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Most of us are conversant with YouTube as one of the video platforms where you can watch videos, upload videos, and get the reaction of other viewers through comments and sharing. So, is YouTube the only video service provider where you can upload your videos? Are there other video platforms where you can get your videos published? These are common questions that people may have. Well, the fact that gaining subscribers on YouTube is easy does not mean there are no other platforms worth trying. We shall discuss some of these video service providers here. This will help you make a choice based on what is available for your video needs.

What is a video platform?

Well, a video platform allows its users to store their videos on the servers of the platform. Users can therefore upload their videos, have them stored, downloaded, or accessed by other users through a website, usually known as a video sharing website. These video platforms can also be referred to as video players or video clouds.

Here are the top listed video platforms of 2021:



Vimeo Logo

If you are a professional content creator, you may want to host your videos with Vimeo. This is one of the top video platforms of 2021. Having started the service in 2004 and with 90 million professionals using this platform, this video platform has many features suitable for professionals. The platform is flexible and accepts many types of video formats, bitrates, encoding, and resolutions. You can embed videos from this platform on your website.  For those looking to live-stream content to their audience, Vimeo offers this feature. Other features to expect from Vimeo are advanced analytics, stock footage, ads-free experience, private video hosting among others. The platform has a subscription kind of revenue model, though the basic plan is free. You can choose among the five pricing tiers based on your needs and your financial ability.



DaCast Logo

With this platform, medium-sized businesses or small businesses have a video platform they can rely on. It provides hosting options as well as video streaming services. You can also rely on the platform for live streaming services across all devices.  It also works across many website technologies, making it suitable for small businesses to market their services. Other features that make DaCast suitable are:

  • Can be integrated with third-party players
  • You will get real-time video analytics
  • Supports real-time messaging
  • Works with many mobile technologies or platforms

IBM Watson Media’s Video Streaming

IBM Watson Media’s Video Streaming

IBM Watson Media's Video Streaming Logo

This is another top video platform. If you want to broadcast video, this service is suitable for this purpose. It provides smooth functionality and can also offer informational videos to any audience. Before a scheduled broadcast, you will get access to the off-air feature where a select number of videos can play. This means you can play trailers and teasers before the actually scheduled video plays.

Here are other features you can expect from this platform:

  1. It offers you the ability to schedule videos
  2. Can be integrated with Zoom and other types of live streams and chat platforms
  3. Offers Q/A and a chat box
  4. Offers superb support services5.    
  5. You have access to off-air capabilities like trailers.

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