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Listening to music becomes a pleasing experience when you have a headphone from one of the high-quality headphones brands. The experience gets better with the going. But how do you conclude, “Which is the best headphone brand in the market?” The choice becomes tough when there are so many companies in the market. So, it is better to go by a few rules to zero down on the best brand.

How To Choose the Best Headphone Brands Available in The Markets?

When you want a headphone, you must select it based on a few factors that will ensure that you have made the best choice, and you get 100% value for the money that you have spent. Now, what are those factors? They are as listed below:

  • Take a first-hand review of users directly
  • Consider the awards and recognitions that the company may have
  • Budget
  • Quality of sound and its performance
  • Reliability factor
  • The features of the product
  • The services and the that the company gives
  • Reputation among the experts in the industry

If you have considered all these factors, then let’s dive into the top headphones brands in today’s market.

The Most Popular Headphone Brands in The Market

Now, here are the best headphone brands that have made it big in the industry. Keep reading to know more about them.


Sony Headphone Brand

Everyone must have heard of the Japanese company that has made it very big in the industry. They have been manufacturing premium quality products for more than a century now. From audio to video, they have every sort of equipment that has become very popular with customers all over the world.

However, they are very famous mostly for their audio equipment that is the best in the market.

Judging by the number of awards that they have received; it is very safe to say that they are one of the most popular headphone brands in the industry. Sony has numerous headphones to cater for – they range from premium quality ones to cheap ones. They have audiophile headphones. You can use them in combination with their headphone amplifiers. Sony has all the latest trends and technologies incorporated into their headphones.

Sony headphones are durable, cheap, and heavy-duty and are available in both wired and non-wired. They provide a flat frequency response that is very clear. The company also offers bass models that are boosted. Sony makes noise-canceling headphones that are proven to be very good for music lovers.


Bose headphone brand

Bose came into existence in 1964 when its founder, Mr. Amar Bose, created it. It is one of the best headphones in the industry. Though Bose has a few low-range models, most of their models belong to the upper range. Bose has a huge variety of headphones that will surprise you. Although the Bose headphones are expensive, they are affordable to many.

Like Sony, Bose also has stayed up to date with trends that have swept the markets from time to time. With the latest technologies, their headphones are also very durable. It is suited for listening casually and sports rather than mixing in the studio. 


Sennheiser headphone brand

Sennheiser also falls in the top category of the best headphone brands. After many years of research and studies, they have come up with many varieties of headphones for every type of budget and preference. The company developed as a result of the hard work of Dr. Fritz Sennheiser in 1945. They began with microphones, from which they later branched out to various other products.

They are best known for their audiophile-quality headphones. And, the plus point of the company is that their headphones are reasonably priced so that they are reachable to the masses. With many models of headphones, the majority of them are open-back. They also have some closed-back wireless models, that can be paired via Bluetooth.

Most of their headphones have the noise-canceling technique incorporated in them. So you can enjoy music no matter where you are. In fact, the headphones come with long battery life as well.


Adio-Technica headphone brand

Another of the Japanese companies founded in 1962 is Audio-Technica. Their headphones are premium models that are highly priced but they are also many affordable models. It was born from a studio, so naturally, the headphones are created for musicians and producers, and all people who work in the studios. With a huge variety of headphones, they have good gaming headphones that also have audiophile technology incorporated in it.

Like the other big names in the industry, they too have kept up with the latest technologies and trends, making their headphones one of the best. The headphones are also very durable and comfortable, providing flat response technology.

AKG Acoustics

AKG Acoustics headphone brand

The Austria-based audio equipment company has a lot of products like audio gear, microphones, and headphones. Their headphones are generally not very cheap. These headphones are built for professionals and not typically for fun and enjoyment. Since they are for professionals, the headphones come with technologies for mixing and mastering. The company is also known to be selling earbuds, which are wireless pieces available in over-ear and on-ear options.

The latest varieties have Bluetooth and noise-canceling facilities as well. You can even customize the audio and have special drivers. Being manufactured with heavy-duty plastic, they are light in weight and durable. It is so sturdy that the plastic is scratch-resistant. They have a clean and flat response. The ear cups and pads are big for the increased comfort factor of the user.


Beyerdynamic headphone brand

The German company, Beyerdynamic, manufactures some of the best audio products like microphones, headphones, wireless systems, and a variety of other products. In the business since 1924, they have many modern and technologically advanced premium sets that offer very high-quality sound systems.

The headphones have four different EQ settings that might be inclusive of bass boost, voice emphasis, and noise-canceling techniques. It is one of the best gaming headphones on the market.


JBL headphone brand

Owned by Harman International, this American company specializes in headphones. Incepted in 1946, they began their journey manufacturing home speaker systems. Since it was the first of its kind, it immediately became popular with consumers. However, the headphone manufacturer has also been manufacturing studio monitors and subwoofers that professionals use.

It has wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphones with built-in microphones that enable crystal clear chats while gaming or even listening to music. It is an all-rounder in the industry. But it is more of a recreational headphone that can be enjoyed on the go as well. The wireless headphones are extremely durable and portable. The pair of headphones are comfortable and light in weight also.

Bang And Olufsen

Bang And Olufsen headphone brand

The Denmark brand, Bang and Olufsen, founded in 1925, manufactures very high-quality audiophile headphones whose audio system is very top-notch with a luxurious sound. They also manufacture earbuds. The Bang and Olufsen headphones are the latest in the industry with wireless models and Bluetooth capabilities. They have a touch control system to regulate audio volume. The headphones are designed stylishly, with a clean and rich sound that is very pleasing to the ear. The high-end headphones come with high-quality sound but at reasonable and affordable prices.

They also have many features like noise cancellation and leather ear cushions. The headphones come with a Type C port. You can wear them for hours at a stretch and still not feel any discomfort. While on a long flight, you can comfortably wear the headphones and yet be normal without any disturbances from wearing them for long hours. While commuting on noisy thoroughfares, the Bang and Olufsen headphones are also very good.


Grado headphone brand

Grado, the American company that manufactures phono cartridges, headphones, and headphone amplifiers, was founded in 1953. They have audio devices that are top-end. They are known for the wooden bodies of their headphones that are comparatively better than the plastic body made by other companies. The wooden body makes it very durable and light in weight also. They also advanced features like drivers. Even if you pay way too much for a Grado headphone, be assured that you will get real value for your money.

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins headphone brand

A British company founded in 1966, manufactures premium quality speakers and earphones. With so many years of experience in the industry, they have a wide range of headphones that have wireless and noise cancellation facilities. This gives the benefit of concentrating on what you are hearing from your sound system. They have 42 mm drivers and a frequency response of 16kHz to 22kHz.


A good headphone can take your music listening experience to the next level. Today, headphones are used for work, business meetings, and online classes too. With so many benefits and uses, you must select one carefully. You will find various top headphones brands in the market and will be spoiled for choice. However, to choose the best, research the market, ascertain your needs and budget, read reviews, and decide accordingly.

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