Best Private Tutors and Tutoring Centers in Hong Kong

Private Tutors and Tutoring Centers in Hong Kong

Many students struggle with complex concepts of particular subjects at school, and this can adversely affect their academic performance. Of course, excellent grades are a requirement if you want to get into a prestigious university abroad or for better employment opportunities down the road. The best thing about Hong Kong is that you can find plenty of expert private tutors and tutoring centers to help you cope with your academic struggles. Even if you are a resident of the Kowloon peninsula, you can easily get help from professional 土 瓜 灣 補習 社 (tutors near To Kwa Wan) and ace exams and tests in a cinch.

Therefore, if you also want help with your studies or any other academic course, we have jotted down the best private tutors and tutoring centers in Hong Kong in this article. Read on!

Bespoke Tuition

Bespoke Tuition

Bespoke Tuition Logo

If you’re one of those students who study better with individual attention, the Bespoke Tuition center won’t disappoint you. It recruits expert tutors from the UK annually to ensure the students in Hong Kong get the best education standard. They can help you with exams and subjects like GCSE, SAT, History, Physics, Math, English, and Arts.

This tuition center assigns you an individual tutor, who provides their services at the comfort of your home. They give an hour-long session, and you can either work on your skills like time management and test-taking tips or get help with your curriculum.  

Minerva Tuition

Minerva Tuition

Minerva Tuition Logo

Minerva Tuition center stands out among other tuition centers because it also provides Latin language courses to students, and it’s only a few of the centers that offer such courses. They provide one-to-one tutoring sessions to students for more personalized services.

This helps students get better scholarship opportunities in colleges and the best boarding schools of the UK, as it’s one of their key requirements. Students can also find it easy to get into different fields of study, such as Medicine or Law.

Keystone Tutors

Keystone Tutors

Keystone Tutors Logo

Well-known London-based Keystone Tuition Academy also has one of its branches in Admiralty, Hong Kong. The best thing about this tuition center is that you can be super flexible with your studying method, i.e., you can choose between online and on-site tutoring sessions. Moreover, if you want a professional full-time or part-time tutor, you can easily opt for either that best suits your preferences.

The tutors in Keystone Tuition Academy are highly qualified university graduates to help you with your different academic needs. There’s a specific tutor for every course or subject, as they are only specialized in a particular subject to offer premium quality services.  



Kumon Logo

Kumon was established in the year 1958, and it has multiple branches in more than 50 countries, including Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Malaysia, the US, and the UK. In Hong Kong, you can find several branches all over the country.

Kumon offers personalized learning to students. An instructor is assigned to a student, and they are provided with some worksheets. On the basis of worksheets, academic abilities, and personality of students, the instructor provides tailored tutoring services according to each student’s understanding level.

This allows students to learn comfortably and move from easier problems to difficult ones at their own pace. Kumon offers Math, Chinese, English EFL, and English ERP assistance.

ITS Tutorial School

ITS Tutorial School

ITS Tutorial School Logo

ITS Tutorial School has been voted as the “best tutoring center” by Hong Kong Living, and there’s no doubt about it. It offers a wide range of tutoring services, from primary and secondary classes to college and university classes. It also provides A-Level, IGSCE, and SAT support to struggling students.

In addition to this, you can prepare for your school entrance exams, school interview preparation classes, and university entrance test by qualified tutors. It is accredited with several official government and other educational bodies like Pearson Edexcel, Cambridge ATS, LSAC, UCAS, and more to not compromise on the quality of the learning experience.

ITS Tutorial School makes it convenient for students from all over the world as they can enroll in online classes as well. Moreover, professional and highly-qualified tutors can take your classes in small groups, and if you prefer one-to-one classes, this school has private tutoring services too.

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