Top Covert and Counter-Surveillance Manufacturers

Covert and Counter-Surveillance Brands

Whether you’re a special agent or an ordinary civilian, it’s important to be aware of when you’re being investigated to prevent any kind of threat to you, your organization or the state. Of course, with the development in technology, the eyes and ears of the traitors are everywhere, however, this has also significantly helped the other party to incorporate several innovative counter-surveillance techniques. Even if you want to watch someone secretly, this can be done with modern gadgets and tools as well.

You can find several covert and counter-surveillance manufacturers and suppliers on the market who develop premium-quality equipment. Take LawMate as an example, this Taiwan manufacturer specializes in the production of professional-level quality and economical covert surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment. Their products range from standalone mini DVRs, portable mini DVRs, and Wi-Fi direct recorders to digital cameras and car surveillance covert DVRs.

In addition to this, there are various top covert surveillance and counter-surveillance manufacturers that effectively help you monitor your surroundings in a breeze. Read below to explore!

1. Digiscan Labs

Digiscan Labs Brand Logo

Digiscan Labs has been in the industry for decades and this has significantly facilitated its knowledge of surveillance products. It incorporates advanced technology to ensure it provides real solutions to its customers while considering their preferences and needs as well.

It is structured with different departments such as manufacture, service, sales, design, and research and development to produce cutting-edge and latest products and provide convenience to its customers.

It offers a wide variety of counter-surveillance products. For example, its voice changer allows you to modify your voice during phone calls. The portable ambient noise generator produces white noise to protect you from eavesdropping devices. The portable wireless camera detector detects hidden cameras within a 2-10 m of distance.

2. KJB Security Products

2. KJB Security Products Brand Logo

KJB Security Products was established in the year 1992 and since then, it is not only the producer of surveillance equipment but also a distributor of LawMate surveillance products in North America.  

It is known for excellent customer service, top-notch product quality, consistent innovation, and exceptional industry knowledge. Therefore, it has over 800 partners in five continents where it supplies its products. Along with retailers, these products are distributed to government agencies as well.

KJB Security Products boasts of two major product lines, namely SleuthGear and iTrail which develop hidden cameras and live GPS trackers.

The SleuthGear line features both overt and covert cameras. They are available in solar power and plug-in power models, and they are pretty easy to install with the help of a QR code and instruction manual. Whereas, covert cameras are equipped with compact designs that easily blend in with your setup.

On the other hand, the iTrail line offers GPS trackers that record the location of any object they are installed on in real-time, and they can be monitored through a user interface.

3. Reconyx

Reconyx Brand Logo

Set up in 2002, Reconyx specializes in designing, producing, and selling law enforcement and surveillance digital infrared cameras. Its products are manufactured in the US, therefore, you won’t have to worry about the quality, durability, and performance of its devices.

Along with exceptional quality products, Reconyx provides spectacular customer service and support for maximum customer satisfaction.

Its general covert surveillance camera captures people and activities during daytime and nighttime in crystal clear resolution. Whereas, the license plate camera takes high-quality images of the license plate, even with cars speeding up to 50MPH at day and night.

In addition to this, you can also shoot high-definition videos at 1080P along with crisp audio with wind noise reduction technology. Its cameras are capable of capturing clear night vision images up to 150 feet.  

4. Minigadgets

Minigadgets Brand Logo

Minigadgets was set up in 2001, and it operates in the US. It delivers cutting-edge surveillance gadgets at reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

This company believes in keeping its customers happy and satisfied, therefore, it offers same-day delivery service along with free lifetime customer service and a warranty for all of its products.

It offers more than 200 products in various surveillance categories such as body-worn cameras, counter-surveillance devices, covert voice recorders, and HD live streaming wifi cameras.

Pen cameras, key fob cameras, night vision cameras, clock cameras, camsticks are some of the Minigadgets’ highly functional, user-friendly, and efficient covert surveillance cameras.

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