Top-Rated At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits and Products Brands

Teeth whitening brands

Did you know that teeth yellowing is a natural aging process? Brush all you want, follow strict oral care routines, and this particular aging stage will get to you eventually. Yikes!

But, worry not because teeth whitening is a possibility today. It refers to the temporary changing of the extrinsic and intrinsic color of teeth enamel. You can easily get it done at the nearest yet best dentistry, such as Christchurch dentists.

However, professional teeth whitening can cost $450 to $1000. It can be pocket-straining for an hour-long session that will last a few months. So, what shall one do?

The answer is simple; invest in high-quality at-home teeth whitening kits and products! These come with uncountable benefits and cost little.

In this post, we’ve explored them in detail. You will learn about their benefits, the best brands, and much more. Let’s dive in!

Causes of Teeth Discoloration

Teeth Discoloration

Teeth discoloration is when teeth lose their original white color and become stained. They may develop yellow and brownish spots. While aging is one cause behind it, several others include:

  • Food & beverages that stain
  • Genetics
  • Medication
  • Poor brushing habits
  • Excessive fluoride

Why Should You Buy At-Home Teeth Whitening Products?

Nobody likes yellow, stained teeth. It may be because of the natural aging process or medication. But, yellow teeth make your smile unattractive and unpleasant to watch.

It also lowers one’s self-confidence when speaking in public or mingling with others. A person with yellow teeth is more likely to shy away and avoid interaction. All of this can lead to serious concerns, such as anxiety and stress.

However, using teeth whitening kits saves you from the trouble. You can get back your attractive white teeth smile instantly. Plus, these at-home kits are simple and easy to use.

You don’t need to be a professional. Simple, read the guidelines, and follow the stated procedure. The kit includes all the mandatory equipment too.

What’s more, at-home teeth whitening kits and products are incredibly cheaper than dentist treatments. On average, it costs around $20 to $100. It is a quarter of what an average dentist will charge.

Types of Teeth Whitening Products

You will find hundreds of different teeth whitening products available in the market. However, there are only four fundamental types. These include:

Teeth Whitening Strips

These whitening strips are thin and covered in peroxide-based gel. You have to apply these to your teeth, leave them for some time, and remove them. These strips lift dirt and stains instantly, though they do not last long.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste contains certain chemicals that have a polishing as well as a mild abrasive effect on the teeth. These pastes leave your teeth shining and bright. However, do not substitute them for regular toothpaste.

Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening kits are similar to mouth guards filled with a whitening gel. You push these onto the teeth and leave them for a specific period. Comparatively, these kits are quite time-consuming.

LED Teeth Whitening Products

LED teeth whitening products are expensive and technologically advanced. They make use of LED light to penetrate deep into the enamel and lift the stains. These products are highly-efficient with long-lasting results.

How to Buy At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits and Products?

Purchasing at-home teeth whitening kits and products is a fairly simple process if you know what to look for. To help, we’ve compiled the factors to consider in the best teeth whitening product.

Bleaching VS Non-bleaching

Bleach refers to the chemicals that use corrosive and abrasive properties to lift stains. When overused, these chemicals can damage your teeth’ enamel. However, it’s also important for an instantly bright white result.

So, if you’re a frequent teeth whitening kit user or have sensitive teeth, then it’s best to opt for non-bleaching products.  On the other hand, if you whiten your teeth occasionally, then bleaching products will do fine.


Different manufacturers make use of different chemicals to whiten teeth. You should examine the ingredients included in a product to ensure they are safe for use. Some toxic chemicals to avoid include polyethylene glycol (PEG), ammonium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, and diethanolamine (DEA).


When dealing with chemicals, there’s no such thing as sufficient safety verification. After the composition check, you should ensure that the brand has third-party approval. Look for a Seal of Acceptance by American Dental Association or a dentist’s approval.

Top-Rated At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits and Products Brands

It’s important to choose a reliable and authorized manufacturer for your teeth whitening products. Otherwise, you may end up with white yet damaged teeth. Here is our selection of the top-rated at-home teeth whitening kits and products brands:


Crest brand logo

Established in 1955, Crest is an American oral hygiene and toothpaste company. Its products have a massive global market. The company uses stannous fluoride in its formulations that resulting in less corrosion and better whitening.


AuraGlow brand logo

AuroGlow is another leading oral products manufacturer based in America. It specializes in LED teeth whitening kits that contain FDA-approved ingredients. Thus, you can use their products frequently without worries.


Snow brand logo

Founded in 2017, Snow is a relatively new yet competent American brand in the industry. It focuses on the production of teeth whitening items that yield professional results at home. Currently, the brand is supplying its products to over 16-countries.


Moon brand logo

The Moon teeth whitening brand holds an impressive position in the market. Its founder, Shaun Nuff, partnered with Kendall Jenner to create some stunning teeth whitening products. You can view their diverse collection on their page.

Wrap Up

To conclude, using at-home teeth whitening kits and products is an excellent way to brighten up your smile before a special event. We do not recommend everyday usage since chemical agents can have an adverse impact too. It’s best to use them once every two weeks.

Also, always opt for reputable and trusted brands. Hopefully, this post has helped in finding the idealistic brand as well as products. Do let us know your thoughts below!

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