Top Sofa Brands in the US


Nothing beats the comfort of spending a peaceful evening on a plush sofa while your favorite show plays on the TV. But, is your living room sofa really that comfortable? Does it offer a good posture and an ample sitting space? If not, you’re missing out! While refurbishing your living room, make sure your sofa doesn’t fall short of practicality, comfort, and design, because, after all, your sofa is the central item in your living space.

Skimping and overlooking essential details while buying a sofa, couch, or sectional will always be a pain in the neck. Therefore, be sure about your requirements, do your research, and invest wisely. We have listed down the top 10 sofa brands to help you make a good decision. 

Whether you’re looking for the best couches brands or high-quality sectionals, knowing about the many different brands out there is sure to help you make a great choice. 

Important Elements to Consider When Buying a Sofa

While there are hundreds of sofa brands out there, not all of them are created equal. If you buy a heavily-tufted sofa for your compact living room, it will only make things congested and give an odd vibe. Similarly, a petite sofa won’t complement your spacious room as much as an upholstered one would, so it makes sense to understand different sofa features to make a smart choice.


The central sofa is meant to make your space look cozier – not suffocating or off-putting. Every living room has a different size and contains different furniture items. So, it is a good idea to be sure about the sofa size that will fit your living room. Generally, sofas come in three sizes.

  1. Traditional/Standard Size: This is the most common size in sofas. A traditional sofa is typically 6 – 8 ft long and around 36 inches wide, providing ample space for three people. If your space isn’t too congested or spacious, a standard 2-seater sofa will do the job. But, be mindful that the upholstery and tufting also affect a sofa set’s suitability.
  1. Petite/Contemporary Size: Keeping everything minimalist and contemporary is easy with a petite sofa. These sofas are usually 6 – 8ft long (like the standard ones), but the only difference here is decreased depth. The shallower seats save space and are comfortable for shorter people. Even if you have sufficient space but want a sleek look, petite sofas have got your back.
  1. Grand/Bulky Size: These are the full-size sofas, made explicitly for spacious places. If you need a classic-looking piece of furniture, a bulky sofa is your answer. These sets are up to 9 ft long and easily accommodate 4 – 5 people, proving to be a good choice for overnight guests and family movie hours. 

Types of Sofas  

After you measure the allocated space for a sofa, it’s time to check different types of sofas to choose from. The two central factors that determine a sofa’s overall look are the shape and the material. 


Here are the most common sofa shapes: 

  • Tuxedos: If you’re not fond of tufted or soft sofas, tuxedo sofas may just be what you’re looking for. These sofas have straight backs with high-placed arms that give an overall chic look. Tuxedo sofas are best for offices and formal places.
  • Plush Sofas: Who doesn’t like a plush sofa? If you wish to immerse yourself in the soft piles of cushions, these heavily-tufted sofas are the way to go. Their seat cushions are attached with the backrest, which gives a warm look.
  • Curved Sofas: If you prefer exclusivity, think about curved sofas. Since curved back sofas aren’t very common, they’ll help you showcase your love for aesthetics. Curved sofas come in both modern and retro styles, which will surely complement your sense of style.

Upholstery Options 

  • Leather: A classic, leather sofa relays elegance and warmth, making a room more welcoming. If you prefer rustic and neat styles, bonded leather upholstery is your best friend. Leather is durable, classy, and offers impressive stain resistance. 
  • Fabric: A synthetic or blended fabric sofa cover doesn’t go wrong, especially when you love playing with colors. Tight-knitted fabric sofa covers look sparkly and offer good value for your money too. 
  • Slipcovers: It is a good idea to go with easy-to-clean upholstery material if you have pets and kids at home. You can easily take off the sofa covers and wash them whenever needed. Moreover, the covers’ durability makes them impressively fade-resistant.


When it comes to sofas, the prices vary drastically. It can cost you anything between $100 to a few thousand dollars, depending on the brand, type, size, comfort level, and aesthetics. If you’re looking for an affordable sofa, you have many options to choose from. But since quality is the central aspect of any sofa, you should set realistic price goals. 

Best Sofa Brands in the US

The US quality furniture market is heavily saturated. Some furniture brands have been around since the 18th century, while others are starting their journey. If you want to know who rules the sofa industry in the US, read through the list below, and find your answers. We did vigorous research, read user reviews, and investigated the quality, comfort, and design elements to come up with this list of the best sofa brands in the US.  



Verellen Sofa Brand logo

If we’re to name one furniture brand that ticks all merit boxes, Verellen is the answer. This North Carolina-based furniture business fuses modern designs with rustic art, producing pieces that look dashing. Verellen is a family-owned furniture business with an emphasis on quality. Their artisans are some of the most experienced individuals, and when paired with the visionary designers, they create unbeatable sofas. Verellen is best known for its upholstered sofas, which come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a family sleeper sofa or loveseats to make your evenings cozier, Verellen has got you covered.


Lexington Sofa Brand logo

Lexington is known for producing some of the best sectionals and plush seats. This brand was established in 1997 and soon became the leading name in the American furniture industry. Today, Lexington is a well-known luxury sofa brand that specializes in Scandinavian and Modern styles. Their succulent sofas and beddings are ideal for contemporary homes where mediocre things don’t fit. If you have scraped sufficient budget and wish to make a life-time furniture purchase, checkout Lexington furniture catalogs. Their emphasis on quality and minimalism can turn any home into a drool-worthy place. 


Bernhardt Sofa Brand logo

Bernhardt combines heritage and comfort with creative designs. The company has been producing quality articles since 1889 and has now expanded to almost 50 countries. If you don’t want to compromise on comfort and exclusivity, Bernhardt is your best bid. Their high-quality upholstery and sleek styles make home décor enthusiasts forget everything else. 


Baker Sofa Brand logo

Exclusivity is hard-to-find in the furniture industry. But with its century-long experience and determination, Baker Furniture Inc. has maintained its standards like no other. From sleek accent chairs to bookcases and comfortable reclining seating, Baker has everything sorted. This brand is best known for its hand-made wooden frames that are unbeatable in resilience. If you need a high-end wood frame sofa to adorn your home, Baker has got everything for you.


Article Sofa Brand logo

Mid-century to modern and Scandinavian furniture, you name it, Article has got it. Article is a relatively new brand – serving since 2013 – but its exceptional quality standards and uniqueness make it the best choice for furniture lovers. This brand is suitable for people looking for sturdy, dashing, and best-value sofas. Their Tuxedo sofas, plush loveseats, and stain-resistant leather chairs can make any place look exotic.  

Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furnidhings Sofa Brand logo

Hooker Furniture Corporation has been serving the home décor sector for over 100 years. Their focus on unique and quality articles will give your place a quick, chic glow up. If you aren’t ready to break the bank for sofa shopping, reach any Hooker furniture outlet, and you’ll admire their collection for sure. This mid-range brand is ideal for buying large sectionals, L-shape sofas, and upholstered reclining chairs. 


Coaster Sofa Brand logo

Coaster is one of the best reclining sofa brands that offer vast collections of the best quality units. You can play with different available colors to mix and match different articles for your place. And the best part about Coaster furniture is its affordability. You can get new sofa sets from Coaster within a limited budget and please your eyes with their beauty. The attention to detail and rich designs make Coaster a popular sofa brand in the US.

Omnia Leather

Omnia Sofa Brand logo

Omnia Leather is among the best couches brands in the US, producing couches in many different upholstery options. You can get refined leather and fabric upholstered sofas from Omnia within a reasonable budget. Since this brand’s motto is to provide you with the best-personalized sofas and other furniture items, you’re sure to have a fun time refurbishing your place. The designers at Omnia infuse their Italian heritage with modern American furniture trends to offer unmatched quality standards.


Bassett Sofa Brand logo

Bassett provides the best value for everyday furniture. Their massive living room sofa collection suits everyone’s preferences alike, proving to be the go-to furniture brand. This brand’s century-old heritage and outstanding quality standard make some of the best designs possible. If you’re looking for high-quality classic or modern furniture, Bassett has a wide collection for you. 


IKEA Sofa Brand logo

IKEA is a familiar name for most Americans when it comes to furniture, thanks to its relevance and affordability. Whichever sofa type you have in mind, IKEA has it for you. From sleek loveseats to extra-soft armchairs and sectionals, this 150-year-old company has it all. This brand gives you a choice to refurbish your place with excellent furniture without spending a fortune.

Although there are hundreds of sofa brands, for a good night’s sleep, you should look towards the most expensive beds.

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