The Most Popular Sanitary Ware Brands in Switzerland

Sanitary Ware Brands

Bathrooms are quite overlooked in terms of décor as compared to the rest of the house. It’s not simply about décor, a well-furnished bathroom can help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, it’s essential to wisely choose your sanitary ware brand, as it can make a difference between a well-equipped and poorly-equipped bathroom. There are a variety of American and Japanese brands that you can find on the market. However, if you’re looking to create a Swiss-style bathroom, sanitary ware brands in Switzerland won’t leave you disappointed. For instance, a premium quality Swiss brand offers lavabo (washbasins) in different styles while integrating both aesthetics and innovative technology.

If you are on the hunt for the most popular sanitary ware brands in Switzerland to transform your bathroom, keep reading this article!  

1. Laufen

Laufen brand logo

Laufen was founded in the year 1892 and since then, it has produced over 3 million spectacular ceramic pieces. It has production sites in four locations i.e., Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Poland.

This sanitary ware manufacturing company works closely with its development department to come up with innovative products with legendary precision. It takes design inspiration from the south and the north to produce the most sophisticated product.

However, it isn’t only limited to the design aspect of sanitary ware. Instead, it also focuses on the practicality for added convenience to the customers. It even implements environmentally friendly practices to preserve natural resources during production.

2. Axent

Axent brand logo

This Swiss company was set up in 2008, and it has quickly revolutionized the sanitary ware industry with innovative technology. It has over 600 engineers in the research and development center and 3,500 employees to provide reliable and innovative sanitary technology. 

Its products are supplied globally, and therefore, it operates in the USA as well as Switzerland. It offers everything from shower toilets and bathroom furniture to bathtubs.

It doesn’t compromise on the quality of the products. For this reason, all products go through several stages of testing before they are finally released into the market.

Recognizing the need to save water globally, Axent invented patented-technology tankless toilets to ensure the water is used sensibly and efficiently. 

In addition to this, its designers have over 30 years of experience who come up with minimal aesthetic design without compromising on practicality.

3. Geberit

Geberit brand logo

Geberit was established in 1874, and it is currently headquartered in Switzerland with 26 production facilities. In 2021, it earned net sales of a whopping CHF 3.5 billion.

It focuses on maintaining a fine balance between environmental, social, and economic objectives. Therefore, it produces top-notch quality, water-saving technology along with aesthetically-pleasing sanitary ware.

This sanitary ware brand believes in innovating its appliances not only in terms of design but also hydraulics, hygiene, fire protection, materials, processes, and acoustics to ensure functionality and convenience.

It has created robust solutions for the durability of products to extend their lifecycle. Its worldwide training centers allow sanitary specialists to train every single year and keep their industry knowledge up-to-date.

4. Grohe

Grohe brand logo

Founded in 1936 in Germany, Grohe specializes in producing and supplying bathroom solutions as well as kitchen fittings. It features five production sites, one in Thailand and Portugal and the remaining three in Germany.

It operates globally and believes in the design, technology, quality, and sustainability of its products. It keeps launching new, innovative products over time to reflect its core values and keep up with the technological developments.

Over the span of the last 10 years, this brand has won more than 300 design and innovation awards. Due to its sustainable practices, it even received a CSR prize from the German government.

5. Bella Bathrooms

Bella Bathrooms brand logo

Bella Bathrooms has been operating since 2005 and is owned by a former plumber. It has even recruited several super-skilled plumbers who are directly involved in product research, selection, and quality control to exceed customers’ expectations.

This brand offers fixtures and fittings for bathrooms as well as entire furniture sets at affordable prices to help you refurbish your space. While keeping the brand economical, it doesn’t compromise the quality of products.

It has online customer service available to quickly handle any customer queries. This has helped them gain high ratings on Trustpilot as well.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface of its website makes it a breeze for customers to place an order right at their fingertips without having to step outside the door.

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