Global Conveyor Belt Manufacturers Brands

Conveyor Belt Manufacturers

Due to the benefits conveyor belts offer businesses, the conveyor belt manufacturing industry is booming. A conveyor belt allows you to transport items or materials from one place to another, usually in a warehouse facility, to help reduce downtime and boost overall performance.

Many conveyor manufacturers are coming up with innovative technology that provides businesses utmost convenience and productivity. For instance, some have self-cleaning properties, some use cutting-edge technology to boost the efficiency of conveyor belts, and some use a real-time monitoring system to stay updated on their stock levels.

Whether you’re merely interested in knowing the top global conveyor belt manufacturers brands in the world or want to invest in one for your business, keep reading this article!

Bando Chemical Industries

Bando Chemical Industries Brand

Set up in 1937 with headquarters in Japan, Bando Chemical Industries is one of the top manufacturers of industrial rubber belts using cutting-edge technology. However, it also specialises in automotive motorcycle products, film products for industrial applications, and electronic products for agricultural machinery.   

What’s great about this brand is that it advanced in conveyor belts by introducing innovative features such as cleaning blades, precision belts, top-notch performance rollers along with medical films and construction materials films. Heat-resistant, oil-resistant, flame-resistant, and ultra-abrasion resistant conveyor belts are also some of its products.

Volta Belting Technology

Volta Belting Technology Brand

Founded in 1965, Volta Belting Technology is based in Israel. It has revolutionized how products are moved by implementing unique manufacturing techniques to create belt products that serve a wide range of industries, from recycling and automotive and ceramic tile production to food processing.

In addition, it deals in hygienic food and non-food grade belting. While manufacturing top-notch products, it pays special attention to detail and leverages innovative technology.  

In 2002, it even developed a hygienic self-tracking food belt design to help food businesses deliver safe food to their customers. Even better, its food-grade belts comply with several food contact standards and regulations that operate in the EU, Germany, and the US.

Continental AG

Continental AG Brand

Based in Hanover, Germany, Continental AG is one of the leading producers of advanced conveyor belt technology. Its conveyor belt servicing extends to mining, mechanical, and other industries that are specific and customized to each one of their needs.  

Its conveyor belt systems portfolio consists of steep incline conveyor belts, solid woven conveyor belts, enclosed conveyor belts, and textile conveyor belts. You can also find conveyor belts relevant for the machine and plant engineering to make the movement and lifting of products a breeze.


Daifuku Brand

Established in 1937 in Osaka, Japan, Daifuku is a top material handling system supplier that specializes in a wide variety of innovative conveyors for different industries, ranging from food and pharmaceutical, retail, electronics and machinery, battery aging solutions, and fishery to agriculture.

The two main categories of conveyor belts are Digital Assorting System and Surfing Sorter. The Digital Assorting System uses pick-to-light systems to facilitate sorting operations through a digital display, which is ideal for perishable items.

The Surfing Sorter provides a fast and reliable sortation system to easily carry an array of totes, materials, and cartons.

Fives Group

Fives Group Brand

With headquarters in Paris, France, Fives Group was set up in 1812 and designs and manufactures process equipment, machines, and production lines for a wide range of sectors, such as steel, oil and gas, aerospace, aluminum, automotive, and general machining.  

On top of that, it provides and integrates premium smart solutions to help businesses sort, handle, and automate their processes for a variety of industries like automotive, retail, distribution, airport markets, e-commerce, and manufacturing.

To improve customers’ competitiveness and employee’s working condition, you can find various products like robotic handling solutions, singulators, sorters and storage and retrieval systems, as well as intralogistics management software


Intralox Brand

Formed in 1971, Intralox is an American company that deals in modular plastic conveyor belts and related equipment and services in over 100 countries. It focuses on innovation to drive its customers’ growth across the globe. Therefore, it keeps developing, improving, and delivering cutting-edge products and solutions to customers.

It boasts the widest portfolio of solutions, ranging from spirals, modular plastic belting, active integrated motion equipment, and activated roller belt equipment to ThermoDrive belting to suit various business needs efficiently.

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