and hence, it needs an aquarium of a minimum capacity of 100 gallons of water. They have a mix of blue and white stripes running from their head to the tail fin. In addition, the gaps between the stripes are filled with orange-colored scales, which make this fish look the most colorful. Moreover, due to their slim body, they can swim like an eel, with great speed. Their lifetime varies between 15 and 20 years. So, it’s better to get the older ones because they have fully developed scales with high color intensity.


Above, we have talked about the ten most expensive aquarium fishes that will perfectly suit your high-priced aquariums. Having at least two of them will make your mini water world look gorgeous. So, now, all you need to do is get the right fish in your aquarium according to the habitat, oxygen need, feeding habits, and other details so that every fish can live harmoniously and in proper coordination just like they do in the oceans and freshwater habitat.

Also, each fish has different requirements. So, make sure that you maintain fish properly to keep them healthy through the estimated fish lives. After all, once you buy a fish, it becomes your pet. Then it’s your responsibility to ensure that it can survive for the longest time without any hassle.

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