Top Selling Candy Brands

Top Selling Candy Brands

Candies are an important part of growing up. Whenever we see a child enjoying candy, it surely reminds us of our childhood days. Isn’t it? All of us have memories related to candies like visiting the candy stores, being scolded by moms, or secretly eating them by hiding somewhere. After reading this, some of you must have already been transported to your childhood days, while others must be moms and dads already keeping a tab on their little ones’ sweet tooth and candy cravings. Candies can give pleasure and bring you back to your best days. Therefore, today, we have prepared a list of candy brands that can lift your mood when the day is dull.

Interestingly, some of the old candy brands you can never forget are still around and equally popular due to the richness of their flavorful candies. Apart from sugar candies, dark chocolate bars and milk chocolate bars are equally relished by the young and old alike. Let’s enjoy the childhood nostalgia for a while and know the top-selling candy brands right now that are keeping the candy culture going strong!


MMs brand logo

M&M’s (Mars and Murrie) is owned by Mars, Inc. and is known for “colorful button-shaped chocolates” This is a very popular chocolate candy brand founded in 1941. MM’s has been one of the best candy brands since its origin in 1941, and today it sells candies in over 100 countries. The candy brand sells decadent chocolates, roasted peanuts, fruit flavors, etc., with an exterior hard shell and interior filling of caramel or liquid chocolate! M&M’s makes all kinds of chocolates from dark and white to milk chocolate, spice and herb chocolates like mint, cinnamon-flavored chocolates, orange chocolate, and crunchy caramel. More products include desserts, shakes, pastel-colored candies, and Christmas bags etc.!

Hershey Bars

Hershey brand logo

If you are crazy about chocolate bars, you must be aware of popular candy brands like Hershey’s. The company was founded in 1894, 127 years ago. Hershey bar chocolates and white chocolates have been ruling the candy industry ever since. This famous chocolate brand has always maintained a secret chocolate-making recipe from the entire world. Their richness of white chocolate, chocolate bars, chewing gum, and other almonds-flavored chocolates continues to win millions of hearts even today. The company stands straight and robust even in the 21st century, trying to make every kid’s childhood memorable!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

reeses brand logo

Another nostalgic candy brand immensely popular is none other than Reese’s. This No. 1 US candy brand started its journey in the year 1923. Later, Hershey Chocolate Corporation took over the brand in 1963. Reese’s brand is mainly famous for producing world-class peanut butter cups distributed in the entire world. Their king-size peanut butter cups have been the company’s bestseller for quite a long time. Apart from the variety in sizes and limited-edition products, it is also known for its fillings, such as caramel, crunchy, honey roasted, marshmallow, peanut butter & banana cream, hazelnut cream, and many more.


Snickers brand logo

Snickers is yet another popular candy company known for its chocolates marketed as snack bars or energy bars. The company is also one of the most prominent chocolate candy brands in the world. Snickers was founded in the year 1930 by Mar’s Incorporation. Initially, they named the chocolate candy bar after their lovely horse, “Marathon.” Eventually, they changed the name when they merged with the original brand of Snickers in the late 90s. Their candy bar has a unique layered design where they put nougat, caramel, and nuts. People of the United States often opt for these bars at present.    

Kit Kat

Kit Kat brand Logo

Introduced in 1935, another famous candy brand is Kit Kat. Kit Kats come in various flavors like dark chocolate, milk, and regular rich chocolate. So, if you ever feel bored, you can grab a Kit Kat and comfort yourself with the crunchy taste of wafers breaking in your mouth and the rich layers of chocolates in between melting on your tongue. This chocolate brand has also successfully won millions of hearts with the recent flavors of raspberries and lemon. In addition, the company has contemporary plans to introduce vegan wafer chocolate bars by the end of 2021. 


Twix brand logo

One of the most popular candy brands is Twix, which originated in an English town in 1967. Since its discovery, the candy brand has been a part of Mar’s Inc. Later, it moved to the United States in 1979. The candy brand offers shortbread filled with various flavors and chocolate bases like caramel, nuts, berries, etc. They even bring in added recipes which they sell in the seasonal times. You can also find the familiar flavors at all times of the year! Different television shows like Orange Is the New Black and others have even featured the candy brand Twix for promotional purposes. You can also enrich your soul with the brand-new peanut butter flavors from Twix!   


Twizzlers brand logo

If you want to enjoy some great candy sticks and chews, then Twizzlers might be the ideal one for you. They manufacture soft fruity candies in strawberry, watermelon, cherry, and grape flavors. The only candy brand from Virginia, Lancaster, does not make chocolate-flavored sweets. Instead, the company is famous for its strawberry candy production, which accounts for 71% of the sale of the brand. The name of the candy brand comes from the shape of the products, which keep on clinging to one another in flavors of corn syrup, corn flour, wheat flour, and corn starch and sugar!  


Skittles brand logo

One of the most popular candy brands is Skittles, which has won millions of hearts with its fruity button-shaped candies. The candies come in various fruity flavors and styles like lemon, cherry, guava, grapes, orange, and dessert, tropical and sour. Skittles launched the candy brand in 1974 in Britain and later shifted to the United States in 1979. The candy brand started its domestic production in the United States in 1982, which turned out to be a hit. The manufacturers use corn syrup, sugar, and kernel oil to give the rich sweet and sour taste. The candies are small and size with a complex sweet shell outside, which eventually melts in the mouth and becomes soft and chewy! In addition, the brand had chosen various ways of mass promotion, like changing the rainbow-colored candies to gray to show concern for the pride parades. 

Dove Bars

Dove Bars brand logo

Dove is known for its dark chocolate bars and amazing dark chocolate varieties. Dove bars are popularly known in various parts of the world, like India, the Middle East, and the UK. This candy company came into existence in the year 1939. The best part of these Dove chocolate bean bars is that each one of them comes with a secret and sweet message. Later on, the candy store started ice creams—candies and chocolate bars at present. This candy company is winning millions of hearts with the rich taste of chocolate beans, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. The company has successfully earned fans all over the globe! Some popular Dove products are Milk Chocolate Miniatures, Caramel Liaison, Sugar-Free Chocolates, Truffle, and Peppermint Bar, etc.

3 Musketeers

3 Musketeers brand logo

This is the third brand produced and manufactured by M&M/Mars. The company launched it as a brand extension in 2007. The 3 Musketeers chocolate bars have become quite famous for their unique designs of candies and chocolate bars. The bars lie underneath the frosting and whipped fluffy mousse. Some flavors are coconut, cherry, raspberry, vanilla, and strawberry. The candy brand manufactures not only chocolate candies but also ice creams, sweet candies, and birthday cakes in various flavors like mint and orange to make all the occasions memorable and unique. You can easily see 3 Musketeers promotions in television shows, YouTube channel videos, advertisements, and even on TikTok. Public figures like influencers and content creators help them promote the candy brand and gain more popularity quickly! 

Baby Ruth

Baby Ruth brand logo

This candy brand was launched in the year of 1920 by the parent company called Ferrara Candy Company. Its name is a bit confusing, as nobody yet knows the origin or back story of the chocolate bar’s name. People assume that it might be after the name of Ruth Cleveland, the daughter of the president back then. The term can also be a part of pop culture. But nobody knows, so let it stay as a mystery! The best part of the chocolate bar is its layered structure where they put nougat, nuts, and chocolate filling. You might also find traces of caramel in the unique flavors of Baby Ruth chocolate bars. Interestingly, in 1923 the founder of the company Otto Schnering dropped thousands of Baby Ruth bars in 40+ states. Each bar had a mini parachute attached to it.


Butterfinger brand logo

Yet another candy bar manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company (since 2018) is Butterfingers. The first manufacturer produced the delicate creation of chocolate bar in its crispy form in 1923 for the first time. It is almost impossible to ignore the richness of crispy peanut butter inside coated with soft chocolate outside. The varieties are Bites, Snackerz, Buzz, Cups, Dark Crisp, and more. Perfectly mentioned in the company’s tagline, ‘Never lay a finger on my Butterfinger,’ as you cannot share it once you start eating it!

Last Thoughts!

Now that you know about so many popular candy brands and candy options, you surely would be tempted to have one. What keeps you waiting? Grab your favorite candy today!

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