Top 5 Process Serving Companies In the US

Process Serving Companies

To ensure seamless business operations, every company must ensure compliance with all the legal formalities. Owing to the rise of businesses and professionals who use the service processes, there has been a considerable rise in the demand for process servers. Companies offering such services are also witnessing good growth. 

Every business has to deal with different documents like contracts, company information, client or patient information, subpoenas, etc. If transferring these documents, any company would require a professional agency to take over the charge. The process servicing companies have trained and qualified, trustworthy staff and will handle all the documents with care. A licensing process guarantees no security breach and ensures that the recipient delivers the legal documents on time. 

What is process service? 

It is a legal process in the US that makes it important for all parties to be notified when legal actions are taken against them in the court of law or administrative court. It is scheduled via delivery of legal documents that entails all the information about the legal action. 

Some examples of these legal documents are summonses, writs, complaints, and court documents. These documents are delivered through process servers. The service of the process must be done by a third party who is not aside to the party to the case. Hence, most companies and businesses turn their way to process serving companies who have expertise in this domain. 

There are a number of such service providers across the state. To narrow down your options to the best one, we have this article highlighting the five best process serving companies in the US.

Which businesses do need process serving companies assistance? 

  • Real Estate
  • Law firms and attorneys
  • Engineering firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Pharmacist 
  • Doctors

Five best process serving companies

Austin Process LLC

Austin Process LLC

Austin Process LLC Logo

The company has been serving this industry for the past 20 years and has gained accolades from its huge client base. It covers 50 states in the US and can cater to international service of process as well. Besides, it offers to skip tracing, criminal background checks, asset checks, document filing, uncontested tickets, crash scene photos, SOS corporate filings, and more. You can log on to for more information about the various services and pricing. 

Evolution Process Service

Evolution Process Service

Evolution Process Service Logo

It is one of the recognized names in the process serving agencies list in the US. The company maintains a high profile client-based and has expertise in servicing foreclosure, divorce papers, subpoenas, evictions, and more. It serves a variegated client base like insurance companies, financial institutions, and attorneys. The company has been servicing important documents for the past 20 years. Moreover, it also offers flat pricing for all kinds of documents. The company also ensures the completion of the process within 72 hours.  

Preferred Process Servers Inc

Preferred Process Servers Inc

Preferred Process Servers Inc Logo

If you are looking for a company that offers expertise, efficacy, and maintains complete transparency when it comes to the service of processes, it’s a good choice. Preferred Process Servers Inc has been serving attorneys for the past 50 years, and with this strong legacy, it maintains a strong trust amongst its clients. The company offers a host of services: legal process server, skip tracing, electronic filing, and resources. The company has a team of the best legal servers who are trained and certified. This ensures seamless service of processes. 

Green Tree Legal

Green Tree Legal

Green Tree Legal Logo

The company has maintained a string posting for 25 years. The best part about the company is that it offers services in both cities and rural areas throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Nationwide. To ensure faster service, the company has a fleet of trained and qualified process servers. They pick up the documents within moments of notification. Green Tree Legal offers process services, skip trace, and courier services. 

Elite Process Serving

Elite Process Serving

Elite Process Serving Logo

It is a 15-year-old company located in Illinois and Florida. The company has a network spread in 50 states. Their list of trusted clients hails from different industries like municipalities, government agencies, property managers, collection agencies, financial institutions, and private parties. 

Final thoughts

Service of process is mandatory, and the party involved in the case must be notified at the right time. With the best service process serving companies, your task gets simplified. Based on your research and understanding, you can select the best process serving company in the US. You can explore the website of the above-listed names, check reviews online, if any, and ask around before making a final choice. On the websites, you will get detailed information about their services.

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