Top 7 Furniture Brands in Casinos

Furniture Brands in Casinos

Comfort plays a big role in influencing the experience players have in a land-based casino. Besides, modern-day players can always choose to play their best online casino Singapore games at the comfort of their homes.

So, in addition to having a decent collection of games, any good land-based casino should also have comfortable and quality furniture.

The right furniture is important as it can improve your casino’s bottom line. For instance, a well-built slot chair can get your customers to stay and play for longer hours. These chairs should be built in such a way that they are comfortable for guests who want to sit and enjoy the game for hours. Similarly, the chair should be perfect in terms of height and access to the game’s panel.

If you’re thinking of adding more furniture to your recently opened casino, choose your supplier wisely. And since we are here to help, here are seven of the best furniture brands you’re likely to find in popular modern-day casinos.

Gary Platt Manufacturing

Gary Platt Manufacturing brand logo

Gary Platt Manufacturing has been building quality and comfortable performance casino seating for over 20 years now. The Reno-based manufacturing firm has a unique collection of slots and video poker chairs characterized by ingenious designs and innovative details. The furniture from this company is also made to fit the modern customer’s needs.

Some of the notable features of Gary Platt casino chairs include:

  • Player adjustable pedestal base
  • Round footrest
  • Quick change seat
  • Rear seat vent
  • USB and electric plug-ins

Dream Seats

Dream Seats brand logo

Dream Seats specialize in manufacturing stadium and commercial grade seating. This company also designs custom seating that suits any specialty.

This company’s casino furniture is contemporary and built to last.

Dream Seats understands that guests at casinos deserve to sit in premium seats, and their seating provides just that.

Undoubtedly, Dream Seats got you if you’re looking for a company that provides furniture that offers top-notch comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

TC Millwork

TC Millwork brand logo

Founded in 1993, TC Millwork manufactures store fixtures, commercial casework, and architectural millwork. The company that constantly strives for improvement uses the latest technology to produce innovative products.

Some of the services that the company offers to its diverse group of customers include engineering, design, installation, and manufacturing.

Recently, TC Millwork provided acrylic dividers and sanitizing stations to different casinos, enabling them to remain open even amid the pandemic.

TC Millwork also welcomes casinos that may wish to work with them to build custom furniture solutions that meet their specific needs.

Gasser Chair

Gasser Chair brand logo

Gasser Chair Co., Inc manufactures metal frames and wood seating.  The firm offers a variety of chairs to its casino customers, including bingo chairs and poker chairs.  

While most casino chairs are designed just to fill a space, Gassier chairs do more than just perform. The chairs dazzle and elevate the value of the area where they’re used. Artfully designed and built to last, Gasser’s chairs are perfect.

The company is also committed to environmental conservation as it accepts trade-in chairs which it refurbishes and reuses. Old chairs are also restored and donated to charitable organizations.

Interblock Gaming

Interblock Gaming brand logo

Established in 1989, Interblock Gaming is a globally recognized company that develops and supplies gaming tables, video gaming solutions, and other electronic gaming products.

The company is famous for its luxury interactive products used in casinos, arcades, racinos, and gambling halls. The firm’s popular multiplayer gaming machines have earned it a market leader position in the industry.

Interblock Gaming products are recognized for their premium appearance, superior quality, and distinctive style.


Holsag brand logo

Holsag Canada is famous for its beautiful hand-crafted chairs that offer reliable comfort.

Founded in Holsag, Europe, in 1960, this company serves customers interested in well-designed and comfortable chairs.

Holsag crafts its seating from locally grown and sustainable wood. The seats are also sculptured at the company’s factory to ensure maximum comfort. This firm’s furniture is also popular due to the elegant details that give it a timeless design.

Top Line Seating

Top Line Seating brand logo

Top Line Seating is based in Kenilworth, New Jersey. The company established in 1998 specializes in the manufacture of casino-grade seating.

The company strives to remain innovative in every aspect of its business. Top Line casino furniture is made of comfortable and quality materials.

The company also provides customized casino stools and chairs built to match any casino’s requirements.

In closing, guest comfort should be at the forefront when choosing casino furniture. Casino chairs should also be built to withstand high traffic and many hours of sitting. Hopefully, now you have an idea where to source the best furniture for your casino.

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