Toy Mini Brands Blind Boxes Your Kids Will Go Crazy For

Mini Brands

Love for toys is a frenzy and is not restricted to kids anymore. Most of the toy brands today not only focus on kids but create toy collections loved by teenagers and adults too. One such craze for toys that have swept off everyone is the Mini Brands series of miniature toys packed in reusable capsules. Manufactured by Zuru Inc. these are so small and adorable that they will easily fit in one’s palm. If you are curious to know about these super rare Mini Brand Blind boxes, continue reading.

What are Toy Mini Brands?

Mini Brands are the hottest selling toys these days that feature a miniature version of branded supermarket items we use every day. These can be miniature shopping carts, personal care items like shampoos and creams, confectionery items like biscuits and chocolates, household goods, and more. They are designed into small and compact, adorable minis and packed in small boxes or plastic balls capsules. You can also find Mini Brands cartoon characters and action figures.

There are 100+ series, such as mini brands toys series, real shopping brands, exclusive mystery minis, shimmery minis, and more. There are 70+ minis or miniatures out of which some glow in the dark (dark minis) while others are metallic and super rare gold minis. You got to see them made to perfection to know why there is a huge craze in the market. 

Major reasons for popularity are miniature versions, attention to detail, and TikTok videos. It is shocking that by November 2019, the company sold 200,000 toys at Walmart and other stores. Zuru has sold over 140 million miniature versions of supermarket items like ketchup bottles, milk cartons, and so many more. (Forbes)

As per an article on Washington Post titled “Mini Brands are the latest bizarre toy craze to sweep the nation…”. It further says that these toys are a great way to “instill loyalty in very young customers.” Both adults and kids are crazy about unboxing the Mini Brands toys. People are making videos and posting them on YouTube, TikTok, and other such platforms to monetize them. According to a statement by the company, “Partnering with a toy brand allows consumer brands to access the household shopper through the most influential channel of all — their children!” Looking at the hype and overwhelming response, more brands are partnering with Zuru to make Mini Brands collectibles of their products. 

Where can I buy mini brands? How much are mini brands? 

Well, you can buy them for $10-$20 on average. Some stores that sell them are Amazon, Walmart, and Target stores. 

Mini Brands – The perfect stocking stuffer for your kid

The top 10 most popular Mini Brands are listed below:

Zuru 5-Surprise Minis

Zuru 5-Surprise Minis is a hot seller of Mini Toys, which dominated TikTok and created a wave of craze throughout the globe in 2019. A plastic sphere with compartments inside, each of them sealed with miniature versions of household items and food item toys inside. Absolute fun to unbox, kids find them irresistible. 

L.O.L. Color Change Mini Surprise

Little kids love dressing their toys. This Mini Surprise box comes with dolls that you can submerge to reveal new colors of the dress, change their hair color, and have fun with makeup shades. Each aqua pack contains surprise fun accessories, clothes, and an added carrying strap for all those crazy L.O.L. lovers who love to carry their dolls. 

Disney Doorable’s

Doorables are one of the most favorite collectibles. These are pocket-size Disney characters of 1.5 inches. These come in theme motif surprise boxes with a door, which one needs to open to get to the Doorables. Door-crafted peek packs offer five to seven collectible minis. So, you can keep up with stocking Disney characters with these dozens of miniatures. 

Lucky Fortune Collectible Bracelets

Teens not only love these colorful collectible bracelets but also the fortune cookie. The bracelets are packed inside two fortune cookies and a paper that tells the fortune. So, along with the colorful and crafty bracelet, the fortune paper adds to the fun element of unboxing.

Angel High

An ideal blend of fashion and style makes Angel High Miniature collectibles a craze among kids. Whether it’s their epic hairstyles, dress, or the exciting range of styling accessories, dressing the six besties using the styling accessories is fun overloaded. Shimmery angel wings are another highlight. Color-changing hairs or exciting makeup sets add to the excitement. 

Playfoam Pals

It is unbounded fun and exciting to dig out fidgets and minis from a ball of sensory play foam. Toddlers love squishing and squashing the cute Playfoam pals for hours. The foam can be played with repeatedly, as it does not dry up. You can buy Playfoam Pals Snowy Friends or Pet Party.

Harry Potter Magical Capsules

Boys love the Harry Potter’s Magic Capsules that are a must-have for Harry Potter fans. As you unbox these characters, you will see a big smile on your kid’s face. There are 10 characters, such as Harry, Malfoy, Luna, and others. They come in Series1 and Series2. Comes with 6 Surprise Accessories.

POP Funko Mystery Minis: The Mandalorian

Do you love Mandalorian? If your answer is a big yes, you must buy the Funko Mystery Minis Mandalorian figures. There are 12 popular multicolored characters. People love these super cool, well-designed bobbleheads. They are super cute and designed in adorable poses.

L.O.L. Surprise

L.O.L. Surprise holiday-themed mystery balls are a limited edition. You can also use them as a shimmering holiday ornament for the Christmas tree. However, the fun begins when you dip them in ice-cold water or snow. It comes with 7 surprises like a Secret Message, a Tiny Elf, and amazing dresses for your doll to add to your fun time.

Plush Crush

You ought to fall in love with these cuddly mini stuffies which are super cute. Small but comes with a bundle of joy as you can enjoy hanging them on a Christmas tree. You can also take them with you on holidays by attaching them to your backpack. So, these plushies can be your all-time companion.

Final Thoughts

Kids and teenagers love unveiling and playing with Mini Brand miniature toys. So why not bring them this Christmas, as they are the perfect stocking stuffer for your kid.

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