Cool Cashmere Brands to Wrap Yourself in This Winter

Cashmere Brands

Everyone wants to avoid several layers of clothes in winters as it ruins the style element. So, to be stylish and warm at the same time, you need some attractive wardrobe staples like coats, jackets, and cashmere sweaters. This article discusses some cashmere sweater brands at affordable prices.  But before that, let’s see the reasons for their popularity.

Why is Cashmere so popular?

If you don’t like wool because it is itchy, you can go for cashmere. Cashmere is highly soft, delicate, and silky. This natural fiber is also very lightweight, durable, and adjusts to body temperature. Moreover, cashmere falls in the category of eco-friendly fashion. 

They are popular among every age group because cashmere is comfortable and fashionable. The cashmere fiber comes in three basic color schemes – black, white, and gray, and is about 6 times thinner than the hair on the human body.  In terms of warmth, cashmere is many times warmer than wool.

Cashmere Brands

Nowadays, people seek comfort in elegance, and this is where cashmere sweater comes in. The best quality sweaters are knitted with the spun cashmere yarn that comes straight from the cashmere goat. This way the labels in this category make millions of dollars every year. The luxury cashmere brands out there are in endless demand. However, you will not burn a hole in your pocket for a cashmere outfit. As a solution, we have brought you reasonably priced cashmere items.  You also get cashmere scarves to add to the style element.

6 Best Cashmere Brands

1. Naadam

Naadam cashmere brand

Naadam is one of the renowned luxury and best cashmere brands. The company has been operational since 2013. This cashmere brand works closely with shepherds of the Gobi Desert to source the finest cashmere fibers. Nadaan is best known for cashmere cardigans.

Best Sellers from Naadam:

Nadaam is known for creating unique products for men and women. The brand has everything when you talk about cashmere outfits. They have a cashmere crewneck jogger set for the kids, sleeveless tunic sweaters for women, cashmere henley for men, and a wide range of other apparel and accessories.

What’s draws us to Naadam?

Except for the awesome fact that they are connected to the shepherds, Naadam has a catchy tagline for this Valentine Season. When we say catchy, we mean it literally in this case. Nadaan says, “Catch Cashmere. Not Feelings.”

2. Jennie Liu

Jennie Liu cashmere brand

This brand has been in the industry for more than two decades now. Since 1994, Jennie Liu is known for an exceptional range of cashmere, one after the other. They always came up with something special after research performed with leading cashmere factories.

Best Sellers from Jennie Liu:

Jennie Liu offers some of the best button-front cardigans for women. The best piece from the inventory is cashmere long-sleeve crewneck pullovers for men. They also have a cashmere blend woven scarf, tissue-weight silk shawl wrap, and the double-way trenched coat for women that sells exceptionally well.

What draws us to Jennie Liu?

We all know how expensive cashmere can get. However, Jennie Liu has an affordable price for its cashmere range. All of them are available in diverse color options and extended sizes. The company uses Italian technology to create its well-knit cashmere product line.

3. Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin cashmere brand

This is a two-century-old brand and is known for making the finest cashmere products. It was founded in 1797 by Alexander Johnston. Johnstons of Elgin’s aim is to save the traditional art of cashmere craftsmanship. Truly, one can distinguish a Johnstons’ product by its look.

Best Sellers from Johnstons of Elgin:

For women, it has Ashlin lattice rib cashmere jumpers, shawl collar rib long cardigan, and more. For men, it has the seamless cashmere hoodie, the twill cashmere jumper, and a lot more.

What draws us to Johnstons of Elgin?

As a big luxury cashmere brand, its cashmere products are considered to be the best when it comes to quality and finish.  Alan Scott, creative director at Johnstons of Elgin, has designed a unique cashmere collection that is certainly going to woo you. The company believes in creating timeless designs that have an everlasting impact.

4. Autumn Cashmere

Autumn Cashmere cashmere brand

Autumn is yet another of the luxury brands in the cashmere industry. It debuted 22 years back in 1995 and is adding bigger benchmarks every time in its portfolio. Some of the biggest and most renowned magazines like Vogue, Elle, Lucky, and Instyle featured Autumn Cashmere to praise it.

Best Sellers from Autumn Cashmere:

Women wear the most sold articles from this luxurious cashmere brand. The ones that people can’t get enough of are the rose jacquard crew, striped wave stitched crew, and a lot more.

What draws us to Autumn Cashmere?

All the brands we came across till now had cashmere wear and accessories. However, Autumn Cashmere also has the best range of cashmere care products for you. The company makes the finest cashmere sweaters and clothing lines, thus making it one of the best cashmere brands.

5. Max Mara

Max Mara cashmere brand

This is the world’s largest fashion house, which includes 19 different lines. The brand has the best and wide range of Danish cashmere wear that you can ever find. Max Mara is known to make a ready-to-wear clothing line that includes sweaters, scarfs, overcoats, and cashmere jumpers; you can get them all. The brand is owned by Luigi, Ignazio, and Ludovica Maramotti.

Bestsellers from Max Mara:

Among thousands of cashmere and wool outfits, we have the wool and cashmere polo-neck sweater as the best one from the brands. Apart from that, the double wool and cashmere overcoat second the list.

What draws us to Max Mara?

Well, now we are attracted, aren’t we? The designs that you find in Max Mara are unmatched. Also, all the clothes are now available at discounted rates.

5. Michael Kors

Michael Kors cashmere brand

Michael Kors is a famous fashion designer, and his namesake company Michael Kors manufactures elitist fashion accessories. As much as its fashion labels are adored, it is also known as a high-quality cashmere brand.

Best Sellers from Michael Kors:

Everything that he designs is highly in demand. So, it becomes a challenging job to choose the best from the list. However, his logo intarsia sweater dress and leather whipstitched and cashmere fringed cardigan are highly popular.

What draws us to Michael Kors?

Except for the beautiful designs, the range of products available at Micheal Kors is unbelievable. And of course, the sales are very attractive.

Final thoughts

A classic cashmere sweater should be a part of your winter collection, and these high-quality cashmere brands promise the best and the finest range of products. Apart from these best cashmere brands, there are many others as well. For instance, a British supermodel, Kate Moss, also has a clothing line that includes cashmere apparel. As a fashion blogger for British Vogue, it’s imaginable how famous her brand would be.

You will find a wide variety of cashmere and a wide range of products as soon as you step into the world of these beautiful garments. So make sure you have cashmere sweaters and scarves in your winter wardrobe and dress up stylishly while staying warm.

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