Top 5 Payment Methods In Online Casinos

When it comes to choosing an ideal gambling platform online, there are so many features to look out for. The variety of game options, high payout rates, great customer service, and diverse payment options – all these features aim at attracting even more customers.

However, only a few online casinos like B9Casino pay attention to how important a variety of payment options guarantee a seamless customer experience for many gamblers. 

Players are more likely to gamble on a platform that offers multiple payment options for a more convenient and faster transactional process. With so many platforms overlooking this feature and tagging it as irrelevant, we have decided to discuss the best payment methods there are to shed more light on the importance of having various payment options on your online casino.

Payment Methods In Online Casinos

Credit or Debit Cards

Debit and credit cards are some of the most used payment methods in an online casino and other industries worldwide. Almost every adult possesses one of these cards and uses it for their daily shopping and other transactions. 

These cards share similar features and look pretty much the same, with a 16-digit card number, expiration date, cardholder’s name, and EMV chips. However, they both have different operations guiding their functionality. Debit cards access funds from the user’s savings, while funds on credit cards are borrowed money and the user has a limit they can borrow to regulate their debt.

Credit and Debit cards come in variety too;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Maestro 

Most adults use any of these cards for online shopping and being able to use it to gamble online lets customers enjoy their gaming experience and bet as much as they like. But due to the addictive nature of gambling, some iGaming regulatory authorities have banned the use of credit cards to make deposits and withdrawals, leaving gamblers with just two options; the bank transfer method or the use of their debit cards. This way, players can regulate their spending better.


E-wallets are also widely used in the casino industry. They help users store their money in a digital space, and grant them access to it after they provide accurate security answers. E-wallets facilitate online transactions for their users, and this is the reason why they gained popularity amongst gamblers. Using e-wallets helps players avoid high bank charges when making international payments too. The most popular e-wallets worldwide include;

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • EcoPayz

 Based on their ease of use and top-notch security, it is safe to store your money in one of these e-wallets and withdraw to gamble whenever you want to.

Bank Transfers

The bank wire transfer is another convenient payment method that’ll boost customer online gambling experience. To gamble your money using this method, all you have to do is connect your bank account with your casino account. Once this is complete, you can start making deposits and withdrawals using the bank wire transfer method. 

However, you must know that this method is one of the slowest payment options to use. The online banking system takes a while to process transactions. And in most cases, your deposit or withdrawal may reflect after a day or two. So, you’d need to be a lot more patient than usual but be rest assured that you’d get your money, the bank transfer method is one of the most secure payment options.

Prepaid cards

Just like with credit and debit cards, gamblers need to fund their prepaid card to access goods and services online. The only difference is that prepaid cards offer their users anonymity and better security when inputting their details on online platforms.

For players who would rather remain anonymous when staking their bets, the prepaid card option is best. Users can withhold personal information and bet as much as they want to.


The cryptocurrency payment option is a new development in the online casino space. Gamblers that’d rather deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency see this option as an avenue to invest more. Since cryptocurrencies are protected by cryptography, players can feel safe linking with their banks and online casino platforms, as it is extremely difficult to hack or counterfeit. Due to its super-tight security, gamblers consider it an appealing payment method for their online casino needs. Some of the most commonly used cryptocurrencies will include;

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum


Ensuring that players have a variety of options is the key to attracting more customers. They love to have fun without any obstacles, so when they find an online casino that meets their demands, they’re willing to gamble there for the longest time possible.

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