Top Outdoor Clothing Brands

Top Outdoor Clothing Brands

Being close to nature is what we all love. Nature offers many opportunities for incredible fun and adventurous experiences. Whether you love mountaineering, trekking, river rafting, backpacking, or skiing, you need apt outdoor clothing to look great and maximize the fun. With many people going on outdoor adventure every year, the scope for outdoor clothing manufacturers is huge.

If you explore the market, you will find many men’s outdoor clothing brands as well as women’s outdoor clothing brands. And when you buy from the best outdoor brands, you get clothes that are durable, comfortable, and stylish. It is important because sometimes the weather is not suitable, and the surroundings are harsh. With proper travel gear, you will stay safe and have more fun!

Some outdoor clothing brands are geared to meet the specific needs of people like rain jackets, ski jackets, climbing gear, technical gear, winter jackets, rain shells, hiking boots and others. So depending on the outdoor adventure you can select your clothing.

Now, if you want to invest in high-quality outdoor clothing, we have the list ready for you to explore.


Patagonia brand logo

Are you a hunk looking to enjoy the best experience in your adventure travel? Why not get yourself outdoor gear from one of the best men’s outdoor clothing brands? Patagonia is a loved brand founded in 1973 by rock climber Yvon Chouinard. They excel in a vast assortment of outdoor apparel, starting from hard shells to base layers and others. In addition, their gear offers the best insulation. The company even has a large comprehensive lineup of casual and technical products. For example, Micro Puff and Down Sweater as casual. Discover brands like Patagonia, find out more on our site!

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen brand logo

This brand comes from Norway and specializes in everything from hiking apparel to skiing gear. The brand has been serving for 150 years now and offers its customer a large assortment. However, the best making includes rain shells and jackets priced at a competitive rate. Also, you can find every design, whether looking for casual or leisurewear. 

Eddie Bauer

eddie bauer brand logo

One of the well-known companies that meet every need of outdoor enthusiasts is Eddie Bauer. It has been in business for over 100 years. They are best in selling technical gears like the Micro Therm and casual everyday wear. Some several stores and departments offer plentiful styles and sizes for both women and men outdoor clothing. 

Also, their insulated jackets and hiking boots are popular and will last for a lifetime. Moreover, it is not only known for good quality but also wide variety. However, if you are looking for the best men’s jacket, nothing can beat Eddie Bauer Men’s CirrusLite Down Jacket. It is comfortable and prepares you for winter. Thus, making a wardrobe essential. The clothing is lightweight for perfect packing and water repellent to protect against unforeseen elements. 


Icebreaker brand logo

Icebreaker is one of the best clothing brands known for its Merino wool base layer. If you are an outdoor lover, you may know that base layers are essential outdoor clothing.

Merino wool is sheep’s wool and known for controlling moisture, insulation properties and durability. The best part about merino wool socks is that these socks can last for multiple days without any wash. 

What’s more? They come with a life-long warranty. So, you can replace socks with holes. Isn’t that great? 


Prana Brand Logo

Prana is so committed to positive societal change and sustainability. However, the best thing that makes Prana one of the top outdoor clothing brands is its versatility and comfort. You can find everything in their selection, from travel gear to activewear. 


Kathmandu Brand logo

This brand was founded in 1987 in New Zealand and had everything one needs to enjoy outdoor activities. In addition to being environment friendly, the company specializes in making clothes out of merino wool. 

The wool enables the clothing to be moisture-free and regulate the body’s temperature to be odor-free. 


ARC'TERYX Brand logo

This Vancouver-based company is one of the top outdoor clothing brands. Even though they are cheap in pricing, their gear will last forever. The company makes the highest quality clothing ranging from hiking boots, ski jackets, and other technical clothes. Also, they marvel at a wide variety of accessories like backpacks and socks. However, the most popular offering of Arc’teryx is the Beta AR jacket. It is a hard rain shell jacket that can protect against wind, rain, and snow. This is the key to successful layering to protect yourself against wind and rain. 

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear brand logo

If you are looking for sustainability and quality in one brand, then Mountain Hardwear is what you need. The brand has seen some strides in the past also they have suffered massive lows. But they have made an excellent comeback. 

Their ultra-light jackets are what all outdoor enthusiasts wish to wear. Moreover, their GORE-TEX shell and snow gear are some of the top sales of their brand. The brand’s primary focus is always on sustainability and being gentle with the environment. 

Sierra designs

Sierra Designs Brand Logo

Bob Swanson and George Marks are the founders of Sierra Designs that started in 1965. The company is founded on the belief that “people deserve to have good gear for exploring the outdoors, regardless of their background or experience level.” Similar to Mountain Hardwear, Sierra Designs comes as a one-stop fitter for all outdoor enthusiasts. They have everything for modern outdoor men. In fact, if you want to get your mind blown, then witness the latest round of its versatility. The top picks include hurricane pants, down booties, and hybrid all-season jackets. 


Kuhl brand logo

KUHL was founded in 1983 by Kevin Boyle. This is often the first choice when looking for the best men’s outdoor clothing brands. The name was given to the brand because of the selection of pants it offers. Many hiking pants are available under $100, thus giving affordable options to outdoor lovers. Apart from pants, they offer outwear, tops, and accessories for men and women. The best part about their offerings is they are invariable of top quality and the most stylish in the market. In addition, their vintage washes and unique fabrics is what makes them the best traveling brand. 


huckberry brand logo

This company was founded in 2010 by co-founders Richard Greiner and Andy Forch.  Huckberry comes under one of the most style men’s outdoor clothing brands. Here you can find everything ranging from Taylor stitch, Proof, Tinder, Flint, and others. Moreover, its apparel is premium sustainable, and durable, thus, making it a good choice. 

Back Country

backcountry brand logo

Backcountry is yet another brand known for nice outdoor gear and apparel. This outdoor brands was founded in 1996 by Jim Holland and John Bresee. They even have a catalog containing hundreds of products ranging from puffy jackets to socks and shorts. However, what attracts people the most is affordability. 


Filson Brand Logo

Filson is for those who don’t like staying indoors. It is known for unmatched and high-quality outwear. You can trust Filson clothing and gear, as they work great even in extreme conditions. Apart from outdoor enthusiasts, their products are also popular among miners, ranchers, and sportsmen. This Seattle company is offering outdoor gear for more than 120 years. The company was founded in 1897. Apart from clothing, they also have accessories, bags & luggage, hunting & fishing gear.

Smart Wool

smartwool brand logo

Smart wool is the alternative to merino wool base layer that makes you free of the itchiness of wool. The best offering of Smartwool includes undershirts and leggings. If you wear them, you can easily take a hiking trip for a few days without changing them. Moreover, they remain smell-free and warm. Also, their boxer and socks are excellent for controlling colder temperatures. 


Give'r Brand logo

The company’s mission is to “Empower you to give it your all – no matter your passion.’ The brand is known for comfortable clothing that never disappoints. They perform well and include performance layers, trucker hats and polarized sunglasses, headgear, and waterproof gloves apart from clothing. Give’r has a limited selection, but their excellent quality makes them one of the best outdoor clothing brands. They have some heavy-duty gloves for extreme temperatures. Moreover, their accessories and clothing are one of a kind. 

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Brand logo

Nothing can beat Black Diamond when it comes to skiing and climbing. It makes the best water-repellent clothes and ski jackets. Moreover, their gloves are protective against the cold weather of mountains. Also, their accessories are specifically made to serve you in mountain-based activities. 


These are some of the best names that can offer you the required protection and comfort your need during outdoor adventures. You can easily shop for outdoor gear online as it is a very convenient option. However, if you are one of those who need a perfect fit then visiting a mall or store near you is a good idea as you can try the fit and buy only when satisfied.

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