Vanilla Ice Cream Brands

Vanilla Ice Cream


Vanilla ice cream is made from a mixture of milk, sugar, cream, and vanilla essence through a special technique. It is then frozen and served.

Ice cream has delighted people across hundreds of years but caught on after the widespread adoption of refrigeration. Vanilla ice cream is usually a welcome addition to other drinks like vodka cocktails.

Benefits of Ice cream

Vanilla ice cream can be used to create other desserts such as “rocky road” and “fruit punch”. It is also extremely versatile as it can be integrated into other beverages such as milkshakes, cold coffee, and smoothies.

Vanilla ice cream can also help people relax and ease them to sleep.

Top 10 Ice Cream Brands

Ice cream has seen massive growth in the United States since the widespread adoption of refrigeration. It has been adopted into the home of millions of people as a delicious dessert. As such, there have been various companies that have cropped up to meet the demand for ice cream.

Vanilla as an ice cream flavor has also experienced massive growth in all its variations. Cherry vanilla ice cream brands and French vanilla ice cream brands have grown in popularity just as ice cream has in the USA.

Below are just some of the vanilla ice cream brands in the United States:

1. Turkey Hill All-Natural Vanilla

Turkey Hill All-Natural VanillaThe brand has its roots in the great depression as a milk company. In 1980, the company expanded to include ice cream in its offerings and quickly became a regional favorite. Today, the company’s ice cream has grown its footprint across the United States of America.

The ice cream has a soft texture with the vanilla bean flavor being rather pronounced. Due in part to the strong vanilla flavor, the ice cream does leave an aftertaste in people’s mouths that not all appreciate. It is however very creamy.

This ice cream will be very attractive to very particular people. It has a very heavy vanilla taste which is attractive to some people and off-putting to others. The same applies to the heavy cream in the ice cream.

2. Jeni Honey Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Jeni HoneyThe company is full of people who are very passionate about the products they make. They are keen to ensure the customer gets the best experience with their vanilla bean ice cream brands.

The vanilla taste in this ice cream is subtle which a lot of people might appreciate. It is well balanced with the hints of the salt and honey flavor which gives it a richness of flavor. It is also very creamy.

The ice cream does not have any eggs in it. All the ingredients that go into it are sourced through fair trade. It can however be quite expensive.

3. Breyer’s Natural Vanilla ice cream

BreyersThis ice cream holds a special place in people’s minds because of the nostalgic feelings that its taste evokes.

Its popularity can be attributed to:

  • Its fluffy texture which is often compared to a cloud
  • It pairs really well with other desserts like pies
  • It has a lower fat percentage when compared to other vanilla ice creams in the market
  • It offers really great value for money

4. Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream

Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice CreamThe texture is rich and creamy, giving it a very luxurious feel when compared with other ice creams. The vanilla is however very faint and the ice cream leans more on an egg flavor as opposed to milk.

It is served in 14-ounce containers. The ice cream has received a glowing endorsement from Ina Garten as the best vanilla ice cream.

5. Member’s Mark Super-Premium Vanilla Ice Cream

Member’s Mark Super-Premium Vanilla Ice CreamThis is one of the most distinct ice creams in the market. Below are some features for its distinct spot in the market:

  • It is very rich coloring, with a deep creamy yellow
  • It has a distinct smooth texture and just rolls on the tongue
  • The ice cream does not hold a lot of ice, giving it a smooth, consistent feel
  • The vanilla flavor is a bit underwhelming
  • The ice cream has a deep egg flavor that can be off-putting to some

It is packed in 18-ounce containers. Most of the benefits lie in the ice cream’s texture.

6. Graeter’s Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Graeter’s Madagascar ice CreamIt has a thick creamy texture unlike anything else on the market. This is a premium ice cream in the market and tastes just like it.

This ice cream does not feel like an addition to a meal but is an event by itself. Since it is very overpowering, it is not consumed casually. Despite that, this ice cream can be easily accessed at local stores like Whole Foods.

7. Ripple Vanilla Plant-Based Ice Cream

Ripple Vanilla Plant-Based Ice CreamThe company behind this brand aims to provide ice cream to those allergic to milk or who just prefer not to consume it.

There seems to be an inherent difference between dairy and pea protein used in the ice cream, but upon tasting the ice cream is quite flavorful. It does not have the same texture as regular ice cream; it does however come very close to it.

If you are looking to avoid dairy but still enjoy ice cream, this is the product of choice.

8. Blue Bunny Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Blue Bunny Homemade Vanilla Ice CreamThe company has worked for 80 years in the dairy business and eventually grown to create ice cream. The company’s long history is an asset that is cited from time to time internally.

The vanilla in this ice cream tastes very authentic without being too heavy that it is off-putting. When scooped, the ice cream does not have the iciness that makes the ice cream feel too difficult to consume.

The ice cream does not have what people would consider the classic vanilla taste. It is affordable giving it value compared to what you would be getting.

9. Homemade Brand Natural Vanilla

homemade brand natural vanillaThis vanilla ice cream brand is quite popular for its homemade approach to ice cream as opposed to the industrial view of their competition. Below are some features that help it stand out.

  • The vanilla taste is authentic
  • It is well balanced
  • Glosses on the tongue easily
  • The ice cream is sweet almost like candy
  • The ice cream does not work completely as vanilla ice cream, it lacks the flavor

10. High Road Flavor

High Road FlavorThis ice cream is on the high-end as a premium ice cream. For an ice cream brand that commands such a high price, it is not very creamy instead it has an egg flavor.

The texture is just as rich as you might expect from a premium ice cream it is just lacking as a vanilla ice cream.


Vanilla ice cream is the ice cream of choice for millions of people. Its preference depends on a variety of factors such as texture and flavor. The taste of vanilla, the egg or milk flavor, and the overall richness are things to consider when picking an ice cream.

There are a variety of choices to make sure that everyone gets the health benefits without compromising on what they want. They can have the choice of ice cream free of eggs, dairy, or even sugar. There is something for everyone.

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