Top Roller Skate Brands

Top Roller Skate Brands

Going to a skating rink is no longer a luxury desire, it is now a fun and fitness activity that many people opt for. The 80’s fantastic hobby is back. Thanks to the viral videos of roller skaters over social media. With this, the craze over the best roller skates brands is high again. When it comes to choosing a good pair of skates, specific pointers must be kept in mind; the boots must be comfortable, and the size of the wheels must coordinate. 

For indoor skating activities, several companies are offering functional designs and protective gear for individual or group roller skating activities. Looking at the demand, numerous roller skate brands are there in the market. Some top brands of roller skates in the market are Impala, Moxi, Roller Derby, many more. Here we are going to discuss some top brands along with buying tips. Let’s begin by discussing why some brands are more popular. 

Roller skating is popular for a long time. Movies like Saktedown USA, Rollerball, Xanadu, Whip It, etc., gained massive popularity. A pair of roller skates will help you burn those little extra calories in a fun way. People started practicing roller skating inspired by the movie characters. Moreover, many professionals believe that indulging either in the softer wheel or harder wheel (skating) is an excellent way to establish balance and control. Plus, skating for an hour helps burn almost 650 calories!

For some time, the craze for park skating was lost. But roller skating is back with even more hype. Thus, the top roller skate brands have become a much-discussed topic. Moreover, the brands also create products that motivate the best of the professional roller skaters, who wear a padded collar and leather boots, defy the pandemic, and again turn back to their exciting fitness regime of skating. 

Roller skate brands that offer quality products, durability, maneuverability, great designs, and detailing are more popular than others. How a company markets itself i.e. their branding campaigns also play a key role in making them fashionable. There are some unique aspects that help in the popularity of various brands of roller skates. For example, Moxi skates are known for their derby style and rainbow colors. Impala skates are known for their cool designs and padded material. Moonlight rollers are known for their signature Moon Boot skates. Similarly, every skating brand that is well-known has something unique its customers love. 

Good Roller Skate Brands Buying Tips

  • Comfort: Good outdoor roller skates are those with minute detailing and brand quality. Someone with experience of roller rink skating might know what kind of discomfort roller skates may cause. So, they look for more padded boots. If we talk about comfort regarding brands, it is one of the crucial factors to be considered.
  • Control: Skating can be a little tough to start for beginners. So, your pair of skates must have a high boot to support your ankles and help you maintain better posture. Some top brands manufacture quality skates for beginners with better materials and aided support. It is all about the right posture, balancing on the skate, and your comfort in gliding that matters a lot. Hence, foot control is an essential thing that you need to know. 
  • Looks: This is something that nobody wants to compromise with, which is undoubtedly the looks, the feel. Everyone wants to look stylish and cool at the same time while practicing such a fun sport, even if it’s a beginner, intermediate, or advanced skater. 

Some brands create extremely fashionable indoor wheels and light-up wheels, but they then compromise the quality of materials. However, thankfully, a few top brands do not compromise with the quality and deliver funky, cool skates.  

Best Roller Skate Brands

Roller skating may seem challenging while practicing during the initial days. So, it’s recommended that beginners must practice with protective gears, helmets, and paddings under the guidance of an experienced skater. 

Because for a comfortable and joyful skating ride, it’s essential for you to feel right in your pair of skates. Also, for a good skating experience, choosing the right roller skates play an essential role. You can check the quality of wheels, their shock absorption capacity, texture, and durability of the indoor or outdoor skates before you buy. There are certain brands in the industry that primarily focus on beginners. However, some are even customizable as per customers’ specific needs. So, you can get that too. Although there are many roller skates brands in the sports industry, buy carefully to make the most of your skating experience. Here are some of them you can have a look at:

Moxi Skates Lolly Roller

moxi skates brand logo

Moxi Skates is one of the oldest skate-producing brands in the US. The brand creates all kinds of skates in various colors and varieties. Thus, the brand has a good experience and is therefore massively known. Moreover, the brand was launched by professional skater Michelle Steilen. 

The leather boots and softer wheels on the skates are highly favorable for outdoor skating. The pack comes with a Nylon plate, outdoor wheels, and Kwik Abec 5 bearings. The large size of the wheels offers better practice sessions for beginners. So, this pair of Moxi skates is a perfect go-to for beginners, even. And, of course, intermediates can rely upon them. 

What makes this pair of Moxi Skates different is the kind of comfort it offers. It’s designed for rough terrains and difficult pavements. So, even if you go on riding it for the entire day, your ankle and feet are not going to hurt. However, for indoor skating, you will need to change the wheels. 

Impala Quad Roller Skates

Impala Roller Skates brand logo

Impala can be stated as the most cautious brand for creating roller skates. A girls’ team runs the brand and encourages all the emerging skaters. They produce quality skates for each level. 

They produce roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, and everything that skaters demand. Moreover, they manufacture vegan boots that use synthetic leather. They come in cute holographic pastels. No doubt, it’s going to add some colors to your summer recreation. 

Impala’s quad skates are highly padded to give you a comfortable ride. The wheels are so engineered that they support both indoor and outdoor skating. The boots are high-ankled to provide support and balance to your ankles. The thing which makes this brand stand out is that they make vegan-friendly boots. 

Chicago Plus Skates

Chicago Skates brand logo

Chicago Plus Skates is also among those brands that do not need an introduction. Professional roller skaters also use this brand. They believe in giving a child the best development in terms of physical activities to lead to better growth. And not just that, they also encourage parents and elders to do fun activities. So, they produce something for all age groups. 

The light-up Chicago skates are quad skates that come for all levels of skaters. The high-rise boots, quality laces, and Velcro power strap ensure maximum safety while skating. It comes with LED lights option in the outer soles. There are seven different flashing modes and numerous color modes to switch. The skates have urethane wheels that resist everyday wear and tear conditions and provide better strength and support. The trucks are adjustable, and you also get different colors and designs that are made for a special festive occasion, summer camps, or for outdoor picnic fun. 

Moonlight Roller Moon Boot

moonlight roller brand logo

A 25-year-old Adrienne Cooper established the brand. He was a renowned skater. Also, the brand produces skates for all age groups and levels. The one mentioned here is not recommended for beginners. It’s for intermediates and advanced skaters. 

With 58mm indoor and outdoor wheels, you can experience advanced skating almost on any terrain. Be it indoor, outdoor, or skate parks, you can hop onto your Moonlight boots and keep rolling. The shoes are made of suede, making them highly comfortable to wear and enhancing durability. The package comes with an adjustable toe-stop, smaller wheels, and aluminum plates. 

Riedell Retro Boot

riedell brand logo

The Riedell retro style boot is sure to become the talk of the town when you go cruising on it. The boot provides higher ankle support. Also, the shoes come with little heels to support your weight forward. This gives the correct balance and helps you maintain an exact posture. The skates support all sorts of activities, including dancing. 

Be it ice skating or park skating, its light-up wheels and high-cut boots support it all. Moreover, the best part about Riedell skates is that they can provide you with a custom pair of roller skates. 

Roller Derby Roller Skates

Roller Derby brand logo

Are you looking for budget-friendly roller skates? Who says that you have to spend a good amount of dollar bills for a funky recreational activity? We got you covered there even. Here’s one brand on our list to help you find yourself a less expensive pair of skates. 

The brand manufactures affordable and vegan-friendly boots. The boots are manufactured with synthetic leather and are crafted for better ankle support. Plus, they have extra padding for giving you comfort during a long skating ride. The skates are user-friendly and ideal for beginners. The wheels are crafted to switch between indoor and outdoor skating. Moreover, you always have the option to change your set of wheels. 

The skates are available in pastels, solids, and vibrant. You can choose as per your preference. The brand has numerous options for advanced enthusiasts too. 

Wrapping up

Skating is one of the best ways to get your kids involved in some physical activities. Outdoor skating activities also enhance the stamina and motor coordination in kids in the best possible manner. The activity makes them more aware and attentive to their surroundings. It does not just help them develop physically but also mentally. So, to enjoy roller skating, buy from the top roller skate brands.

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