Top US Suit Brands Worn by Lawyers

Suit Brands Worn by Lawyers

It’s essential for lawyers to look presentable, dignified, and professional, whether they have to go to court or meet a client in their office. The way someone dresses tells a lot about them, and lawyers are definitely no exception. That’s why you almost never see lawyers wearing funky and flashy clothing. In order to be perceived as a man of law, they dress appropriately and wear elegant suits. For instance, if you need the services of a personal injury lawyer in Bergen County NJ, their way of dressing will reflect their attitude to their job.

Therefore, lawyers shop for top-notch quality suits from well-known US brands. Whether you’re a lawyer and want to dress better or you’re simply inspired by their sophisticated way of dressing, we’ve listed the top US suit brands worn by lawyers in this article. Check them out!

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers brand logo

Brooks Brothers company was established in New York in 1818, and it deals in clothing for not only men but also women and children. In 2009, it opened its first-ever stores in Canada and Mexico. It now has 70 stores in other countries and 210 stores in the United States of America.

It imports most of its clothing from other countries like Italy and England. However, there are still some coats, suits, and shirts produced in the USA. Due to its amazing quality, several American presidents have worn Brooks Brothers’ clothing like Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton.

The Men’s suits can be found in slim, regular, and relaxed fit in a variety of patterns and solids as well. Women’s suit separates are also available in stylish yet sophisticated designs.  

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein brand logo

Calvin Klein company was set up by designer Calvin Klein and his close friend Barry K. Schwartz in New York in the year 1968. Its mission is to provide its customers with innovative designs, a clean aesthetic, and exceptional quality clothing. There’s no doubt in that as it achieved more than $9 billion in global sales in the year 2019 in over 110 countries.

This US brand offers a wide range of clothing, from suits, dress shirts, and activewear to sweaters. The suits that are commonly worn by businessmen and lawyers are stitched by experts using premium quality four-season fabrics to ensure they are wearable all year round.

Moreover, the suits are designed in modern style and feature slim fits and relaxed cuts as well.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford brand logo

Tom Ford brand was established by a fashion designer in the year 2005 in New York. It features men’s and women’s clothing along with beauty products, eyewear, and watches.

What really sets apart Tom Ford is the personalized services it offers to its customers. The made-to-measure service allows the customers to set a private appointment with a master tailor to stitch suits according to the preferences of an individual using first-class quality materials.

Whereas, the style-consultants service offers their clients virtual consultations for better guidance in shopping.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren brand logo

Ralph Lauren brand was founded by an American fashion designer Ralph Lauren approximately 54 years ago, and it currently has its headquarters in New York City. It deals in clothing, home items, accessories, and fragrances.

It has even sponsored many sports events such as the USTA, Wimbledon, Australian Open, and U.S. Olympic Team. It distributes its products worldwide and is, therefore, worldwide famous.

Many lawyers have worn exquisite suits stitched by experts in a variety of solid colors and elegant designs. From mid-range to luxury pieces, this brand has something to offer to every individual.

Hickey Freeman

Hickey Freeman brand logo

Hickey Freeman company was founded in 1899 in New York City, and it is well-known for producing exceptional quality suits for both men and boys. However, its clothing range is also extended to jackets, overcoats, trousers, accessories, dress shirts, and formals.

This suit brand’s craftsmanship is one of a kind, as every detail from stitching the buttons to selecting the right kind of linings for suits is well-thought and processed. Its team works closely with the weavers in Italy and the United Kingdom to ensure the quality is not compromised at any cost.

Moreover, Hickey Freeman provides convenience to its customers by designing a suit or jacket right from the comfort of their home using a phone or via email. It allows you to select thread colors, details, fabrics, linings, and buttons from a wide collection that best suits your style.

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