The Best Luggage Brands

The Best Luggage Brands

Whenever you plan a domestic or international trip, you need luggage that is long-lasting, roomy, lightweight, as well as one that matches your style.  You can find stylish luggage designed with luggage tags, aluminum suitcases, hard-side suitcases, carry-ons, and small suitcases online. Selecting the right bag for your travels can be a lifesaver, so it’s essential to take your time and make an informed decision. 

There are many best-quality luggage brands that are popular, such as American Tourister, Samsonite, Travelpro, Eagle Creek, Delsey, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox, Tumi, Hartmann, Bric’s, Rimowa, Globe-Trotter, Away, and Paravel. The popularity of a luggage brand depends largely on its quality, style, features, price, and marketing. If let’s say, two brands manufacture similar luggage with similar quality and price, then it is the marketing and branding that determines popularity.

Moreover, every brand certainly has some pros and cons. For example, you can find soft and hard case bags made by American Tourister, but they are available with a limited lifetime warranty. On the other hand, Travelpro luggage bags are available with lifetime warranties. If you are looking for the best luggage bags that can turn into a backpack, then you can go for Eagle Creek. So, check their features before you choose. 

It is also true that marketing and branding can drive the customer to the shop or website. However, customers these days do good research and also read user reviews before making buying decision. So, marketing works only if the luggage is worth buying.

Top Luggage Brands 2022 


Away brand logo

Away was established in New York in 2015 and has quickly established itself as a leader in the luggage industry. Its simplicity and direct-to-consumer sales approach are two of the most critical factors in its success. It’s a sought-after brand worldwide because of its high quality, 100-day free trial, and lifetime warranty.

Adults can choose from four different sizes of Away luggage: carry-on, medium, and large. In addition to a compression system in the interior, the luggage features a TSA-approved lock, a removable laundry bag, and four swivel-wheel spinners. With a nylon front pocket, the best luggage brand also makes a carry-on for kids, a garment bag, and a daypack. In 2020, the brand and Pantone teamed up to release a limited edition in a classic blue shade. 

AmazonBasics Luggage

amazonbasics brand logo

Look no further than AmazonBasics Luggage for the best value luggage, which has made a name for itself in the international market. Designed for travelers looking to save money without compromising with the quality, AmazonBasics is the house brand of the online retailer. Good suitcase brands keep their focus on affordable prices by eliminating fancy packaging and designing their bags in a minimalistic fashion.

As of 2009, AmazonBasics Luggage has been a budget-friendly brand. It is a low-cost producer and distributor of everyday necessities like luggage. Color, size, and style options abound for this brand’s customers, including duffels and travel backpacks in both hard-shell and soft-shell classes. Two zippered pockets on the front and 360-degree spinner wheels make the bags sturdy and durable. Amazon Prime members are eligible for free shipping from Amazon. 

L.L. Bean Luggage

L.L.Bean brand logo

If you’re planning a long trip, consider investing in luggage from L. Bean. Long-haul flights necessitate a sturdy bag with plenty of storage space. As well as luggage, L. Bean offers RFID-blocking wallets and toiletry bags, among other products for travelers on the go. The duffel bags are spacious and come in various sizes, with the option of wheels or not. To put it another way, this bag has a capacity of 36 gallons. Nylon fabric is used for the luggage’s construction, making it water-resistant and long-lasting. Apart from that, these bags are available in a variety of colors, and you will find pouches in different sizes in these bags to store your travel accessory.  

Hartmann Luggage

hartmann brand logo

If you belong to the frequent flyers category, Hartmann luggage is an excellent option. Samsonite acquired this brand, and it is at the top when it comes to popular luggage brands. As a result, the company has emphasized its history when marketing this particular product.

Hartmann Luggage is more expensive than other brands, but its tweed fabric and distinctive design make it a classic that everyone appreciates. Hard-sided, the Vigor case provides the best value and performance. Carrying a lot of stuff is easy with Hartmann luggage’s spacious interior. The wheels and handles make towing and maneuvering more accessible and comfortable. 

Delsey Luggage

Delsey brand logo

It was founded in 1946, but Delsey has been specializing in luggage since 1970 when the company was founded. First introduced hard-shell luggage, then the company has introduced other products like soft-sided options, under-seat luggage for children, briefcases, and garment bags. Their bags are designed with durable and recycled materials. 

Known for its quality and dependability, Delsey is a leading luggage manufacturer globally. More than fifty patents back up the company’s claim to fame as a market leader in a fashion-forward design. For example, it recently introduced SecuriTech Zip and Pluggage, both of which run on AAA batteries, are connected via Bluetooth, and you can track the location of your luggage through a smartphone. 


samsonite brand logo

In 1910, Samsonite was founded in Denver, Colorado. It has long been a leader in the luggage industry, and its products are known for their stylish design and long-lasting construction, all at an affordable price. For example, the carry-on cases have built-in USB charging pockets. To reduce the overall weight of the luggage, it uses patented innovations like Curv and GeoTrakR to keep track of your bags via your Smartphone.

Customers can choose from various colors, styles, and sizes in hard- and soft-shell suitcases from the world-renowned brand. Additionally, many of the checked bags and carry-ons from the nice luggage brands feature four spinner wheels so that customers can easily maneuver them while on the road. The company’s soft-shell suitcases are protected against water, dirt, and oil with special SamGuard, while its laptop bags, duffel bags, and backpacks are all part of its product line. 


tumi brand logo

Tumi is a top-tier luxury luggage manufacturer. Founded in 1975 by its founder Charlie Clifford, the brand has become synonymous with high-end clothing and accessories. Leather bags imported from South America were the brand’s first line of business. Now they have a wide collection including soft-shell leather suitcases, hard-shell products made of polycarbonate alloy or ballistic nylon. Zipper pull strength and colorfastness are tested 30 times to ensure long-term durability and abrasion resistance. In addition to free luggage monogramming and on-site luggage repairs, Tumi’s customer service can help you to solve your issue.

Innovations in technology have made Tumi one of the most popular brands in the world today. Tumi’s T-Pass and Add-a-Bag technologies make it possible for customers to bypass airport security without removing their laptops, allowing them to travel light and stress-free. When a bag is lost, the Tumi Tracer can locate it quickly. 

Briggs & Riley

Briggs and Riley brand logo

High-quality products from upscale and trendy best luggage brands Briggs & Riley have reshaped the travel industry. It has a variety of checked and carry-on bags in various sizes and materials to choose from. To accommodate future needs, most luggage can be easily expanded. Tots, garment bags, duffel bags, backpacks, and briefcases are also available from the brand, known for its stylish design. In various hues, from dark black to olive green to blazing red, the luggage can be yours.

Briggs & Riley offers its customers a lifetime warranty and promises free repair of the products even without the proof of purchase of the company itself. The brand has incorporated the most recent technological advancements and has a long list of accomplishments to its name. In addition to the CX Expansion Compression System, the Outsider handle keeps the handlebars out of the suitcases, allowing a flat area for packing. 

Eagle Creek

eagle creek brand logo

If you’re thinking about taking an adventure vacation, you’ll want to invest in some luggage from Eagle Creek. As a result, its product line undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure its durability and long-term viability. Almost all the bags have a No Matter What Warranty, which means these high-quality luggage bags are available with a lifetime warranty. 

Eagle Creek offers a wide range of backpacks, duffel bags, and suitcases, all in various sizes and colors. Padded laptop sleeves and a book-style opening system are included in the packs. The brand’s products are water-resistant, and recycled landfill plastics are used as water-resistant coating of these bags. 


TravelPro brand logo

Bob Plath, a former Northwest Airlines pilot, is the founder of one of the best luggage brands, TravelPro. The four-wheeled spinner suitcases he is credited with inventing have become popular with airline crews, pilots, and business travelers alike.

The company sells suitcases that have been put through a battery of fifteen different kinds of testing. The bags are available in a range of colors, including deep red, navy, grey, and black, and feature fold-out suiters to keep the clothes wrinkle-free while traveling. The DuraGuard-coated nylon used to make the soft-shell suitcases is long-lasting. 


The days when everyone in the family using share the luggage to save money are long gone. People now prefer to carry their luggage rather than lugging around a large family’s belongings. For a smooth journey, a traveler must choose from reputable traveling bag brands and consider important aspects such as materials, cost, technology, and apparent durability and spaciousness. Luggage scales are on the rise because people are always on the lookout for a piece they can feel at ease with while on the road.

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