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Carpet Brands

Renovating your home floors can not only be expensive but even hectic with all that revamping chores like moving furniture and fixing new flooring tiles, etc. Putting it in simple words, the entire effort of floor renovation could be time-taking, costly, and a laborious task. Well, another good alternative is to simply get decorative and beautiful carpets available in a range of colors and designs. 

History and Present of Carpets

According to the current records, the US manufactures 45% of world floor covering. However, according to history, carpets are known to mark their origin thousands of years ago in the plains of Central Asia. The oldest carpet excavated in 1947 from Siberia was thought to be made in Armenia or Persia, back in 400 BC. As the non-profit Economic History Association, it highlights that the US has the most geographically concentrated carpet industry in the world with most carpet manufacturers located in Dalton, Georgia, which is also known as “the carpet capital of the world”. Dalton, Georgia, produces approximately 85% of all the carpets in the US market. 

Top Carpet Brands

If you are planning to add some floor coverings for the heavy foot traffic areas in your house or just to add an ambient look, you need to know about high-end carpet brands before you check out the stores. So, here is a list of the biggest names in the carpet industry of the US. 

Shaw Flooring

Shaw Flooring Carpet Brand

Shaw Flooring is one of the leading and exclusive brands in the US carpet industry. They offer exceptional quality carpets which have helped them to secure an unrivaled number 1 position in leading flooring and carpeting publications like Floor Covering Weekly, Floor Focus, Floor Covering News. 

High-end reliability with a warranty on products makes them a leading brand. Their unique line of products includes R2X Stain Resistance carpets, LifeGuard, etc. Stains are the most common issues with carpets for spills and drops of tea, pickles, curries, etc., which create nasty stains, ruining the looks. R2X is a stain-resistant carpet line with exclusive soil and stain repelling system. Moreover, these carpets have their surface covered with fiber as well as making cleaning hassle-free and offering optimum protection against stains. 

LifeGuard on the other hand is a waterproof carpet with unique moisture-resistant crafting. Stain protection and water-resistant designs enhance the sustainability of Shaw Floors carpets and make them highly durable. 

Mohawk Carpet

Mohawk Carpet Brand

A leading brand in carpet manufacturing since 1878, Mohawk Industries has made an eco-friendly footprint in the carpet industry. This brand uses more than 3 billion recycled plastic bottles to craft EverStrand carpets. It is one of its high-selling products. Mohawk, one of the best carpet brands, offers a wide variety of budgets and fibers with a manufacturer’s warranty. These are assembled in the United States, and there are carpet styles and lines to fit any taste. Mohawk also offers a supreme range of pet-friendly carpets that enables pet hair cleaning. Natural fibers to synthetic, Mohawk offers a pet solution. Among its best collections, it’s worthy to mention that it is Wear-Dated, highly durable carpet integrated with fade and stain resistant designing, SmartStrand, known for extreme sustainability and stain resistance, odor-resistant collection named Forever Fresh, advanced hypoallergenic designed Air O carpets for easy cleaning, etc. 


Stainmaster Carpet Brand

Stainmaster is yet another carpet brand with an exclusive range of carpets for all homeowners. From pet-friendly collections to easy cleaning, stain resistant to decorative, a glance at their product spectrum reveals their essential variety. 

  • Pet Protect: Pet masters know the chore of handling pets and carpets together. Stainmaster crafts odor and stain-resistant synthetic fiber carpets with solution-dyed nylon polymer. Easy home cleaning can remove pet hair. 
  • TruSoft: It is completely stain-resistant, yet soft and comfy, offering the ultimate feel of luxury. 
  • Essentials: A Stainmaster’s bestseller among budget carpets, Essentials offer soil and stain resistance for low foot traffic areas with decorative appeal. 
  • Active Family: Active Family is an excellent choice for families with kids and many members. Designed especially for active families, these are highly durable, easy to clean, and stain-resistant. 

Atlas Carpet Mills

Atlas Carpet Mills Brand

When it comes to affordability and style together, it is indeed hard to beat Atlas Carpet Mills’ product line. Besides, it is one of the brands which offers unique customization scope to customers. It is available in unparalleled designs, and soft fiber fabricated carpets which are perfect for day-to-day regular use for households. Simple vacuum cleaning also offers efficient cleaning. Meteorite, Akumal, and Swerve are some of the finest styles featured by the brand.

Fabrica Carpets

Fabrica Carpets Brand

Fabrica is one of the luxury carpet brands since 1974 with Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus authenticating Indoor Air Quality. Crafted mostly from premium nylon fiber, Fabrica has a huge product line of over 50 different styles with a cost of $4.99 per square foot. 

The elegance and premium feel of the carpet are exotic, especially its product named Chez. Fabrica also puts in the added effort of twisting their carpet fibers 25% more to craft abrasion-resistant carpets. Their adherence to the “Beck Dye” process in carpet making is also an expensive process. American Flooring Association has also offered a prestigious award to Fabrica for high-end quality carpets.


Carpets not only enhance the beauty and appeal of your home but also seek maintenance as well. So, it is important to know which carpet brands to avoid and stick with popular and reliable brands for durable and quality carpets. Moreover, with the USA being a dominant manufacturer of carpets, you don’t even need to run after Persian carpets. With luxurious and quality options like those noted above, try checking out high-quality carpet brands if you are seeking durable, stain-resistant, odor-free, and pet-friendly carpets for your home.

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