The Largest Green Tea Brands in the USA

Green Tea

What Is Green Tea?

Green tea originates in India and China, where the people made the most of its health benefits for centuries. This tea has over the past few years gained tremendous popularity in the USA.

Worldwide, tea is the most popular beverage, with 78% of the people consuming black tea and at least 20% green tea.

Why Do You Need the Green Tea in Your Kitchen?

One of the reasons green tea should be a staple in your kitchen is that it contains the most antioxidants of any tea, which eliminates free radicals that could cause cancer.

It is also known to help with weight loss, and it also aids digestion. It helps prevent ailments such as cancer, diabetes, and liver disorders by eliminating free radicals.

Top Green Tea Brands in the USA

There have been various companies that we have cropped up all over the country to meet this newly developed demand for tea. People all over the world gravitate towards the tea’s nutritious and healing effects.

As people have grown more and more health-conscious they care a lot more about what they put in their bodies. Green tea has replaced a lot of the sugar and carbonated drinks that dominate the beverage aisle at the supermarket. There are plenty of companies in the United States that aim to fill the supply demand that has been created.

So, below are some of the best brands of green tea in America.

1. Jade Leaf

Jade Leaf

Jade Leaf is usually referred to as the best green tea brand in America and for a good reason. The company that produces the tea has a long history of developing a network of farms in Japan. From these farms, they carefully choose the highest quality loose leaf giving the tea a rich and flavorful taste and aroma.

The tea is versatile as it can be drunk plain as a green tea or can be blended with other spices to create other beverages like pure matcha, iced tea, café styled latte mix, and others.

2. Uncle Lee’s Tea

Uncle lee’s tea

Uncle Lee’s Tea is one of the best organic green tea brands. This company has a long line of products. It supplies green tea to multiple nations across North America. The company’s mission is to share the centuries of tea drinking culture from the east with as many people as possible. This applies to all facets of it, from the craftsmanship to the centuries of tradition.

The company offers a variety of green teas to ensure that all who partake can find something that resonates with them. They also share instructions on how the brewing process takes place to ensure that the customers get the most from their beverage, regardless of the type of green tea.

3. Numi

Numi green tea

A lot of people cite this brand as the organic green tea brand in the market. The flavor of their Matcha Toasted Rice and Sencha Green Tea is a favorite for most of their consumers. Following their deep Japanese roots, they blend the tea with flavors of tasted rice for a rich savory green tea flavor.

All the tea is grown and handpicked by fair trade farmers, enhancing sustainability. Giving them an edge over competitors.

4. Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace

This is one of the high-quality green tea brands grown with rainwater and free of pesticides. This gives it a rich flavor with no aftertaste. The tea is sold in 100 unbleached tea bags, this allows no alteration for the tea, maintaining its flavor.

The tea is not only affordable at just 10 dollars. The company also gives back to the community with the proceeds supporting an orphanage for children with special needs in Tianjin, China.

5. Choice Organic’s Jasmine Tea

choise organic tea

This tea has a light and understated floral and attractive smell. The flavor is maintained as they pack the tea in unbleached packages, making sure the end-user gets the tea as it was intended to be consumed. The tea is scented by organic jasmine flowers for a natural, attractive aroma.

The company is committed to sustainability. This is expressed in the following ways:

  • The tea is grown and picked in accordance to fair use practice by farmers in China
  • The packaging is biodegradable and made of natural fibers, ensuring that it is eco-friendly and sustainable
  • All the energy used in the process is completely green

6. Jade Leaf Matcha

Jade Leaf matcha logo

You do not have to be a tea expert to enjoy this tea. It is very accessible, by adding a teaspoon of the powder to one teaspoon of water (that is not hot) you will have a solution to which you can add one cup of milk. From this, you will get a delicious latte from the tea.

The tea is very distinct in the market space. Some of the reasons attributed to its uniqueness include:

  • Unlike most brands, the tea is sourced from Uji, Japan, as opposed to India, China, or East Africa
  • The tea leaves are shade-grown for about 3-4 weeks
  • It is handpicked and grounded with stones
  • The tea is packed in airtight containers which maintain the tea’s flavor and aroma.

7. Vahdam

Vahdam tea

The company was built by a fourth-generation Indian entrepreneur, expanding to over 80 countries across the world. Through Fair Trade practices, they are grown in the Himalayas region. The tea is picked, packed, and shipped within a time period of 24 to 72 hours all over the world to maintain the quality of the tea for all its users.

For people looking to detox and cleanse themselves from toxins, they can use the tea for its antioxidants. The tea packaging process ensures that it is as fresh as possible One percent of all the revenue from the tea collected goes into funding the employee’s children’s education.

8. Mighty Leaf

Mighty leaf

This brand will provide you with a calming and relaxing tea for an evening. The tea is favorite for millions across the world. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • The tea is light on caffeine, allowing for the users to relax but not be on edge because of it
  • The tea has strong and earthly flavors which deliver the users a jolt of energy throughout their day
  • It also packed in hand-stitched pouches, ensuring that they maintain their flavor as they are being moved from one point to the next

9. Steven Smith Teamaker

Steven Smith teamaker

This green tea is made with the highest quality leaves and blended expertly to create great flavors and aromas. The company creates great drinks in small batches to provide enough caffeine to relax the users but not enough to keep them on edge.

It has a variety of blends to make sure that there is something for everyone.

10. Yogi

Yogi tea

This tea is a favorite for long-time tea drinkers and new ones. It has enough caffeine to give your the energy you have traditionally gotten from your cup of coffee. The tea is naturally grown on the slopes of India, China, and Sri Lanka.

It has an understated refreshing flavor that many tea lovers appreciate. It is a great replacement for coffee or sugary drinks you currently consume.


Great tea has a wealth of benefits that have been enjoyed by Asian cultures for centuries. People who drink green tea will have fewer chances of getting heart diseases and Alzheimer’s. They also enjoy better digestion.

It is a great replacement for people who have traditionally gotten the kick from sugary carbonated drinks and coffee. It is easy to prepare and can be blended to create the best beverage for you. Look at the above green tea brands and make an informed choice.

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